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Image: Unicorn.jpg   542x954 167561 bytes 2008.06.19

Got the first of my 2008 bookmarks done! Here's the Unicorn with the monarch butterflies :) \r\n\r\nOnly 3 more to go O.o;\r\n\r\nMarkers with pencil crayons, and white acrylic marker for the white spots on the monarchs.\r\n\r\nThe original will be for sale at Anthrocon's art show; bookmarks will be made of this as well :)\r\n\r\n(sorry for it being such a large file...I wanted to make sure people could see the details in this one) ;)

Image: leshthefow.jpg   492x860 67853 bytes 2008.05.29

A drawing for Pat the Fox's sister, of her character Lesh, who's a Fow: half fox, half cow :)

Image: teenietinytiger.jpg   514x532 97913 bytes 2008.04.27

Teenie Tiny Tiger

A lounging tiger I painted with gouache. The coin next to it is actually a quarter, to show you the size of the canvas, which is 3x2" ;) And the upper-left picture is to show how it looks like in it's frame.\r\n\r\nThis will be for sale at the Anthrocon Art Show this year (2008)

Image: clax_archteryx.jpg   765x990 169019 bytes 2008.02.26

A commission for ArchTeryx :) He wanted to have his persona (a lap gryphon) with my purple gryphon, Clax, looking up at Clax and being all cute n' stuff, while Clax looks down at him, thinking "What in the world??" Maybe he just hadn't seen a gryphon so small before! XD\r\n\r\nHad to do a bit of Photoshoping with this one...the scanner ate the purpley colours of Clax, making him look navy blue instead of deep purple O.o So I cut out ArchTeryx, fixed it so that Clax was finally purple, then re-pasted ArchTeryx back in, so it would look like the original. Whew!\r\nArchTeryx his owner\r\nClax Lisa Cotton (me!)

Image: ardrianlerrick.jpg   582x880 151113 bytes 2007.08.19

Ardrian and Lerrick

My husband and I are working on a new concept for a webcomic, where he would be writing the story and I would be doing the artwork for it. These are just two of a large group of main characters: Ardrian the lion/qiling (aka kirin/ki'lin etc etc.) cross-breed, and Lerrick the rabbit. The species/races in the comic will be based somewhat from the Iron/Jade Claw games. \r\n\r\nWe don't know when the comic will be up and running yet...Perhaps in a few months' time. But I plan on doing the comic as you see the drawing here: hand-drawn but coloured in the computer, shaded and fur-textured, etc. Er...couldn't decide what to use for the background for this...I just wanted *something* other than a plain white background =P

Image: brian.jpg   365x539 81259 bytes 2007.07.05

Finally completed! This will be for sale at the Anthrocon Art Sale.\r\n\r\nAnd...boooooo to my scanner for eating up the shading on the white =P This looks soooo much nicer in person.

Image: hollysca.jpg   503x713 55546 bytes 2007.06.12

While at the Dead Dog Party at C-ACE, I drew this up in my sketchbook :) It's HollyAnn, dressed up in the typical SCA garb that I usually dress up in. Personally, I think I did a good of it :)

Image: ena.jpg   361x534 81169 bytes 2007.05.03

My half of a trade for the Quality Exchange community on LJ :)

Image: tirahnadungeon.jpg   596x882 174033 bytes 2007.03.12

My wemic AD&D character, T'irahna...looking a little different from how she used to look like ;) After becoming evil (Chaotic Evil), and choosing to become an evil god's first priestess, her fur turned black, making her...a little more unique in her world as being the only all-black wemic now. She no longer can use a sword, but found a nifty little ice-hammer in a cave on one of her many adventures. \r\n6x4" bristol board; Prismacolour markers and pencils.\r\nIf it's possible to get this made into a nice-looking print, I'll get prints of this made :)

Image: snowleopardgryphclouds.jpg   629x417 108934 bytes 2007.03.12

Just a random snow leopard gryphon, flying throughout some fluffy clouds :)\r\n6x4" bristol board; Prismacolour markers and pencils.

Image: vera.jpg   421x629 121567 bytes 2007.03.12

My end of a trade with Vera, I'm pretty happy with the way this one came out :)\r\n6x4" bristol board; Prismacolour markers and pencils.

Image: sleepingbluevixen.jpg   180x540 44585 bytes 2007.01.31

Sleeping Blue Vixen Rose

A close-up of the blue vixen rose.

Image: flirtingpurplevixen.jpg   180x540 41787 bytes 2007.01.31

Flirting Purple Vixen Rose

A close-up of the purple vixen rose.

Image: goodmorningyellowvixen.jpg   180x540 53764 bytes 2007.01.31

Good Morning Yellow Vixen Rose

A close-up on the yellow vixen rose.

Image: romanticredvixen.jpg   180x540 47405 bytes 2007.01.31

Romantic Red Rose Vixen

A close-up of the red rose vixen.

