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Image: AChanceToTakeTheWorldApart.JPG   485x582 74066 bytes 2006.02.10

Ti-Shi, Night'Tide and Shoko attemp to discover the world's secrets. The usual enemies, Ti-Shi and Night'Tide find that working together heightens their capabilities..hence the name.. I like the fur on Ti-Shi's right arm, heehee..

Image: BronteLying.JPG   479x681 71241 bytes 2005.11.15

New character, Bronte, laying around. This turned out a lot better than I expected, and also didn't take as long as I thought it would. Quite pleased with this.

Image: Chaolan.gif   475x237 43152 bytes 2005.05.09

Just a simple pic I did ages ago of my character, Chaolan. The original pic was attacked by rain, so parts are blurry :S

Image: ChaolanAngsty.JPG   605x856 111425 bytes 2005.08.29

Gift for a friend..heh..another angsty pic..

Image: Chester.JPG   445x598 38681 bytes 2005.10.31

A kind-of end to my series of blocks. I felt I should draw some off-topic. (Sorry >.<)

Image: Churchy.JPG   777x667 63094 bytes 2006.07.29

An unsusecting fox finds himself chained to a floor of yellow nothingness. (With little white bits..)\r\n\r\nDone for Churchill, of Churchil.. I honestly have no idea what I was trying to do with the background.. I just did stuff and if it looked okay I kept it..I love how the hair and belly came out ^.^\r\n\r\nChurchy is Churchill

Image: CreepCreep.JPG   471x927 53829 bytes 2005.10.11

Tetsuo going a-creep-creep. Started this ages ago, only just finished..

Image: Damien.gif   678x846 299235 bytes 2005.10.11

Iiiittt's Damien.. Yeah.. Scanner made some of the colours look better, killed others..

Image: DressedToKill.jpg   569x745 93247 bytes 2005.07.18

Heehee..Night'Tide and Shoko in all their formal glory.

Image: ExchangingSilences.gif   612x929 211808 bytes 2005.05.10

That awkward time when two shy people are left together.

Image: ExcitedToDoSuchNormalThings.JPG   594x676 88853 bytes 2006.08.07

I think after this, Chaolan would be lying on the floor winded.. But it's nice for the moment ^_^\r\n\r\nDone for a friend. Night'Tide has changed a little since the last's not a mistake..

Image: FirstSnow.jpg   498x736 50496 bytes 2005.12.30

We had our first snow yesterday. I planned this picture weeks ago, but have been too lazy to do anything. ^.^

Image: GreyLogo.gif   224x216 6507 bytes 2005.10.04

A random logo I did for my I.T coursework... Was messing around with gif colours, and found it kinda looked better greyscale, so it stuck..

Image: Group.JPG   522x685 72399 bytes 2006.02.28

Started this about a month ago.. Not one of my favourites n.n;

Image: HeightDiffers.gif   998x915 198244 bytes 2005.10.02

Four characters' height comparisons. From left, Shoko, Night'Tide, Youkai and Tetsuo. \r\n\r\nWhen I showed a friend, the first thing he said was; "Your girls look like men and your men look like women." Looking at it..I guess it's kinda true..

Image: Heque.gif   264x279 32594 bytes 2005.09.23

I had random urge to draw my old character Heque..

Image: Hideyuki.gif   284x837 109912 bytes 2005.10.02

Pencil pic of Hideyuki... Yahr..

Image: Homesick.JPG   319x419 25508 bytes 2005.07.15

Youkai's all homesick..

Image: Icarus.JPG   524x581 40676 bytes 2006.01.20

Pencil picture of Icarus. Done at a friend's house..

Image: IWantToFallAsleepInYoorArms.gif   631x979 320499 bytes 2005.05.10

I love happy endings ^-^

Image: IWouldntChangeAThing.gif   1018x607 212034 bytes 2005.10.11

Random gift for my friend-type-person..

Image: JustBecause.gif   400x300 12109 bytes 2005.11.07

A picture I did eons ago. Yoo don't need a reason to hug someone.

Image: JustDontComeAnyCloser.gif   554x706 60233 bytes 2005.09.13

Umm..yeah.. Night'Tide.. Done at friend's house and on ms paint..

Image: JustWannaDance.jpg   390x597 45185 bytes 2005.10.21

Just wanna dance ^.^ ..not really..ahem.. I can't dance for my life.. Random new outfit for Youkai. Hope yoo like it.

Image: KaiHug.jpg   332x321 19239 bytes 2006.01.14

Another hug pic.. Youkai hugs Damien, designed for my next t-shirt. It kinda goes with another picture I did a while ago.

Image: Kianne.JPG   404x591 36443 bytes 2005.10.07

A little pic of Kianne. It's so wierd to draw people in daylight and bright clothes o.o The scanner butchered the picture.. so bad we had to find other methods of getting it on the computer.. The pic doesn't look half as good as it does on paper.. Oh well..

Image: Kidnap.JPG   503x672 65540 bytes 2006.06.19

Youkai and Valeri. I can't figure out whether they're lying down or running.. \r\n\r\nYush, I'm alive -.- Sorry about the serious lack of update..combination of laziness, exams, falling out with the scanner and loosing all my pictures..I'll try to be less forgetfull ^.^;

Image: LaizruFace.JPG   357x311 25285 bytes 2005.11.07

While searching through my files, I stumbled across this and decided to finish it..

Image: LeriUndKai.jpg   690x438 44129 bytes 2005.11.11

Valeri, the zebra, and Youkai having a good snuggle. I love Valeri's leg ^.^

Image: LittleWorldOfOurOwn.jpg   982x703 100163 bytes 2006.08.14

Laizru and Tianshi kissing.. Pretty self-explanatory ^_^;; Spend far too long on this.. kept adding pointless patterns..

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