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Image: Emiliaandochopromoveryay.jpg   531x859 193001 bytes 2010.04.06


Alberto Rios and I did a comic and it made it into this month's Zuda! Please give us your support and spread the word! If we win we get a contract with DC! Lineart by Ponbiki. You can check out the comic at Please vote, comment, fav, rate, etc! Please don't make dummy accounts, they don't work.

Tags: junito space underwater sea robot   [More Info]
Image: ransomgift.jpg   660x589 68896 bytes 2006.11.22

A gift for Ransom who was feeling down at the time

Image: noir3.jpg   648x729 55551 bytes 2006.11.22

An experiment in photoshop for the noir art jam on EnterVoid

Image: maskdudes.jpg   794x814 152641 bytes 2006.11.22

Angela on the way to another job, being escorted by the masked men she works for

Image: kurtisref.jpg   700x1038 87181 bytes 2006.11.22

Just a full design sheet of Kurtis

Image: kimono.jpg   557x950 145970 bytes 2006.11.22

Was inspired by Seel to do a pic of Angela in a kimono, tried to make her look prettier and more feminine than usual. Did some experimenting here, hope you guys like!

Image: jingles.jpg   847x505 144937 bytes 2006.11.22

Angela vs Jingles, Jingles belongs to his creator

Image: exilegroup.jpg   817x674 144994 bytes 2006.11.22

Another group pic

Image: emoomg.jpg   659x545 50973 bytes 2006.11.22

I was trying to get off my anti depressants at the time and it didn't work so well. So yeah was just venting in this pic

Image: chartexiles.jpg   1014x664 188644 bytes 2006.11.22

A group pic of the exiles, poor Angela is the shortest of the group. Everyone belongs to their creators

Image: avatargroup2.jpg   1017x1089 143092 bytes 2006.11.22

A group pic I did of Angela, Phil, and Seel of them as benders from Avatar. Phil and Seel belong to their creators

Image: angvsspanpromoda.jpg   598x404 97590 bytes 2006.11.22

A promo pic for my fight vs Detective Spandex

Image: inks.jpg   716x778 162592 bytes 2006.09.30

This was supposed to be a few different things, it was like 3 am when I started it about a week ago. Was going to color it and it was going to be a much larger image of Angela standing in a cemetary, but for some reason it just wasn't working out. So I eventually just started laying in more lines and details and stuff and worked on it for around 15 minutes a day for a week and this was the result. The story behind it is Angela is aware of what it is she becomes and hates the fact that others have died/been hurt by her hands. As for the sharp things poking out of her, when she gets really unstable her sword sometimes multiplies and comes out of random areas of her body.\r\n\r\n

Image: diegovsangie.jpg   642x716 119775 bytes 2006.09.12

A promo for my battle with Ravist

Image: jabangie.jpg   800x1036 176452 bytes 2006.08.26

After a hard day of training Jabil and Angela are about to open up some dinner boxes and some weird lizard thing grabs onto Jabil's arm. Oh my god Angela's pose was a pain in the ass and I still think I got her legs wrong. Angela pretty much has my body right there because I had to stand in front of a mirror to get the pose right, and we have similiar body types so it made life easier heh.

Image: cover10.JPG   481x640 71606 bytes 2006.08.25

Another old picture this one is the cover for issue 10 of A Burden

Image: Friends_of_Angie_by_angieness.jpg   635x876 232833 bytes 2006.08.25

Big group picture of some of my friends, characters belong to their creators.

Image: hitsuangie.jpg   438x699 85791 bytes 2006.08.25

Done for an art jam, Angela dressed as Hitsugaya

Image: darcangie001.jpg   600x828 149452 bytes 2006.08.25

my half of an exchange with Darc

Image: dexchangep2.jpg   818x1017 232259 bytes 2006.08.25

Page 2 of my exchange with D6016

Image: dexchangep1.jpg   818x1086 235205 bytes 2006.08.25

Page 1 of my art exchange with D6016

Image: ameangiewow.jpg   690x756 156250 bytes 2006.08.06

This image randomly popped into my head. Ame and I both play World of Warcraft and we both have warriors. I'm a filthy dps warrior, Angela is pretty much wearing the outfit my warrior has minus the guild tabard. And Ame has a protection spec warrior, last time I checked she was still in might but might is a pain in the ass to draw so I put her in nasty ugly wrath. So yeah, Angela and Ame looking adorable in WoW armor. A gift for Ame

Image: pollyangie.jpg   634x682 134920 bytes 2006.08.06

My half of an exchange with smavus

Image: kurtisdrama.jpg   701x728 148729 bytes 2006.08.06

Felt like drawing a dramatic promotional poster type thang.

Image: rayangie.jpg   786x782 130554 bytes 2006.08.06

My half of an exchange with raygirl

Image: kepangie.jpg   770x904 162281 bytes 2006.08.06

My half of an exchange with the jawsome Keppo

Image: dangie.jpg   742x1066 186123 bytes 2006.08.06

You can thank Jeff Smith's Bone for the inspiration for this, I recently got the One Volume edition of the whole series so I was pretty inspired. This is for my half of my trade with D

Image: angmarm.jpg   650x778 159206 bytes 2006.08.06

My half of an exchange with Marm!

Image: angdingo.jpg   778x989 134056 bytes 2006.08.06

A gift for the awesome Seel

Image: monprofile.jpg   970x752 86135 bytes 2006.08.06

Before I get in to EnterVOID I was asked to do a character sheet for Angela's monster form. So weee here it is

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