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Image: rosering_bw.jpg   634x734 111574 bytes 2002.04.23

A Black and White line-art version of my drawing "Rose Ring" which features HollyAnn :) This line-art drawing will hopefully be featured in the CACE (Canadian Anthro and Cartooning Expo) con book this year :) I'll be having a coloured version of this draiwng soon :)

Image: roxanne.JPG   924x830 161474 bytes 2000.10.08

This was a drawing request I did for Roxanne of Furcadia :) (c) her player\n

Image: rulers.JPG   676x514 186180 bytes 2000.10.08

This was another study on Taurs, this time, they're Winged Unicorn Taurs. Jalin has the original :) (c) to me.\n

Image: sadfoxtaur.jpg   510x660 108069 bytes 2003.05.15

A sad looking foxtaur leans against an old tree stump, staring out into space. I originally "doodled" this drawing in a session on Open Canvas and had wanted to re-draw it on it is! :)

Image: sandy.jpg   380x656 145760 bytes 2002.03.18

Growing up, we had a dog named Sandy. We never really knew what kind of dog he was, altho he looked kinda like a Norwich Terrier or a Norfolk Terrier...but he still looked slightly different from them :) He was a cool dog, and he lived to be 18 years old. I thought that I would draw him, as a furry, in rememberance of him. He was just a small dog, but when it came to defending his family and territory, he was VERY protective :)

Image: sarahwerewolf.jpg   370x512 70620 bytes 2009.02.08

Vodkaandtomatojuice (from DA) was my chosen one of the Furry Artcard community on LJ for this month :)\r\n\r\nDone with gouache, on a 3.5 x 2.5" hotpress watercolour paper.

Image: saratar.jpg   551x731 99757 bytes 2000.10.08

Saratar was one of the first Furries I met in Furcadia, and for the longest of times, I hadn't seen him there...Until just recently, I met up with him again :) He'll be getting the original to this soon. (c) his player\n

Image: sasha.jpg   429x523 248179 bytes 2000.10.08

This is my friend S@sha, who's also an awesome Furry Artist from Ottawa :) I drew this one of her and her Furcadian husband, Angelo (also from Ottawa). Shortly after I drew this, they broke up and went their own separate ways =P S@sha is (c) her player, and Angelo is (c) to his player\n

Image: seahorse.jpg   482x715 93173 bytes 2006.08.08

It's a seahorse! Get it? XD\r\n\r\nOk, bad puns aside, this one was fun to draw :) 6x4" bristol board, Prismacolour markers with a white pencil crayon for highlights (and bubbles too!)

Image: serafina_narhari.jpg   558x685 149862 bytes 2003.02.12

Yay! I finished a commission! :) This is a drawing of Serafina, the white tigress, with her Liger father, Narhari...they stop for a few minutes in the hallway of their ship to chat for a bit :) Characters are their creator.

Image: sfpyellowsub.jpg   779x627 186553 bytes 2002.09.04

What happens when you get a Beatlemaniac hippogryph to get her own starring roll on "Yellow Submarine"? You have SpiritFeatherPony with cool psychedelic flowers! And...a hidden cat ;)

Image: shutaro.jpg   592x679 70083 bytes 2000.10.08

This is my good friend Shutaro Mendou, who's a samari wolf. I thought it'd be a challenge for me to draw him, since I've never drawn a samari before :) (c) his player :)\n

Image: sigall.jpg   551x761 92671 bytes 2000.10.08

This was a request I did for Sigall, my first Equine/Unicorn drawing in the Furry Artist business ;) (c) her player\n

Image: silverbrook.JPG   623x926 270924 bytes 2000.10.08

This was a drawing request from Typhoid, to draw a picture of his Furcadian (and RL girlfriend) Silverbook :) (c) her player\n

Image: Silverfox.jpg   1043x841 207073 bytes 2001.03.21

I've known Silverfox since nearly the day she came to Furcadia..I think that was around 1998 or so..Maybe earlier than that...Anyways! She's awesome Furry artist as well, and she even drew HollyAnn :) It's only taken me this long to redo the favour and draw Silverfox :) That's Savrin in the background, one of her characters :) If you know Silverfox, you'll even notice the "R'ela'h" name...That's because when she, my brother and I were on Furcadia, she became part of the R'ela'h family :) And that's why she's known today as Silverfox R'ela'h or a slight variation :) Silverfox and Savrin are (c) to Silver's player :)