Image: bloomingvixens.jpg   743x492 113440 bytes 2007.01.31

"Blooming Vixens" Bookmarkers

This year, I thought I would try making bookmarkers to sell at my table at the conventions I'll be going to, but I wasn't sure of what I should do. \r\n\r\nSomeone mentioned about making them monochromatic (like my colourful furry fems), which was a neat idea, but I didn't know what I should have them be. \r\n\r\nThen I remembered an old cartoon show I used to watch when I was a kid, called "The Adventures of the Little Prince". In the show, the Little Prince had a Rose Girl...which was one stem of a red rose, with a little person living in the centre of the rose. So the two ideas clicked together, and this is what I came up with :) ...and of course, went dealing with colourful roses, you *know* I'm going to have one of them going to be blue ;)

Image: hollyann10years.jpg   1034x785 116783 bytes 2007.01.03

10 Years of HollyAnn

2007 marks the 10th year "aniversary" of me drawing furry art. It also means that my persona/alter-ego, HollyAnn, is 10 years old this year too (well, as of August 2007, but who's counting?)\r\n\r\nI thought it would be interesting to get the first drawing I've ever done of HollyAnn, and re-draw it as I would today, and place them side-by-side, just to see how different she looks now, as well as how much I've improved over the years. I still need to get better at my anatomy, but I still think I've come a long in these last 10 years. \r\n\r\nSo, here's to another 10 years ;)

Image: winterskunk.jpg   579x817 99650 bytes 2006.11.15

I'm really glad it turned out so well! The mist from her breath didn't turn out too well, but other than that, I like the rest of it :)\r\n\r\n9x12" Bristol Borad, ink, Prismacolour Markers and pencils, and a white Galaxy Marker. Prints might be available in the future :)

Image: vixenbikini.jpg   574x755 72791 bytes 2006.11.02

It's a vixen in a bikini! Only this time, it's for real, and not in my comic ;) I plan on offering custom coloured vixens at future furry conventions, as well as on FurBid :)

Image: vixeninabikini.jpg   738x501 145200 bytes 2006.10.06

Sometimes, the life of a furry artist can get...well...repetitive. I had joked to my husband, "Y'know, I betcha if I made a pre-made drawing of a vixen in a bikini and make photocopies of the line-art, and anyone who came up to me and asked me for a vixen in a bikini, I could just colour the photocopy in their character's colours. And it wouldn't even matter either! It would still be the same vixen line-art, but change the colour of the fur or hair colour and POOF! It's a different vixen!"\r\n\r\nAnd then this comic popped out XD

Image: ficullir.jpg   675x900 128353 bytes 2006.09.14

OMG HOLLY DREW NON-ANTHRO ART!!!\r\n\r\nEr..yeah...I don't draw much non-anthro art, mostly cuz I suck at drawing human faces. Although, this one caught me by surprise actually turned out GOOD!\r\n\r\nFicullir (feh-coo-leer) is a a half-elf ranger. Her name literally means "hair of golden-red", and I actually did some research on elven names that were common in Tolkein's Middle Earth world. She's the latest of my Advanced Dungeons and Dragons characters, I've never played as a ranger before, so I thought I'd give it a shot :)\r\n\r\nDrawn on 9x12" smooth acid-free bristol board, inked and then coloured with Prismacolour markers and pencils. The circle was made with a bowl, and then just inked and coloured with markers.

Image: orcabirthday.jpg   720x474 103768 bytes 2006.09.03

An early Birthday (and silly) piccie for Orca ;) She mentioned that she likes platypii, and this immediately popped into my head! XD

Image: purplesnowlepgryph.jpg   560x858 132287 bytes 2006.08.29

Was just tinkering around with the idea of wanting to draw a gryphon with a blue rose, and this popped out. I'm pretty pleased as to how it turned out too :) Drawn on 6x4" bristol board; coloured with Prismacolour Markers and pencils.

Image: druilicalights.jpg   813x534 114793 bytes 2006.08.18

It's not often that I get the chance to draw a winter night scene...I LOVE Northern Lights! This is Druilica, my ice dragon that I used to play when I used to play Horizons.

Image: seahorse.jpg   482x715 93173 bytes 2006.08.08

It's a seahorse! Get it? XD\r\n\r\nOk, bad puns aside, this one was fun to draw :) 6x4" bristol board, Prismacolour markers with a white pencil crayon for highlights (and bubbles too!)

Image: snowleopardmermaid.jpg   480x710 95995 bytes 2006.08.06

I was inspired from my last mermaid (Mer-vixen) that I decided to give another go at another one...this one is a snow leopard/dolphin mermaid :) 6x4" bristol board, with Prismacolour markers, white pencil and Galaxy marker.

Image: aurora.jpg   488x714 93967 bytes 2006.08.02

Aurora, a black eagle/black jaguar gryphon, comes in for a landing on the cliff where her nest is. Drawn on 6x4" bristol board, interly with Prismacolour markers, with white and blue pencil crayon for the clouds.

Image: mervixen.jpg   455x599 103756 bytes 2006.07.29

A drawing that popped into my head...Just one of those things that you just HAVE to get down on paper while it's still fresh in your memory ;) I think this one turned out pretty good :) Coloured completely with markers, using just a bit of white pencil crayon for the white fur and highlights, grey pencil crayon for the shading in the white, a tiny touch of black pencil crayon for the marking on her snout, and a white Galaxy marker for the seafoam :) 4x3" bristol board.

Image: gookyface.jpg   353x518 39287 bytes 2006.07.22

Just a random silly gooky face XD

Image: greenbunny.jpg   452x597 84106 bytes 2006.07.18

And, here's the last of my mono-chromatic drawings - a green bunny, offering a piece of mint chocolate chip cheesecake :) Done completely with different shades of green marker, with a touch of white for the eye and smile and grey for the shading, and a bit of silver metallic marker for the ear clasps.

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