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Image: cmdrkitsune_rebecca.jpg   819x630 148870 bytes 2009.02.17

A commission for CmdrKitsune of his fursona and his character Rebecca (a Canadian Lynx), enjoying each other's company by the light of the fire :)\r\n\r\n8.5x11" bristol board, Micron ink, Prismacolour markers and pencils, white gel pen.

Image: cmdrkitsuneicons.jpg   1048x209 124643 bytes 2009.02.08

A 5-icon set for Cmdr Kitsune :)\r\n\r\nFrom left to right: Confused, Devious, Innocent, "Cheers!" and Hungry :)\r\n\r\nEach square is 2x2". Bristol board, Micron pens, Prismacolour markers, white pencil and white gel pen.

Image: comfychaircomic.jpg   769x317 113139 bytes 2004.08.29

This just goes to show how much of a WEIRD sense of humour I have ;) This comic is actually based real La-Z-Boy chair! And by the many cameo appearances me and my bean bag chair have made on AraKaraath's IAPW comic. If it's not my bean bag chair that's eating me, it's my La-Z-Boy ;)

Image: comfychaircomic2.jpg   776x318 118776 bytes 2004.08.30

A follow-up to the first Comfy Chair Comic...Have I ever mentioned that the back of my chair leans WAY too much? does ;)

Image: comic1.jpg   601x363 58224 bytes 2000.10.10

This was my first Furcadian Comic, called Erdenshire's Bot, which stars Erdenshire (of course!), his Bot, and a very mischievious Rif! On Furcadia, well, I don't know if they still have this command for bots, but when you said "Sspin" around a bot, they spin out of control! Rif used to do this lots to Erdy! Rif is (c) his player Erdenshire and his Bot are (c) his player\n

Image: comic2.jpg   601x383 62536 bytes 2000.10.10

Part 2 of Erdenshire's Bot.\n

Image: comic3.jpg   597x371 52050 bytes 2000.10.10

Part 3 of Erdenshire's Bot\n

Image: comic4.jpg   595x384 44592 bytes 2000.10.10

Part 4 of Erdenshire's Bot\n

Image: companions.JPG   568x748 206583 bytes 2000.10.08

This picture actually has a story to it...Mochaccina, a fox/wolf, has been forced out of her home town that doesn't think too highly of inter-species crosses...Even if you're a fox/wolf, you're either sentenced to death, or torchured for the rest of your life. =P While on her travels, she meets up with a cunning theif, Tira M'rrr, who happens to be a cross-bred of a Cheetah and Snow Leopard, who easily passes as a snow leopard...Until she starts running ;) Jalin owns the original. Mochaccina and Tira M'rrr are (c) to me.\n

Image: cyram.JPG   609x646 103107 bytes 2000.10.08

I wanted to do something different for a Furry...I was on the net one night when my brother was playing his C 64 next to me (yep, he's got one of those), and was playing some game that had a saber tooth tiger in it...So I thought it'd be different and put it as a Furry. Cyram is (c) to me.\n

Image: d1.jpg   496x631 101341 bytes 2000.10.10

This comic was called Dro the Pyro, which stars my brother Rif, and our kitty friend, Drorain. He seems like a nice guy, and he really is...On Furcadia, he's just got a habit of setting things on fire!\r\nRif is (c) his player, Drorain is (c) his player\n

Image: d2.jpg   471x601 89497 bytes 2000.10.10

Part 2 of Dro the Pyro. Just look at the insanity in his eyes as he lights that first match! I've also had many questions as to what Rif was doing in the lower picture...He's hiding in a nearby bush, kinda looking worried over at Dro ;)\n

Image: dair.jpg   515x696 115339 bytes 2001.01.13

This is Dair, a long time friend of mine from Furcadia :) This is my end of an art swap that I did with her :) What is it with me drawing Furries on brick walls? I had the position in my head, and couldn't think of anything different than a brick wall for her to sit on =P (c) her player

Image: dalia.jpg   365x479 86798 bytes 2006.03.07

Surprise gift art for Dalia. Surprise!! =D\r\n\r\nI wasn't sure what kind of background to put...this sort of setting, just kinda popped in my head O.o

Image: darion.JPG   638x771 113040 bytes 2000.10.08

I met Darion, a fox/wolf, early one morning on Furcadia, when he asked me for a drawing request. I thought it was kinda neat, how he had a non-anthromorophic pet wolf. (c) his player\n

Image: darkfox&mystee.JPG   651x756 170987 bytes 2000.10.08

Shortly after drawing his Furry pic, DarkFox asked me to do a drawing of him and his Furcadia/RL girlfriend, Mystee, who's a Squirrel/Fox mix :) (c) their players\n

