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Image: loretta.jpg   644x814 158903 bytes 2004.11.02

This is a drawing I did for the FAX2 community on LiveJournal (furartxchange2) for Halloween :) This is Loretta, a Ki-Rin Taur :) Well, I've always been saying "I wish I can draw something different" and sure enough, this was definately different ;)

Image: watercolourgryphon2.jpg   507x659 143970 bytes 2004.10.02

A complete scanned-in version of my watercoloured gryphon :)

Image: comfychaircomic2.jpg   776x318 118776 bytes 2004.08.30

A follow-up to the first Comfy Chair Comic...Have I ever mentioned that the back of my chair leans WAY too much? does ;)

Image: comfychaircomic.jpg   769x317 113139 bytes 2004.08.29

This just goes to show how much of a WEIRD sense of humour I have ;) This comic is actually based real La-Z-Boy chair! And by the many cameo appearances me and my bean bag chair have made on AraKaraath's IAPW comic. If it's not my bean bag chair that's eating me, it's my La-Z-Boy ;)

Image: watercolourgryphon.jpg   495x704 144826 bytes 2004.08.12

I've been taking a watercolour course for the past month or so, and I really wanted to see what it would look like if I watercoloured one of my drawings (this is not the original drawing, I only transfered the image onto watercolour paper). And this is the end result. I'm quite pleased with it :)\r\n\r\nThe photo (because it was too big to scan into the scanner) does it no justice ;)

Image: nikka.jpg   504x607 111284 bytes 2004.06.22

A drawing for Nikka that I did with the furartxchange2 community on LiveJournal :) She mentioned something about plastic swords and it reminded me of that song by Sheryl Crowe...and this was the result :)

Image: jarrell.jpg   695x523 174474 bytes 2004.04.30

I call this one "Jarell's Concert" :) I did this for Jarrell and he "paid" me with a super cool panther poster! I gave him the original when I was visiting Washington DC back in October 2003 :)

Image: hippygraywolf.jpg   634x825 165372 bytes 2004.04.26

A drawing for Graywolf (Illahie) as a hippy flower-child! =D Far out, man ;)

Image: hollytrinsic2004.jpg   634x825 180562 bytes 2004.04.25

I had been wanting to draw a more recent picture of HollyAnn and Trinsic (my husband and I), because it's been forever since the last time I did so O.o I think this one turned out pretty good :)

Image: joywedding.jpg   507x660 136432 bytes 2004.04.05

A wedding gift commissioned by Cloudchaser to give to his sister's wedding :) Took two days to do this one (mostly cuz I was recovering from marker fumes). My evil scanner has unfortunately eaten up alot of the shading in the wedding dress :( I'm also starting to really like to use Chartpak AD marker blenders, it saves alot on my hand when blending colours :)

Image: rainbowlux.jpg   616x433 84205 bytes 2004.02.19

I'm my own worse critic, and I really wish that this could've turned out better than I had hoped it would. But's a Scratchcard picture of Illucian! :)

Image: christmasunicorn.jpg   818x586 171436 bytes 2003.12.20

A Christmasy picture for this year, since I missed out on last last year. I killed my hand doing the sky >.< Done in pencil crayons and markers :)

Image: ityedye.jpg   750x498 82073 bytes 2003.12.05

Yup, I jumped on the bandwagon as well ;)

Image: heavenslightsky.jpg   720x634 150991 bytes 2003.12.01

Mmm...Pretty pony! This picture was more or less an experiment. This isn't the actual original I coloured, but a copy of it. The pink clouds and the blue sky were coloured with markers (I LOVE that blue Chartpak marker!). I shaded the clouds with pencil crayons and then used the blending marker to melt them and blend them into each other...they didn't turn out too bad, I guess. It could've been works, I suppose :)

Image: mylittlesfpony.jpg   600x627 109989 bytes 2003.11.22

What do you get when you when you have a My Little Pony and a Hippogryph? You get a My Little SpiritFeatherPony! XD

