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Image: flirtingpurplevixen.jpg   180x540 41787 bytes 2007.01.31

Flirting Purple Vixen Rose

A close-up of the purple vixen rose.

Image: flowergirl.jpg   829x1013 280432 bytes 2001.04.24

Anyone who knows me, knows I LOVE colour and psychedelic art and music...For a while, I wanted to make a colourful, and psychedelic drawing of HollyAnn. Well, this one comes as close as I can get =D It was inspired by a song called "The Rain, The Park, and Other Things" by the Cowsills, but a long time, I've only known the song as "The Flower Girl" since it doesn't mention the title of the song in the song. I got the idea of Holly dancing along to the song :) I also love bellbottoms, and I ever get to be that skinny someday, I'm buying some! She's also wearing clogs, like what I have :) Yay! I actually did the hands good in this pic too :) HollyAnn is (c) to me.

Image: FluffyTailComic.jpg   981x759 255001 bytes 2001.05.25

Sorry Eriden, I couldn't help myself! I loved XianJaguar's comic "Fluffy Tail", where Eriden fluffed Xian's tail the wrong way...It kinda sounds what Holly might do, so I thought "I wonder what would happen if Eriden and Holly had a Fluffy Tail Face-Off?" I guess THIS is what happens! NEVER try to out-fluff Holly ;) P.S. Sorry if it's big, if I shrink down anymore, you won't be able to read it =P And Eriden is (c) his player

Image: flyinggryphon.jpg   571x673 102961 bytes 2005.09.12

At MFM 2005, I hosted a colouring panel. I took one of my line-art drawings and made prints of it for people to colour. This was the one I coloured up during the panel :)

Image: foxyfennec_circle.jpg   442x431 64352 bytes 2006.07.10

A little doodle I drew up for Foxy Fennec when she came to visit me :) I made a print off of this drawing and turned the print into a sticker for her :)

Image: foxygryph.jpg   569x441 131842 bytes 2009.02.08

A drawing I did for FoxyFennec of her Fennec/Abississan (sp? LOL!) persona as a gryphon! =D

Image: foxygryphons.jpg   445x591 110873 bytes 2006.02.20

A little drawing that I thought I would get out of my head ;) HollyAnn as a fox-gryphon, flying around with Fareme, also a fox gryphon! :) Drawn on 4x3" bristol board with markers and pencil crayons.

Image: frisketponyhead.jpg   691x575 78350 bytes 2005.11.04

Um...This is a bit of an inside joke ;)\r\n\r\nY'see, I was sending Frisket a My Little Pony tail cuz she needed one and I had an extra one, and after mailing it out, I told her that the pony tail is in the mail...and how that sounded wierd n' stuff...sending pony parts in the mail XD So she was like "as long as it's not the Godfather with a pony head in a bed or something..."\r\n\r\nSo y'know, I just HAD to draw that now ;) Sorry Frisket! I hope it brings some laughs :)

Image: fufireadopt.jpg   888x1138 503285 bytes 2002.04.25

HollyAnn meets up with FurFire's Zephyr once again...I don't think he's fully recovered from being bowed and getting a make-over from the last comic I drew for Silverfox's comic ;) Zephyr is (c) Angela Beaman, HollyAnn is (c) Lisa Cotton (me) ;)

Image: furartcomic-c.JPG   830x647 559442 bytes 2001.09.18

Same as the black and white comic, only this time, it's in colour (Thanks to S@sha for colouring it for me and allowing me permission to post it here)

Image: furartcomic.jpg   830x647 258682 bytes 2001.09.16

This is just another comic I did the other day...Note: This is NOT directed at anyone. All characters are fictional, and HollyAnn belongs to me, of course ;)

Image: fuzzeh1.jpg   585x501 98963 bytes 2005.01.06

I think I've finally lost it. ROFL!! XD

Image: gallowspony.jpg   362x480 101973 bytes 2009.02.08

A drawing for Dogsoul (rantingmule on LJ) since they were my chosen one for the conbadge xchange on LJ, of their non-anthro Fjord Horse gelding, Gallows Pony.\r\n\r\nThis was fun to draw and colour! =D Very autumny :)\r\n\r\n4x3" bristol board, ink and Prismacolour marker.

Image: garid.jpg   482x751 102866 bytes 2009.02.08

I've been wanting to do a drawing of Garid for some time now, and I actually did a little doodle over on my Tegaki blog, but since I'm not used to digital stuff, and Tegaki is a little limited in shades and shading, I decided to do this in real media instead.\r\n\r\nThis is my IronClaw/JadeClaw character, Garid the Mori. Mori are a race of fanged horses, and I was trying to model Garid after a Mongolian horse, so...yeah, short horse, but a tough little sucker! And yes, Garid is Khan of all the Mori (basically, the leader of all of the Mori clans).