Image: darkfox.jpg   621x721 122045 bytes 2000.10.08

I met DarkFox late one night while on Furcadia, when he asked me for a drawing request (Hmm..See a pattern here?) As a matter of fact, it was DarkFox's web page that my brother and I stumbled upon that first introduced us to Furries and Furcadia...If it wasn't for DarkFox, I don't think I'd be drawing Furries today...Many thanks DarkFox! :) I like the septer I made for him too :) (c) his player\n

Image: david_kayla_bw.jpg   674x676 94650 bytes 2005.12.16

A work in progress...I'm planning submitting the line-art to Furry Weekend Atlanta for the conbook :)

Image: david_kayla_colour.jpg   634x642 113258 bytes 2005.12.16

And the coloured version of the drawing :) Just gotta make the background for it now :)

Image: david_wip.jpg   375x606 71373 bytes 2005.12.16

David, of the previous line art, coloured.

Image: deathbyartcomic.jpg   1108x657 307015 bytes 2008.08.20

Another comic, again, not aimed anyone, but the idea has been floating around in my head for about a year now, so it just had to come out ;)\r\n\r\nSorry it's so large, I had to save it at this size so that it'll be easier to read my writing XD\r\n\r\nTrinsic © D. Cotton (my hubby)\r\nHollyAnn, Anonymous Raccoon and Anonymous Cat © Me! XD

Image: declarationoflove_complete.jpg   507x653 97444 bytes 2006.06.24

I'm sure y'all are tired from seeing the same thing over and over again =P But anyways...just uploading the completed drawing...added a background to it, as well as a bit of a scribble under the character's feet. Not much of a background, but I just wanted it simple, anyways ;) David and Kayla are Lisa Cotton (me) ;)\r\n\r\nThis drawing will be on sale on FurBid, so be sure to watch out for it!

Image: deer.jpg   503x670 84086 bytes 2000.10.08

This drawing took, believe it or not, a year to complete...Well, I wasn't working on it all the time..I'd do a bit of a sketch here, place it on my bench, pick it up after a couple of months, work on it again, put it away, well, you get the idea ;) I finally finished it and coloured it. I also tried giving it "hoofed" hands rather than regular ones that you see on the horses I've done. (c) to me.\n

Image: derecho.JPG   606x791 133966 bytes 2000.10.08

I was a bit surprized with I got a request from Derecho, a native of the of the Alfandria Muck, since I've never done a dragon Morph before! It turned out pretty good....Good thing I studied Gargoyles in the past ;) (c) his player\n

Image: desp.JPG   652x771 93863 bytes 2000.10.08

I got this one request from Desperachio, a black wolf...For some "unknown" reason, it just reminds me of the Desperado movie or something =D (c) his player\n

Image: djpirtu.jpg   376x527 116775 bytes 2009.02.17

An artcard for djpirtu on DA for the furry artcard xchange community on LJ :)\r\n\r\nPlaying around with my blowpens, and this time, I also tried some circle stencils with them XD\r\n\r\n2.5 x 3.5" artcard bristol board, micron inking pens, Prismacolour markers, blow pens and white gel pen.

Image: dolphin.jpg   689x730 102020 bytes 2000.10.08

I was in my room one day, and I started letting my imagination wandering..I've always loved Dolphins, and I thought, wouldn't it be cool if dolphins can fly? This was is titled "Angel of the Sea" (c) to me.\n

Image: dragonfaery.JPG   529x809 78410 bytes 2000.10.08

I got this concept when Trinsic wanted to make a game, and I thought "Ooo, wouldn't it be cool if I did the graphics for it!" One of the characters you could choose was to be a cute little dragon faery...We never did finish or even start that game, but I drew this anyways...With a VERY poor job coloured in the computer, on PhotoDeluxe. (c) to me.\n

Image: dragonfaery2.JPG   529x809 149411 bytes 2000.10.08

The same drawing of the Dragon Faery, but a MUCH better colouring job...When I discovered that you weren't limited to gradiant fill for backgrounds only ;) (c) to me.\n

Image: dragonflight_bw.jpg   817x634 104601 bytes 2005.07.15

I don't remember who it was...but while at Anthrocon '05, after someone had seen a dragon conbadge I had made for someone, they approached my table and told me that I should draw more dragons. \r\n\r\nActually, I've had this idea in my head for a while now, so here it is on paper ;) When it's coloured, it'll be Trinsic and I's dragon characters from Horizons. If there's one thing I've learned from playing Horizons, I've learned how to draw dragon heads much better ;) (and no, my dragon won't be purple and yellow ;) She's an ice dragon, so she'll be blue with some purple n' stuff).

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