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Image: Angel.jpg   576x648 57451 bytes 2003.04.05

I was sketching and made this, so I made it on the comp and thought it was adorable! Dan, and Angel! Ha!! Dena (c) H.E.R

Image: FutureTogether.jpg   491x660 66043 bytes 2003.03.24

I sketched this one day while fantasizing about Andrew.. I didn't want to scan it though till we were for sure together, so here it is. ^^ *sigh* I love how cute he looks!! Andrew and Dena (c) H.E.R

Image: Shirt.jpg   444x713 105649 bytes 2003.03.12

I made this as a pen sketch on some looseleaf at school, and after a good week or two I wanted a version on the comp, so here ya go!! Dena Chibi (c) H.E.R

Image: Pretty.jpg   720x648 134214 bytes 2003.03.07

Dumb picture, I know.. I was messing with Photoshop 7.0 and I found the flower brushes that scatter everywhere. Ooo.. pretty... So I made this. Aint it cute?? Dena (c) H.E.R

Image: Day_Dream.jpg   720x648 94922 bytes 2003.03.04

Heh.. Jackie thinks I'm trying to steal Andrew. What do you think now Biotch! Dena + Andrew (c) H.E.R

Image: Andrew_+_Dena.jpg   720x576 67544 bytes 2003.03.03

I had made this pic earlier and just stuck it in the sketches section. But now that andrew gave my Photoshop 7.0 I messed around and decided the pic needed a backround and here we go! I needed to give Dena some shading, but you know I'm too lazy! Andrew and Dena (c) H.E.R

Image: Jackie.jpg   405x570 28093 bytes 2003.03.03

I kinda relized that Jackie's character was way to skinny, so I plumped her up a bit. Aww, now she's all chubby.. Should have never gone to that All you can eat Buffet!Jackie (c) H.E.R

Image: Chibi_Pileup.jpg   573x661 133188 bytes 2003.02.16

Chibi's!! ^^ I'm gonna start that comic I talked about sometime, I might load up all of the one's I have on the comp so far. But anyway. From the top going from left to right. Dena, Hunter, Jackie, Cookie, Andrew, Kibbles, Damie, Lita, Bits, and Brad. All (c) H.E.R

Image: Sleep.jpg   576x576 39573 bytes 2003.02.13

Jackie corrected me on her clothing in the pic, so I made this for her. Heh. Jackie (C) H.E.R

Image: Friends.jpg   481x715 50697 bytes 2003.02.13

I wanted to make a picture for my buds Andrew and Jackie. I think they'll like it. ^^ Dena, Andrew, Jackie (c) H.E.R

Image: Lazy.jpg   720x576 73063 bytes 2003.02.07

I just wanted something different from the normal stuff I make, so I figured a postcard from some sandy beach was perfect! ^^ If anyone's wondering, I draw Dena so much because she represents me. Dena (c) H.E.R

Image: Bowow_Girls.jpg   787x646 49650 bytes 2003.02.07

My two friend Krystal and Melissa begged for a pic with them in it, so I made this for em. Don't they look cute? ^^ There dog's by the way. Kibbles and Bits (c) H.E.R

Image: Queen.jpg   720x576 83949 bytes 2003.02.05

I made this awsome swetch for the Prism magazine and I loved it so much I made a computer version of it. Isn't it awsome? ^^ Dena, Hunter, Brad (c) H.E.R

Image: Valentines_day.jpg   576x720 50406 bytes 2003.02.02

Oo, looky at my new signature! Isn't it purty? forget the pic, my signature! Signature.. oh forget it.. I made the pic for Valentine's day obviously. I like it. ^^ The signature is Insane Imagination in japanese lettering. Dena (c) H.E.R

Image: Dolly.jpg   648x720 70570 bytes 2003.02.02

The words arn't too easily read. colors just didn't want to work, I settled for a light blue. Whatever. I made the poem about the same time as my simple wish pic. I looked at it and I thoght 'cool' so I decided a torn up cat doll was perfect symbolism. Dolly Dena (c) H.E.R

