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Image: smash.JPG   666x533 41218 bytes 2010.03.12

I don't know if this even qualifies as anthropomorphic, but you know what? I don't care. For your consideration: a pony with dragon wings. And whomping arms. (thanks for the idea Nick)

Image: wol.jpg   584x600 65686 bytes 2009.10.29

libel libel libel\r\n\r\nslander slander slander \r\n\r\nKids, don't get old.

Image: foom1.jpg   200x200 14825 bytes 2008.07.03

Collaboration with Myrewp, used with persimmons. Or permission. Whatever. FOOM!

Image: horndog1.1.jpg   800x619 96348 bytes 2008.07.02

Further proof that I am laziness incarnate. Good God, I loves drawing me some sex hair and cigarette hands. :B

Image: sleepycheetah1.jpg   800x612 49728 bytes 2008.06.30

Birthday gift to myself. Myrewp is Myrewp, but the drawing is (c) Gwyn.

Image: narcamnesio1.jpg   576x750 117311 bytes 2008.06.30

Speaking of CRS, I thought I uploaded this last year. \r\n\r\nAnd yes, I know the more accurate name would be Somnamnesio. It looked funny that way. \r\n\r\nartwork (c) Gywn.

Image: rannalector1.jpg   850x657 129810 bytes 2007.06.05

Finally got a round tuit. Ranna Lector, in all his glory... which, sadly, was already two hours into the process of being digested by a new alter-ego when I finally finished this. Damn you, Makyo. Ranna and Breakfastfox (c) themselves.

Image: ranna.jpg   757x800 167164 bytes 2007.02.21

Mad Ranna Rasputin! With his various and sundry interests in tow... good time for multiple arms. Rannafox is (c) to his asskickin' (well hell, the hands are all busy) self, artwork is (c) moi.

Image: kiranoooo.jpg   800x730 140236 bytes 2007.02.21

Kirin, have you been shooting guns again??\r\n\r\nMost. Addicting. Inside joke. EVAR.\r\n\r\nDrawn for Kiran, who is made of win and awesome for not sending me flaming dog-poo bags for making such a ridiculous pun on his name. Sorry man, the thought of the peaceful Kirin - who treads on grass without crushing it - hefting an AR-15 was too tempting to resist. Art (c) Gwyn.

Image: ahno.jpg   800x470 87257 bytes 2007.02.21

Does the ever-intrepid cloudy 'pard fear the ravening attack of the larger, longer-limbed cheetah? AWW HEYALL NAWW. \r\n\r\nDone for Myrewp of WN, who still can't decide what he is, but rawks my ever-lovin' socks anyway. Art (c) Gwyn.

Image: todash1.1.jpg   533x800 36319 bytes 2007.01.05

Crazy smooth collie pup named Todash. Who, yes, is about to set her finger on fire. Idiot puppies. (c) Gwyn.

Image: hapahol.jpg   700x603 80580 bytes 2007.01.05

Huh, didn't realize I'd never uploaded this. Cutesy little thingee from winter '05-'06. (c) Gwyn.

Image: misspriss2.jpg   433x900 204607 bytes 2005.06.06

A pic scribbled up after realizing one day that I couldn't remember ever seeing a white collie anthro. An entire mythology grew around her as the pic progressed... apparently her name is Lacy, she's a rich bitch, and she enjoys drawing "Hume" art - despite the fact that the thought of Hairless Apes being intelligent bipedal creatures is inherently ridiculous. Nonetheless, that is her favorite pasttime - a covert one, since no one in her art school would take her seriously if they knew about it. The only thing she likes to do more is ridicule new artists and turn away trade prospects who can't meet her exacting principles. Hate her yet? I know I do. Lacy (c) Gwyn.

Image: pprflwrs.jpg   800x622 127371 bytes 2004.07.25

"In my field of paper flowers\r\nAnd candy clouds of lullaby\r\nI lie inside myself for hours\r\nAnd watch my purple sky fly over me." - Evanescence. \r\n\r\nGwyn (c) myself, concept (c) B. Moody & A. Lee.

Image: deathtouterii.jpg   691x613 31160 bytes 2004.04.03

Well, it seemed funny at the time!!! o.O;; \r\n\r\n... I love my reproductive organs, really I do.....\r\n\r\nGwyn (c) herself; uterii are cute, fuzzy, and your friend. Except when they are not.

Image: rainytrade.jpg   823x638 163553 bytes 2004.04.02

Trade with Rainywolf, which the scanner butchered for all of you. :} Her characters always make me think of some remote, exotic province where bangles and hips are wide and animated. Hence the "belly-dancing into Spring" thang. I'm just surprised she didn't lynch me for making her main char neekid. XD Rainy and Tunaiya are (c) Rainywolf, naturally. I could say the art is (c) me, but that would be redundant now wouldn't it?

Image: Ebe.jpg   400x517 31492 bytes 2003.04.22

Gwyn's soulsister, Ebe the Tibetian Temple Dog, spreadin the good word of Kali. I would color this if I weren't such a lazy ass. Whoo.\r\n\r\nEbe is (c) herself. You knows it baby.

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