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Image: ASimpleEmbrace.jpg   850x1102 230560 bytes 2002.08.20

My first work with the -=at the time=- new scanner and the program it had, kinda fun to work with and made a good scene *smiles* tankie VirginEyez for the insperation!\r\n\r\nEverything Copyright (c) Me *points to himself*\r\nCept Virgineyez's char... the horseanthro

Image: Chaos.jpg   620x604 76711 bytes 2002.08.20

Choas is a dark plague brought upon Zeal its a deamon that inhabits those that are cursed...\r\n\r\nEverything Copyright (c) Me! *points to himself*

Image: ChaosDance.jpg   700x718 93753 bytes 2002.08.20

Do I really need to 'splain this? If I do... tehn Im not gonna speak..\r\n\r\nEverything Copyright (c) Me! *points to himself*

Image: ErroneousColorBG.jpg   572x600 53275 bytes 2002.08.18

My Shark Anthro Erroneous Wyrd which means False Destiny, something I fiddled with when I was bored as hell...\r\n\r\nEverything Copyright (c) ME *points to himself*

Image: PassingLove.jpg   1072x833 420002 bytes 2002.08.20

Done at a hard time in my life, Everyone's gone through this in there life... hope you havent..\r\n\r\nEverything Copyright (c) Me! *points to himself*

Image: Sadnesscolor.jpg   530x819 189550 bytes 2002.08.18

Sadness.. You've all been through this... nuff said..\r\n\r\nEverything Copyright (c) ME *points to himself*

Image: Zeal'sPurging.JPG   840x1146 58689 bytes 2002.08.18

Hard time in Zeal's life yadda yadda yadda... Ish Morphine time!\r\n\r\nEverything Copyright (c) ME *points to himself*

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