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Image: bluegryphonsunset.jpg   507x595 103233 bytes 2005.09.12

Another print of a drawing I had left over from my colouring panel at MFM. I was just goofing around to see what I could come up with...I like the colours of this one :)

Image: bluejaygryph.jpg   660x510 109943 bytes 2003.05.15

Personally, I LOVE this drawing! It's not too often that I get to say that about my own art, but this one...I'm just very satisfied that it turned out so well :) It kinda got cut off a bit, because it's on 9x12" bristol board and my scanner doesn't scan that big of paper.

Image: blueraccoon.jpg   454x595 95362 bytes 2006.07.18

And a blue raccoon! The sketching of this one took FOREVER! The eyes and the hands were the ones that gave me the most problems, and the sketch along must've taken about an hour because the eyes and hands were just constantly giving me problems =P But I'm glad it turned out decent :)\r\n\r\nAgain, using shades of blue marker, along with a purple marker for extra shading, white pencil for the white parts and highlights and a touch of grey and blue for shading in the white parts :)

Image: bluerose.jpg   515x761 84133 bytes 2000.10.08

It's me! HollyAnn! The famous purple vixen! This was my very first "detailed" drawing of Holly, cuz I wanted to show everyone that she wears a tye-dye shirt, with jeans and a jean vest, rather than always being a solid colour. She's also seen here with her favourite flower (and mine IRL too) a blue rose. (c) to me.\n

Image: bren.jpg   605x451 88760 bytes 2006.06.28

A tiny drawing for Bren the cougar :)

Image: brian.jpg   365x539 81259 bytes 2007.07.05

Finally completed! This will be for sale at the Anthrocon Art Sale.\r\n\r\nAnd...boooooo to my scanner for eating up the shading on the white =P This looks soooo much nicer in person.

Image: bronovik.jpg   454x599 107858 bytes 2006.04.21

Bronovik, the healer/warrior unicorn. Just a drawing I did to test out some new markers I had gotten - Touch markers. They worked out really well :)

Image: bubble.JPG   649x841 231323 bytes 2000.10.08

Before I met Trinsic, I absolutely HATED Valentine's Day! Funny when someone comes into your life, and fills it full of meaning and love, how the day suddenly changes! I made this one as a celebration for my first happy Valentine's Day, being with the love of my life. HollyAnn is (c) to me.\n

Image: bully1.jpg   589x775 137997 bytes 2000.10.10

This comic was based on what happened with me and Jalin on Furcadia one time :) We started goofing off and it got a little out of control...Mahvros never showed up, but I put him in the comic just to see what would happen...Heehee! I can get away with MURDER! Part one of the Big Bully comic. (c) HollyAnn to me Mahvros and Jalin (c) to their players.\n

Image: bully2.jpg   593x777 120571 bytes 2000.10.10

Part 2 of the Big Bully comic.\n

Image: bully3.jpg   598x778 133995 bytes 2000.10.10

Part 3 of the Big Bully comic....See? I can get away with MURDER!! Muahahahaa!!! *evil grin* >:)\n

Image: c1.jpg   521x657 92229 bytes 2000.10.10

This is Part 1 of a comic called The Book, and was something that REALLY happened on Furcadia! It features my brother Rif, his Furcadian wife Sabri, and our Furcadian cousin, Ian Rain. I can't remember what the book was about or what it was for, but Rif wanted it, and Sabri had it, and started teasing with him with it, while Ian sat by them and watched all the fun. :) Rif is (c) his player, Sabri is (c) her player, and Ian Rain is (c) his player\n

Image: c2.jpg   511x656 97326 bytes 2000.10.10

Part 2 of The Book...Rif gets desparate!\n

Image: c3.jpg   506x656 99675 bytes 2000.10.10

Part 3 of The Book....OOPS! Rif pulls out SOMETHING...But it's NOT the book!\n

Image: cadpigjrloupy.jpg   609x615 123560 bytes 2005.11.09

This is Cadpig Jr. and Loupy, playing with some My Little Ponies :) One of my commissions done! :) Only a bazillion more to get finished...and my hand is dead from colouring O.o

Image: canadian.jpg   544x674 156427 bytes 2001.01.10

This was kind of a little joke I drew up =D Me, being Canadian, have heard a lot of different stereotypes that other people have thought of Canadians to be like, and I got together as many as I could think of and combined them all into one...And got Holly to pose for it ;)\n

Image: canadianhollybeanie.jpg   534x587 106381 bytes 2003.02.09

This is the "Canadian" version of the HollyAnn Beanie :) The purple "fur" part was re-touched in PhotoShop because the purple marker I used died and turned out all streaky >.<

Image: caninewarrior.JPG   477x581 133640 bytes 2000.10.08

This is a VERY rough sketch I did one day, when I was experimenting with a different style. He's (c) to me.\n

Image: capricorn.jpg   507x653 131772 bytes 2002.03.23

Fun with coloured paper! I like to call this my "Achin' All Over" Picture...I had to use a separate lamp to help me out since it was hard to see, and my eyes are sensitive to light, so it gave me a headache...And then, since the paper was textured, I had to press even harder than normal with the pencil blender, so my hand hurts >.< This was coloured with Prisma pencils and markers, against blue textured Art Paper.