Image: illahie.jpg   589x777 202844 bytes 2003.11.04

A drawing for Illahie! (aka Graywolf) :) I drew her a bookmarker a while back, and thought it would be cool to make a "matching drawing" with it too ;) I do believe that the clouds in this drawing are possibly the best I've ever done O.o The sky was done with a Charpack blue marker (which has a VERY stong scent and made me see flying cows by the time I finished colouring it!) LOL! The base colour for the vine is also marker, but done with Prismacolour brand...the rest is all pencil crayon :)

Image: zannahniuswedding.jpg   627x820 182278 bytes 2003.08.26

A wedding picture for Zannah (an arctic vixen) and Nius (a jaguar) :) Paid with My Little Ponies, I just couldn't resist :)

Image: mochaccinadress.jpg   546x789 204703 bytes 2003.07.24

This is a drawing I did in TheOwl's sketchbook...his theme is "Furry Femmes in Dresses", and I thought that I would draw Mochaccina for this one, since I hadn't drawn her in so long! I thought that I would give her a break from her raggety clothing and dress her up in a pretty pink dress :) The scanner just seems to LOVE to eat up the colours >.<

Image: cassie.jpg   586x724 146958 bytes 2003.06.17

A drawing that I did for Foxinian of Cassie the Rock Vixen :)

Image: autumngryph.jpg   660x510 126112 bytes 2003.05.15

Yet another drawing of a Gryphon...more traditional with the eagle/lion hybrid stuff. I'm planning on having a series of "season" gryphon pics, and this is the Autumn one :)

Image: bluejaygryph.jpg   660x510 109943 bytes 2003.05.15

Personally, I LOVE this drawing! It's not too often that I get to say that about my own art, but this one...I'm just very satisfied that it turned out so well :) It kinda got cut off a bit, because it's on 9x12" bristol board and my scanner doesn't scan that big of paper.

Image: sadfoxtaur.jpg   510x660 108069 bytes 2003.05.15

A sad looking foxtaur leans against an old tree stump, staring out into space. I originally "doodled" this drawing in a session on Open Canvas and had wanted to re-draw it on it is! :)

Image: lyosha.jpg   660x510 150226 bytes 2003.05.15

It's Lyosha! =D I drew this cuz I just had a "craving" for drawing gryphons one night. It didn't turn out too badly, altho my blue marker sky sucks cuz my marker died >.< This was done mostly in pencil crayon...with a marker sky :)

Image: gmpatches.jpg   634x813 158916 bytes 2003.04.12

Ah yes...the 1980s! Big hair, off-the-shoulder cut-off shirts, skin-tight jeans with holes in the knees, and it was cool to wear one big earring in one ear, and a small one in the other (it was also cool for guys to wear pink!). I did this as an art trade with Tracy Pierce of her cat Patches (of the Great gang), I had a lot of fun with it and it brought back memories of the decade :)

Image: tarisCD_small.jpg   587x455 79093 bytes 2003.03.13

This is a monochrome/grayscale drawing I did for my friend Taris Flashpaw for a music CD in which he composed all his own music and will be featured as the CD cover :) Go on! Buy one of his CD's! You know you wanna ;) Actually, I have one of his CD's and it's very beautifully written music :)

Image: hollyhatesartthieves.jpg   553x616 89161 bytes 2003.02.26

Holly doesn't like art thieves...Holly likes to thwap art thieves with an old, stale fish.

Image: serafina_narhari.jpg   558x685 149862 bytes 2003.02.12

Yay! I finished a commission! :) This is a drawing of Serafina, the white tigress, with her Liger father, Narhari...they stop for a few minutes in the hallway of their ship to chat for a bit :) Characters are their creator.

Image: unafurdancerbeanie.jpg   640x611 149561 bytes 2003.02.09

This is the last of my Beanie Uni-taur, Una Furdancer :) blue marker hates me's a conspiracy, I tell you!

Image: pantera_atraubeanie.jpg   489x496 113950 bytes 2003.02.09

Now here's something you don't see everyday...Pantera looking cute and cuddley! XD Yep, you guessed it, it's the Pantera Atra-u Beanie!

Image: hollytaurbeanie.jpg   542x478 110971 bytes 2003.02.09

This is the "foxtaur" version of the HollyAnn can just see the confused look on her face from being turned into taur...again! XD Again, the purple was PhotoShopped because my purple marker hates me >.<

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