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Image: 1001nights.jpg   567x800 96461 bytes 2006.01.04

The first of my "good" images (although that's about as relative as you can get - Rea likes it, at least). I did this after studying and imitating some wonderful illustrations for a copy of the 1001 Nights by H. J. Ford. I love that costume - I really need to get back into classical Islamic dress and motifs in my art. 7-17-99.

Image: afternights.jpg   574x800 149285 bytes 2006.03.27

I did this to commemorate the release of my band's first CD, "A Cool Night in the Pumpkin Patch" (available at my website), and our first (and only) live show. It was a good time, all around. I even like the picture! :) 8-18-03

Image: anubis.jpg   571x800 96581 bytes 2006.03.27

A follow-up to the previous Gods pic. I'm not as happy with this one, for the fact that, once again, I put in a background. Anubis (the anthropomorphic one) is a statue, by the way - it's hard to tell with everything in greyscale. I'm not sure if the jackal asleep at his feet is the living Anubis or just a jackal - either way I like the idea. 12-11-03

Image: bestfriends.jpg   632x800 90773 bytes 2006.02.06

This was another picture I did for my friend Mr. Fu featuring two of his characters, the kitsune from "red.jpg" and his fursona. I'm not sure what the context of their mutual dislike was... maybe they just had diametrically opposed personalities. In any case, they're not best friends, as the title suggests. I was experimenting with colored pencils over marker in this picture and I really like the vibrancy of color it produces, although it doesn't scan quite as well as colored pencils on their own. 7-22-02

Image: bingo.jpg   800x571 83553 bytes 2006.01.14

This is off-topic a bit, but everyone I know seems to like it. It's a marker sketch of our dog Bingo. The mouse is fictional. It's just that, considering Bingo's personality, I could easily imagine a scene like this. 7-7-01.

Image: blackpaper.jpg   604x800 153844 bytes 2006.04.15

Living with Anna over the summer was really fun. One of the cool things I learned during that time was to experiment with other kinds of paper. While Anna was doing stuff with crazy textures and surfaces, I decided to try out black paper, and this was the result. I was totally delighted - not because I think this is that great, but because I had never realized how much *fun* it is to use these different colors. It brings out the colored pencils in all kinds of ways you can't notice over white paper. I'll definitely have to do more of this. 9-2-2005

Image: blaze.jpg   670x800 144224 bytes 2006.01.07

A pic I did for my friend Blaze Bracard. Even though she is wearing a cowboy hat and boots 99% of the time, I felt it fitting to dress her in medieval European garb, or at least my guess as to how such a thing would look. 10-9-00.

Image: blue.jpg   612x800 181475 bytes 2006.01.15

I did this right after the "red" picture. I loved the vivid colors and abstract backgrounds, and decided to do another in a different palette. The image was inspired by "Blue" by VAST - not one of my favorite bands, but an absolutely amazing song. A verse from the lyrics is at the bottom. 10-16-01.

Image: bro.jpg   630x800 147679 bytes 2006.04.11

I finally figured out what species to make my brother - a badger! Of course! With orange spikey hair! *beams* 8-15-2005

Image: canyon.jpg   589x800 142628 bytes 2006.01.14

Ah, watercolors. 7-1-01.

Image: catrabbit.jpg   662x800 116884 bytes 2006.01.05

I did this after seing some anime (I can't remember - Tenchi maybe?) that had a catrabbit in it. It was a fun drawing to do - I didn't preplan at all, just doodled and got this. 12-26-99.

Image: daeg.jpg   583x750 182557 bytes 2006.03.27

This was a present for my friend Jackie of her as a marten. I used really heavy colored pencil over marker for this, and there's some aspects about that which I like - her fur looks thicker than it usually comes out. I need to practice backgrounds, though. 10-22-02

Image: daisha1.jpg   671x800 161816 bytes 2006.01.04

Hello! I'm going to start uploading from oldest to newest, so that my images are chronologically correct. For this reason, you'll have to forgive the crappiness of the first couple I put up. In addition, I'll only post images that I think are either good or interesting - most of these early pieces are up for the latter reason.\r\n\r\nThat said, this is my *very first* piece of furry art, shortly after I was exposed to the genre in late high school. This is a picture of my character Daisha, a serpent-folk rogue I played on a now-defunct MUD called Dragon Realms. 8-29-98.

Image: daisha2.jpg   646x800 146695 bytes 2006.01.04

This was done about half a year after my original Daisha - Daisha v. 2, so to speak. It's definitely an improvement from the original. 1-15-99.