Image: genecw.jpg   435x640 67421 bytes 2005.08.12

Gene Catlow and CatsWhisker. I've been wanting to draw these two for AGES now! So....surprise! I hope you guys like it :)

Image: genecw2.jpg   464x670 104518 bytes 2005.08.14

Once again, for Gene and CatsWhisker...same drawing, but now it's been coloured with pencil crayons :)

Image: genocomic.jpg   645x490 163550 bytes 2002.02.16

A few months back, I heard about the Genos coming to Furcadia...I'm not really sure what the big deal is for them, but from reading some of their posts, it sounds like they don't like Furcadia that died down shortly afterwards, until I actually saw two on Furcadia today (in which I've never seen a Genos on Furc before)...They always come as male canines completely in grey, and they stood around chanting as you can read in this comic...\r\nI get the strangest ideas for comics sometimes ;)

Image: ghosttiger.jpg   493x748 192980 bytes 2001.12.13

Yay! It's Ghost Tiger! I drew this for him cuz he wanted to see what he looked like in "HollyAnn style" :) I'm glad he likes it :) It's nice to be able to draw digigrade legs again too...I've been drawing hyooman legs lately, mostly for comics and stuff O.o

Image: gmpatches.jpg   634x813 158916 bytes 2003.04.12

Ah yes...the 1980s! Big hair, off-the-shoulder cut-off shirts, skin-tight jeans with holes in the knees, and it was cool to wear one big earring in one ear, and a small one in the other (it was also cool for guys to wear pink!). I did this as an art trade with Tracy Pierce of her cat Patches (of the Great gang), I had a lot of fun with it and it brought back memories of the decade :)

Image: goat.JPG   702x1013 162326 bytes 2000.10.08

After drawing nothing but Canines and Felines for a while, I wanted to do something really different...So I drew a Mountain Goat...Titled "Twin Axe Warrior" (c) to me\n

Image: goatwalk.gif   200x406 194711 bytes 2000.10.08

This was actually my second attempt at animation (the first one being HollyJump.gif) I wanted to see if it was hard animating a Furry with Furry legs, or toe walkers, or with the reversed knee, or however you call those kinds of legs...Hmm..Let's call them "non-hyooman" legs ;) Turned out pretty good, I'm very proud of it :) (c) to me\n

Image: gobi.jpg   575x616 161017 bytes 2001.08.24

It's Gobi! This was part of an art trade I did with him...What's Gobi you ask? He's a Guiness! What's a Guiness? Erm...Uh....Lookit Gobi ;) Gobi is (c) his creator

Image: goldenwings.JPG   635x1078 190424 bytes 2000.10.08

It's Holly again! And she's got a pair of new Golden Wings! Many thanks to Trinsic for giving her a pair of wings for Furcadia :) This one I coloured in PhotoDeluxe, and turned out pretty good :) HollyAnn is (c) to me.\n

Image: goodmorningyellowvixen.jpg   180x540 53764 bytes 2007.01.31

Good Morning Yellow Vixen Rose

A close-up on the yellow vixen rose.

Image: gookyface.jpg   353x518 39287 bytes 2006.07.22

Just a random silly gooky face XD

Image: gotmilk.jpg   875x669 125194 bytes 2000.10.24

This is kind of a comical one, and sort of an inside joke ;) I was talking to Albaster one night, and he mentioned that he was eating a can of condensed milk, which I thought was pretty gross =D Then, he started chasing me around the place with the stuff! So I drew a pic of it ;) Albaster is (c) to his player, HollyAnn is (c) to me.\n

Image: greenbunny.jpg   452x597 84106 bytes 2006.07.18

And, here's the last of my mono-chromatic drawings - a green bunny, offering a piece of mint chocolate chip cheesecake :) Done completely with different shades of green marker, with a touch of white for the eye and smile and grey for the shading, and a bit of silver metallic marker for the ear clasps.

Image: grief.jpg   681x632 159278 bytes 2001.02.06

This is my latest drawing of Mochaccina, since it's been nearly 3 years since I've last drawn her =P After her come-back on Furcadia, I decided to draw someting sad about her, since her past is pretty sad and nightmare-ish...Her adoptive father dies while saving her life, and here, it shows Mocha, still grieving over the loss of her father. She even tied his hankerchief around the tombstone, since she can't read or write on it, to let others know who's burried there. Mochaccina is (c) to me :)

Image: griffen.jpg   521x651 107288 bytes 2000.10.08

I was telling my brother, "Wouldn't it be cool if Furcadia had mythical characters that you can choose from, like Griffens and stuff?" This was a drawing to hopefully help promote it, but only remained a drawing. Grif is (c) to me.\n

Image: griffox.jpg   823x635 174602 bytes 2001.01.31

A few months back (Sept. 2000), I had an Colouring Contest to colour a picture of Pantera...Only two people entered: Albaster and Ozone Griffox. Ozone won the colouring contest, and the prize was to have his character drawn by me :) He also told me to leave it uncoloured, since (of course) he's going to colour it in ;) Ozone is (c) his player. Why not take a look at some of the work Ozone's done at :)

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