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Image: colourful_dragon.jpg   579x717 87713 bytes 2008.04.16

Colourful dragon

This is a doodle from German class that I decided to scan and colour. I'm extremely rusty, but it didn't turn out too badly, all things considered.\r\n\r\nColoured in GIMP with a Wacom tablet.\r\n\r\nMarch 2008.

Tags: colourful flamboyant dragon  
Image: ss_roo_resized3.JPG   800x706 124379 bytes 2008.04.16

SS Roo

This didn't turn out too well, but I was trying to draw a 'roo in an SS uniform. I'm not a fascist, but I am quite fond of their sense of style.\r\n\r\nDone in Painter Classic with a Wacom Tablet.\r\n\r\nNovember 2007.

Tags: kangaroo  
Image: goatman4.JPG   600x750 52676 bytes 2005.09.01

I'm not quite sure who this fellow is, but I rather like his face. All I know is that he's not a pure goatman. He's got at least a few other farm animals in his family tree, though he'll never admit it, so most of his features really look as if an artist with very little knowledge of goats (*cough cough*) just made them up as she went along.\r\n\r\nOh, and his business suit is supposed to look slightly rumpled... not sure if I pulled that off. I probably should have used references.\r\n\r\nDone in Painter Classic with a Wacom tablet.\r\n\r\nEDIT: Tweaked the shading on his eye and his lower lip a bit. I'm much happier with his eye now, though it's not perfect.

Image: owlish.JPG   500x500 165581 bytes 2005.08.30

This is a fairly old picture (from over a year ago, I think), but her expression makes it one of my favourites. She's meant to be a barn owl/human hybrid... not exactly an anthro in the traditional sense, but hard to fit into any other category.\r\n\r\nOh, and she's supposed to have a beak. That's not a moustache. Really.\r\n\r\nDone in Painter Classic with a Wacom tablet.

Image: catboy.jpg   450x450 54169 bytes 2005.04.16

This is just a miscellaneous oekaki anime-ish catboy... I'm terrible with lineart, so I'm trying to improve. Done at OekakiCentral with a Wacom tablet.

Image: bovine_corvine.jpg   400x400 37394 bytes 2005.04.14

This lovely old cow dwells deep in a temperate rainforest with her corvine friend. She's a bit grouchy and tight-lipped, so she has yet to tell me her name or anything else about herself.\r\n\r\nThis drawing is way too flat and the anatomy is wonky in places (even for an anthro), but I still like it. I'm especially happy with the bird... I think he's cute, and he's way better than my previous attempts at drawing corvids. Incidentally, and this is also my first oekaki.\r\n\r\nDone at Oekaki Central with a Wacom tablet.

Image: harpy2.jpg   600x600 46633 bytes 2005.02.07

I'm not entirely sure of this lovely lady's species, but she was originally intended to be a harpy and ended up fattening up considerably and taking on the characteristics of both a goat and a tengu. \r\n\r\nDone in Painter Classic with a Wacom tablet.

Image: Gryphon.jpg   1044x788 167072 bytes 2005.02.07

I drew this not-entirely-traditional gryphon at some point during the summer of 2004.\r\n\r\nIt was done in either Painter Classic or Painter 7 using a Wacom tablet.

Image: cat3.jpg   469x500 43965 bytes 2005.02.07

This is an unnamed Cornish Rex/Sphynx anthro of British descent who may or may not be given the name Quinn and assigned a role as one of my online personas. Somewhere down below the bottom of the picture, in the realm that I lack the skills to draw, she's wearing a pair of wellies. \r\n\r\nDone in The GIMP with a Wacom Tablet that refuses to recognize pressure sensitivity.

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