Image: daisha3.jpg   687x800 136626 bytes 2006.01.04

I did this about one year after I had done my very first furry picture, also of Daisha. It was a fun way to mark my progress, which over that year had been considerable. I don't think I've worked that hard at art since. 9-4-99.

Image: dance.jpg   593x800 150822 bytes 2006.01.04

Ugh. This is me TRYING to have a figure in motion. I think part of it was that I was already really not liking Lindley as a character and couldn't see myself in him. Still, I was trying new stuff, so up it goes. 5-1-99.

Image: degaetus.jpg   639x800 125650 bytes 2006.01.04

This is a pic I did for my friend Degaetus. I remember looking at Calvin and Hobbes to figure out how to do the tree - it might have looked better if I had been willing to do more intense colors. 7-22-99.

Image: dragoness.jpg   618x750 199074 bytes 2006.01.22

This was a request I did for someone - it was five years ago and I don't remember who it was. I just remember getting an email asking for a red female dragon, and this was the result. 12-27-01.

Image: dreaming.jpg   800x483 130086 bytes 2006.01.06

This was supposed to look like someone dreaming about a second person in the bed, her arm reached out to touch his/her face. It actually more looks like she's dreaming about playing violin. Ah well. As long as it's a good dream. 4-1-00.

Image: faith.jpg   374x850 89814 bytes 2006.01.26

This was inspired by, you guessed it, Depeche Mode's "Personal Jesus." I must have been exclusively relying on lyrics for my ideas for a year or so. In any case, I like this one. The background should be a bit greyer, but it's such a light tone my scanner didn't pick it up that uniformly. 7-13-02.

Image: family.jpg   565x800 125966 bytes 2006.01.06

This was a picture I did on request of my good friend J. Henning of his Tapestries character Tamara and some of her friends, an informal family. I can't remember the other characters' names, unfortunately. 9-18-00.

Image: february13.jpg   620x800 124296 bytes 2006.01.04

On February 13th, Rea got me the most over-the-top, unabashedly enthusiastic V-day gift I had ever seen - a whole bag filled with cards, candy, notes, and other presents, accompanied by an enormous balloon. I was so mortified I could barely move, but a 12-hour blush is a memorable event. 2-13-99.

Image: flute.jpg   617x800 149767 bytes 2006.04.09

Random dude playing flute. I wanted to practice two things with this piece - getting depth and texture through line and and putting more detail in the face and body than normal. I think it had some mixed results, but at least I was trying to do something outside my box. 5-9-2005

Image: futurefox.jpg   601x800 116118 bytes 2006.01.04

My proportions were getting better, although I still don't know how to do backgrounds. I tried some new techniques I had learned in art class - hatching and stippling. Dear lord, it's a tedious style. Still, this is me trying new things out. 3-13-99.

Image: garden-bw.jpg   620x800 150987 bytes 2006.04.15

Possibly my very first serious attempt at a background! Yay! This is a picture of my sister Kouban sitting at a Japanese garden. I later watercolored this image (which got really wrinkled and will be uploaded in the sketches section), but I still really like the black and white version. I might do a digital coloring off of it later. 08-22-2005

Image: giraffe.jpg   598x800 106351 bytes 2006.04.09

Sexy giraffe boy. My very first picture in which I realized the amazing powers of white colored pencils. Why, oh why, did it take me 5 years to try this? 5-6-2005

Image: gods.jpg   561x800 140558 bytes 2006.03.27

I did this during my year abroad in Egypt. I couldn't have spent a whole year there and not done at least one picture of Egyptian gods. I actually had a lot of fun with this. I tried to capture the elongated faces and necks of the Amarna period, which is iffy when it comes to Thoth - ibises already have pretty long necks. Still... 11-1-03

Image: guilt.jpg   454x800 84361 bytes 2006.01.04

As far as my early stuff goes, I like this one quite a lot. I like that he has some expression in his face. I had been looking at Wookiee's art a lot at the time and I definitely see his style in the mouse's face. 7-5-99.

Image: haoma00.jpg   373x725 87758 bytes 2006.01.06

I really, really liked this when I did it. I think it was because a) it popped out without the usual tedium and labor, and b) it made Haoma look really buff, which I'm not. Yum... I'd do him. 7-19-00.

Image: haoma01.jpg   592x800 125215 bytes 2006.01.13

Haoma, year 2001. I did this for two reasons - to try out my new inking pens and to have a reference picture of him for players I met on Tapestries. I could never really get into the MUCK, but the picture remains. 1-30-01.

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