Image: Simple_Wish.jpg   576x720 38647 bytes 2003.01.31

I'm not in a good mood, rather sad really, so I decided to put it all out and make a pic. Orinigally it was gonna be Dena crying, but now she's just wishing. Wishing for her friend to come back. Dena (c) H.E.R

Image: Happy.jpg   576x576 60909 bytes 2003.01.29

Another mild attempt to make a picture on 7.0 at school. I think it's nice, but I had to resort to just my initials since my paw symbol isn't on their computer. But it's soo cute how Damie sais 'I hope you die!' so sweetly and looks so cute! ^^ Damie (c) H.E.R

Image: Crazy2.jpg   432x432 43551 bytes 2003.01.28

final's this week, I got to spend two hours in the media center to find that low behold they have Photoshop! This is what I made and e-mailed myself so I could use it. I love 7.0, I want it soooo bad! Look at the backround and the colors!! Ooo!! ^^

Image: Ikillu.jpg   640x671 45806 bytes 2003.01.20

I was going with the chibi ordeal, and after I made that sel pic I made this! Dena with an ax! Everybody better run!! Ahh!! Dena Chibi (c) H.E.R

Image: sel.jpg   282x578 28758 bytes 2003.01.18

A friend of mine wanted me to make an anothro pic of him, so wala! He's a mix between slighty scary to cuddly cute! ^^ Sel (c) H.E.R

Image: Chibi_Universe.jpg   721x551 87948 bytes 2003.01.18

i'm thinking of trying to make a comic strip, and this would be it. a bunch of chibi cats and what not! ^^ so again with the chibi people, hey, it aint that bad! chibi peoples (c)H.E.R

Image: Sad_Chibi.jpg   533x643 47014 bytes 2003.01.16

I made this on some looseleaf, penned it, copied it on printing paper and permanent markered it. Wala! Chibi sadness, how cute. ^^; Simple coloring, I couldn't care less. Dena (c) H.E.R

Image: Chibi_Die.jpg   378x612 41965 bytes 2003.01.16

Eh.. I don't like it much. I drew a really nice one on some looseleaf and tried to make it on the computer with the brush as ussual. Didn't work to well. Oh well, Dena sure shows she's mad quite easy though. Dena (c) H.E.R

Image: Petals.jpg   576x720 52290 bytes 2003.01.13

I've been in a not good mood lately, so I had this idea for this pic with Dena crying and a picture of her head in the backround. Kinda Animeish and I like it! I think it looks purty. ^^ Dena (c) H.E.R

Image: Damie.jpg   342x583 27539 bytes 2003.01.07

This is one of my friends characters she made up. Her name is Damie, and she's a punk cat. But she's pretty cool. I decided to draw and color her on my comp to test out my new fine tip marker, which works soo well! Damie (c) H.E.R

Image: Blair2.jpg   617x649 46687 bytes 2003.01.03

I know it looks kinda bad, I got lazy and didn't fix it up all the way. A new Blair for ya! I needed to give her my new style update and never got to it. So wala! Blair (c) H.E.R

Image: Lindsey2.jpg   576x720 64439 bytes 2003.01.02

I figured Lindsey needed an update, so wala! New lindsey. I think she looks more bunny-ish then before. Lindsey (c) H.E.R

Image: Evolution.jpg   720x720 83436 bytes 2003.01.01

Boredom can do wonders. The volution of Dena Yuuutsu. If I could find it, I'd show you all the pic that started our little freaky friend here. Dena, all forms (c) H.E.R

Image: Chibi_Me!!.jpg   504x720 43890 bytes 2002.12.31

I know it's not Furry.. Oh well! I've been working on my Chibi people, and made this! Me! Bwahahahaha!! *evil laugh, cough* I think I look adorable!! Chibi Me (c) H.E.R

Image: What.jpg   504x648 45891 bytes 2002.12.30

I felt like making a pic with Dena and arm-warmers.. this is what I got. Boring, but oh well. Dena (c) H.E.R

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