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Image: haoma2004.jpg   486x800 69230 bytes 2006.03.28

I did this shortly after returning from Egypt - sort of a furry expression of my state. I was going through a lot of changes, and felt both happy and sad about them. I finished this in time to submit to a Yerf trading post (featuring me!) that Rea had started, which was fun. It's also my first digital image of any note. 6-15-2004

Image: haoma2005.jpg   568x800 110241 bytes 2006.04.15

Keeping in with my relatively new tradition of doing a yearly picture of my fursona, I present Haoma, 2005 edition. I actually don't own any purple pants like that, but I sure wish I did. :) I do, however, play that very Warwick fretless bass as featured above, and I had spent that summer immersed in music, so it felt appropriate to put in. The purple as long since faded from my hair, but it too was there for a brief period. 08-27-2005

Image: haoma99.jpg   528x800 114891 bytes 2006.01.04

This is my first image of my final fursona, Haoma. I had given up on Iscerazu and Lindley and a litany of other characters, and decided to go back to the basics and draw my favorite animal, the bunny. The name itself is my favorite part - it is the ancient Iranian word for the more commonly-known Soma, an unidentified plant used for hallucinogenic purposes in old Zoroastrian rites. It was perfect for me: it was a plant so it fit with the whole Watership Down motif, it was an Iranian word, and it connotated a dreamy, thoughtful personality. Indeed he lasted. 7-12-99.

Image: haunted.jpg   800x602 143383 bytes 2006.02.09

I have always loved this image, perhaps because it really spoke to how I was feeling when I did it. I had just separated from Rea and was not coping altogether well. I had a sensation of 'seeing' her in every person/thing I saw... of course she was just on my mind all the time, but in any case, I sketched out this scene of being haunted by her image. It's really simple, and I didn't labor over it like some of my other pieces, but I think it's one of my best to date. 9-26-02

Image: huntress.jpg   643x800 145658 bytes 2006.01.04

This was a friend's character on Dragon Realms (I cannot remember her name). Similar to the fox pic, but perhaps a more interesting pose - and no stippling. 3-13-99.

Image: iscerazu.jpg   800x583 147738 bytes 2006.01.04

This was also early; I did this with Rea while I was casting about for a fursona. At the time, I was really into reptiles and dragons with complicated names - it would only be a year later that I settled on Haoma. Rea did the line work and I added watercolors. 1-31-99.

Image: jerboa.jpg   352x800 79341 bytes 2006.01.07

And here's Haoma as a jerboa. I liked the kimono pic, and decided to go with the idea. I still haven't figured out how to draw a jerboa's face yet. Here he's got a long, pointy muzzle that looks more mouse-like to me than jerboa-like. Nonetheless, I'm definitely happy with the change. 12-15-00.

Image: junglecat.jpg   599x800 169980 bytes 2006.02.06

This was another foray into colored pencils over marker, and while I am not particularily enthralled with the image itself, I do like some of the textures that were produced. The feline herself has no specific identity or story - I just needed a subject that had fur. I was discovering the webcomic "Suburban Jungle" at the time and I think that the way I did her face is reflective of that. 7-28-02

Image: karak.jpg   527x800 75295 bytes 2006.01.07

A pic I did of my friend Karak's minotaur character from D & D and some other games. 11-10-00.

Image: kimono.jpg   637x750 130376 bytes 2006.01.07

Around this time I was feeling discontent with my character being a bunny. I wanted something more exotic, more Persian. Flipping through animal books, I ran into the Jerboa, a tiny mouse-like rodent that lives in the deserts of Southwest Asia. I was immediately taken by its familiar rabbit-like ears and its bizzare proportions, complete with long tail. Before committing to the species change, I asked my sister to model in her kimono for me so I could try a random jerboa character and see what I thought. 12-11-00.

Image: kitten.jpg   651x750 141400 bytes 2006.01.25

This is a collaboration piece of sorts. Basically, Rea did a sketch of her fursona finding a little cheetah kitten under a blanket. I thought it was really cute, and she didn't want to take it any further, so I copied it in my own style. I had been reading about the Disney technique of doing pencil line art then photocopying it to get your "ink," and I tried that on this pic. I wasn't too impressed - it's so grainy. Still... KITTEN!! 4-19-02.\r\n\r\n(I actually don't think baby cheetahs look like that. I did zero research for this piece.)

Image: kitty-rogall.jpg   608x800 85470 bytes 2006.03.29

This was a Secret Santa to Kitty and her mate, Rogall. I put them in the Greek myth of Selene and Endymion, in which the moon (Selene) encounters a sleeping shepherd one night. Entranced by his beauty, she puts him to eternal sleep so that he will never grow old and die. Kind of beautiful, kind of gothic, it seemed like a fun concept. Kitty and Rogall (c) their players. 9-4-2004

Image: lake.jpg   662x800 148191 bytes 2006.01.04

This is a picture of Haoma next to a lake. Nothing too special about it. I was really getting interested in Scottish culture at the time and started drawing Haoma in plaid and putting him in more rainy settings for a while. 8-18-99.

Image: lindley.jpg   624x800 92362 bytes 2006.01.04

By February, I had had enough of Iscerazu and decided to be a mammal. I don't know why, but I decided to be an Australian dingo going by my middle name of Lindley. I'm not Australian, I've never really considered myself as a canine, and Lindley isn't that great of a first name. The only reason why I made the connection was because of a cool Aussie hat I had recently come in possession of. Lindley did not last long. 2-5-99.

