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Image: anniversary.jpg   800x552 102068 bytes 2006.04.25

I did this for Rea while I was in Egypt. I was missing her a lot... that day was an anniversary of sorts for us. 11-11-03

Image: anniversary2.jpg   750x584 90860 bytes 2006.04.25

I did this for another anniversary in 2005. I tried to put more motion in this pose than I normally do, and, as is to be expected when trying something new, there's some mixed results. I bet if I tried this again it would turn out a lot better. Still, this works for now. The penciled in part of the bed is a bit faded, unfortunately. 11-11-05

Image: blowjob.jpg   678x800 89063 bytes 2006.04.25

My first digitally colored yiff pic! Yay! The sketch is actually much older than the final product, but I finally got off my ass and colored it. 6-16-05

Image: candles.jpg   720x800 135107 bytes 2006.04.19

I kinda like this one. Unfortunately, I was still coloring so lightly the scanner didn't stand a chance of picking it up, so this is one of those pictures that will always look better in person. Daisha and Fusama (c) their players, as always. 1-16-00

Image: goingdown.jpg   625x800 168628 bytes 2006.04.17

Getting a little more graphic here... still not drawing all that well though :) . I hadn't figured out anything about bright colors at this point, and the scanner was simply unable to pick up a good chunk of it. It's not a great picture, but there's something I like about it. Not sure what it is. Daisha and Fusama. 5-12-1999

Image: haomatamara.jpg   526x700 116554 bytes 2006.04.19

Haoma and a friend's character from Tapestries, Tamara. Tamara is one of the few furs Haoma has slept with besides Rea - I can only think of one other example, and that will be posted shortly. Interesting... I don't know why I haven't paired him up with more people. 3-1-01

Image: hugfrombehind.jpg   510x750 120378 bytes 2006.04.17

Going back in time to my adult work. My adult stuff, it should be noted, started off rather tame. This one I kept hidden in my notebook because if you follow Daisha's arm she's clearly grasping at something that makes pictures adult - but then again, I was 16, this was a big deal for me. The characters are Daisha and Fusama, from my old MUD. 11-22-1998

Image: karaknude.jpg   397x750 55748 bytes 2006.04.25

In doing my initial sketch for Karak, I started out with a nude version before adding the pants and cloak. I thought the nude was kinda hot, though, so I inked him up. 11-10-00

Image: momno.jpg   520x750 68712 bytes 2006.04.17

Dear lord this is bad. SO bad. I'm only putting it up to make the rest of my stuff look good :P \r\n\r\n4-23-1999

Image: nausikaa.jpg   750x536 75227 bytes 2006.04.17

I actually got this name from reading the Odyssey, not from the anime (I was really annoyed when I learned about the anime's existance) - Miyazaki ripped off the name before I did! Oh well, she's just a naked rabbit. 12-13-1998

Image: nausrelax.jpg   687x800 100602 bytes 2006.04.17

Man, I'm a dork. The pose in this one actually isn't that bad, but only because Rea gave me a Victoria's Secret and told me to draw from that. For some reason I took one of the models and then drew her pantiless and with conspicuous nipples. *shrug* Old stuff. 6-1-1999

Image: neck-bw.jpg   650x621 88122 bytes 2006.04.25

Haoma going for the neck of a kitty that will remain anonymous for the time being. :) I really need to color this.

Image: shower.jpg   558x750 149020 bytes 2006.04.17

Done when Rea and I first started dating, the first of many such pictures. One important difference is that I was still portraying myself as Lindley the dingo instead of Haoma. I borrowed from a similar pose from a drawing by Scout for this (his website is long gone, I don't know if he's still active). 3-10-1999

Image: tails.jpg   584x700 117279 bytes 2006.04.19

Daisha and Fusama again. The story behind this is that Serpent Folk tails are highly erogenous zones and are accordingly an important aspect of sexual play, as is seen in the corresponding illustration. Look - study - learn! 8-15-00

Image: tiedup.jpg   700x545 113152 bytes 2006.04.25

Rea and Haoma. 4-8-03

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