Image: cassie.jpg   586x724 146958 bytes 2003.06.17

A drawing that I did for Foxinian of Cassie the Rock Vixen :)

Image: catsi.JPG   679x769 92704 bytes 2000.10.08

This was a request I drew of a kitty, named Catsi. (c) her player\n

Image: chibiholly.jpg   489x489 60954 bytes 2005.09.22

Just a totally random chibi pic of HollyAnn! XD

Image: christmasunicorn.jpg   818x586 171436 bytes 2003.12.20

A Christmasy picture for this year, since I missed out on last last year. I killed my hand doing the sky >.< Done in pencil crayons and markers :)

Image: chyralyon.jpg   761x860 137535 bytes 2009.02.08

Finished! =D This is a commission I did for my friend Kamau of his gryphon persona, Chyr Alyon, who's a golden eagle/barbary lion gryphon :)\r\n\r\nI thought it would be neat to do a New England scene (Lake Champlain!) in the fall and with the sunsetting, it makes for a nice warm picture :)\r\n\r\n8.5x11" bristol board, Micron inking pens, Prismacolour markers and pencils and acrylic white paint marker.

Image: clahnira.JPG   621x456 97988 bytes 2000.10.08

This is one of my alts from Furcadia, a tarot-reading Unicorn. This was coloured using PhotoDeluxe, when I thought I was getting good at it..It's still not as good as PhotoShop, but I was learning at the time, and didn't have PS yet... Clahnira is (c) to me.\n

Image: clax_archteryx.jpg   765x990 169019 bytes 2008.02.26

A commission for ArchTeryx :) He wanted to have his persona (a lap gryphon) with my purple gryphon, Clax, looking up at Clax and being all cute n' stuff, while Clax looks down at him, thinking "What in the world??" Maybe he just hadn't seen a gryphon so small before! XD\r\n\r\nHad to do a bit of Photoshoping with this one...the scanner ate the purpley colours of Clax, making him look navy blue instead of deep purple O.o So I cut out ArchTeryx, fixed it so that Clax was finally purple, then re-pasted ArchTeryx back in, so it would look like the original. Whew!\r\nArchTeryx his owner\r\nClax Lisa Cotton (me!)

Image: claxdeliverybookmarker.jpg   204x628 72271 bytes 2009.02.08

Aww, isn't that cute? Clax wants to help encourage people to read more by delivering books to them :)\r\n\r\n6x2" bristol board, Micron inking pens, Prismacolour and Copic markers and Blowpens.

Image: claxgryphonwarrior.jpg   238x714 101873 bytes 2009.02.08

Looks like Clax fell asleep while reading his favourite comic: "Valor, Gryphon Warrior", and then has a dream where HE is the Gryphon Warrior! I'm sure everyone's had simular dreams, of becoming their favourite character :)\r\n\r\nBookmarker! 6x2" Bristol board, Micron pens, Prismacolour markers and white pencil for highlights, and Copic markers.

Image: claxspotbookmark.jpg   207x625 71516 bytes 2009.02.08

I thought I'd do another Clax bookmarker, and this time, I also thought I'd have fun with my blowpens too, since I haven't used them in sooooo long! They still work wonderfully though! :)\r\n\r\nI basically covered up Clax and the word bubble with removeable (painter's) tape and cut around him, so the only background was exposed - I also used the tape to cover the outter edges of the bookmarker too, to hold it in place on my table. Then I used my blowpens on it (there's pink, green and blue in there). Once I was done splattering the colour on, I let it dry for a minute or so and then removed the tape, and coloured up Clax like usual :)\r\n\r\n6x2" bristol board, micron ink pens, Prismacolour markers, blowpens, and white pencil and white gel pen for highlights.

Image: cmdrkitsune.jpg   796x887 190411 bytes 2008.08.30

My first real commission in a LONG time!\r\n\r\nDrawn on 8.5x11" bristol board (not all seen here, to avoid empty white space). Inked with Microns, coloured with Prismacolour markers, then coloured and shaded with Prismacolour pencils and colourless blender pencil.\r\n\r\nI'm quite pleased with how this turned out! :)

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