Image: lizwiz.jpg   654x800 86413 bytes 2006.01.13

This was a collaboration between myself and my good friend NeonPhog (DRBV). We had done a picture like this a year or two before, and I thought it would be fun to do a version #2 in light of our improved drawing skillz. I did the basic figure lineart, then Neon shaded it with his distinctive meticulous pencil style. 11-21-00.

Image: love.jpg   750x592 84882 bytes 2006.01.25

Pretty simple line art, but I like how I feel when I look at it. I quoted a line from the Flaming Lips' "The Spiderbite Song," although it's hardly an original thought. I was still re-learning cursive, as you can see. Hmm... yep. 1-23-02.

Image: malaika.jpg   935x595 145171 bytes 2006.03.29

A Secret Santa pic for Malaika. She said she liked Egyptian stuff, and, on a rather whimsical note, I put her on Anubis' throne, apparently when he was out on a bathroom break. The background was meant to be stylized, but I'm not impressed by how it turned out - again, it looks like the figures are floating. Malaika (c) her player. 9-4-2004

Image: monk.jpg   500x679 52832 bytes 2006.01.07

I was playing a hack of Angband at this time, called Zangband - this version offered a million different races and classes and a lot more monsters. I created a 'golden draconian' monk, and after a few hours of playing her, I thought it would be more fun to draw her. Being a monk, I figured I could stick her in an unlikely position and have it work - I like characters that defy physics, and have since done a few more like that. 11-30-00.

Image: nap.jpg   700x649 117657 bytes 2006.01.06

Just a random marker sketch of Haoma napping under a tree - something that became a common motif for him in many other later renditions. I had fun experimenting with brush markers on this one. 3-21-00.

Image: noboobs.jpg   608x800 148027 bytes 2006.04.09

"No boobs for you!"\r\n\r\nI did this for Rea... um. Yeah, I was being (legitimately) teased. :) Watercolors and watercolor pencils. 10-15-2004

Image: notalone.jpg   800x619 124399 bytes 2006.04.25

I did this on Valentine's Day this year. I think I was having a series of dreams involving, in succession, many of the people I care about and love. I like thinking of (physical) love as a plurality, not a feeling that can only be directed towards one subject at a time. Although physically separated from most of those people at the time of this picture, I nonetheless felt very close and connected with them. 2-14-06

Image: origami.jpg   510x700 109275 bytes 2006.03.27

I really like this. It's a pic of my sister (Kouban) as a pika, making a Kawasaki rose, a difficult piece of origami. 8-19-03

Image: peek.jpg   639x800 138383 bytes 2006.01.04

This was intended to be an erotic pic to fuel my fantasies about seeing Rea naked (remember, I was 16 and had never dated before). Rea, who likes being drawn naked, was quite supportive of this endeavor and helped me figure out how to draw her character as seen from behind. I then took that figure and incorporated it into the drawing. 2-10-99.

Image: platypus.jpg   750x669 109980 bytes 2006.03.27

I did this mostly to have fun with ideals of beauty and unusualness at the same time. I took the pose from a Victoria's Secret (I don't know how a shoulder can actually look like that, but I'm pretty sure I imitated it correctly) and then gave the model a platypus body. I think it might have turned out better if I had chosen a lighter-colored animal, or at least used a different coloring method. 4-7-03

Image: poem.jpg   623x700 99835 bytes 2006.02.06

This is a kinda cheesy thing I did that nonetheless was done out of affection so it's still valid dammit. :) I actually like the idea of the color-coded lines and might try it again sometime. 7-18-02

Image: question.jpg   630x650 79821 bytes 2006.01.06

This came out of a random sketch. I like the introspection in it. There's something oddly comforting about seeing this guy (even if he's just a picture) contemplating his genitals in a moment of pensiveness. 8-13-00.

Image: red.jpg   608x800 146724 bytes 2006.01.15

This is one of my favorite pieces to date. It was of my friend's kitsune character, and all I really did was get more creative with my backgrounds than I normally do. 10-15-01.

Image: romance.jpg   608x800 142118 bytes 2006.01.04

I did this the same day as the last on - I was on a Rea high. This has us holding hands and being cuddly - a major event for a geeky high schooler. I was still drawing Rea in her jungle outfit, which didn't change until a year or two later. I love the caption, like it's saying, "You think THIS is raunchy... wait'll you see us KISSING tomorrow!" 2-13-99.

Image: roof.jpg   616x800 166244 bytes 2006.03.27

I really like the figure! But the background... grah. :) Obviously, I did the figure separately, then tried to think of something he could be swinging his legs off of. I decided on a roof, which is appropriate enough, but it's just so flat. Too bad. 8-13-03

Image: rysage.jpg   489x800 135744 bytes 2006.04.11

This is a pic I did for my good friend Ryan, as crazy an artist as they come. He's poetic, melodramatic, androgynous (yet extremely sexual), and off-kilter. When I told him I wanted to draw him as a furry, he wanted to be a winged zebra. I ended up, as you can see, scrapping the wings - no matter how I did them, they ruined his fun back. As for the name, I'm not sure if it's Ry(an) Sage, or Rys (Rise) Age - somehow, they both seem to apply. 8-22-2005

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