Image: silverfoxportrait.jpg   634x825 113691 bytes 2006.05.03

Silverfox had sent me her sketchbook so I could bring it to Anthrocon and get a bunch of people to draw in it...but I figured that while I had it, I might as well do a little doodling in it ;) So I tried a portrait of her fursona. The scan, unfortunately, does it no justice, as it the machine seems to like eating colours and details =P Nevertheless, I'm happy as to how this turned out :)\r\n\r\nInked, coloured with Touch and Prismacolour markers, and Prismacolour pencils.

Image: silvertail.jpg   1316x872 263347 bytes 2001.05.09

I met Silvertail on Yiffnet once and he was looking for an artist to draw him :) I was more than happy to, since his furry self is different from what I'm used to :) He's a long-haired labrador :) Silvertail is (c) his player

Image: silverwuff_heather.jpg   634x796 157034 bytes 2005.11.19

Another commission done! This is SilverWuff and Heather :) I think I am getting better at colouring skies...This drawing looks soooooo much nicer in person...

Image: SkaterComic.jpg   910x710 252291 bytes 2001.06.19

Another little comic I did...Seems like everywhere I go, I seem to see lots of teens dressed like this: the baggy pants with the crotch to the can they run and not trip over them?! I talked to my brother about that before, and he's like "Too bad we couldn't go over to them and just pull their pants down! It looks like it wouldn't be that hard to do too! So, rather than doing it in real-life, I thought I'd put it on paper instead ;) At least we know the skater kitty loves his mom ;) Holly is (c) to me and Rif is (c) to my brother.

Image: sleepingbluevixen.jpg   180x540 44585 bytes 2007.01.31

Sleeping Blue Vixen Rose

A close-up of the blue vixen rose.

Image: slyfox.jpg   558x704 148358 bytes 2001.05.19

Image: smile.JPG   661x751 124127 bytes 2000.10.08

This was just a little doodle I did of HollyAnn :) (c) to me\n

Image: snowleopardgryphclouds.jpg   629x417 108934 bytes 2007.03.12

Just a random snow leopard gryphon, flying throughout some fluffy clouds :)\r\n6x4" bristol board; Prismacolour markers and pencils.

Image: snowleopardmermaid.jpg   480x710 95995 bytes 2006.08.06

I was inspired from my last mermaid (Mer-vixen) that I decided to give another go at another one...this one is a snow leopard/dolphin mermaid :) 6x4" bristol board, with Prismacolour markers, white pencil and Galaxy marker.

Image: snowmanxmas.jpg   679x634 165915 bytes 2001.11.30

MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE! Okees, yes, I love Christmas ;) But I was also kinda tired of always seeing a sexy fem dressed in skin-tight santa suit on FurBid, and I wanted to do my own version of a Christmas picture. It shows my dog (in Canada) Mocha (a jack russell/beagle mix), and our dog here, Otter (a Newfoundland), as puppies, and they're playfully making a snowman before they have to go to sleep...guess they better hurry up, you-know-who is on the way! This was also an attempt to try colour things in a dark-related scene...I think I'm getting better...I think O.o

Image: spider.JPG   469x613 122513 bytes 2000.10.08

Poor Trinny! He's terrified of spiders! It's HollyAnn to the rescue! =D Trinsic (c) his player HollyAnn (c) to me\n

Image: squishedpennyholly.jpg   330x556 77011 bytes 2005.09.22

One of my hobbies to collect squished pennies! I whipped this one up on PhotoShop (so no, it's not a real squished penny), just to see what a HollyAnn squished penny might look like :)

Image: starofwonder.jpg   612x824 156170 bytes 2004.12.01

And here's my 2nd Christmas picture :) I really wanted to do something Christian-related, and here it is :)\r\n\r\nI started out inking it and thought "Wow! This is going turn out cool!" and then I made the horrible mistake of colouring the sky and grass FIRST! Never ever do that again (mental note) because it put blue flakes all over the character and the star But in the end, I'm glad it turned out good :)\r\n\r\nShort description of the drawing: an anthro border collie shepard, along with two of his flock, witness the Star of Bethlehem.\r\n\r\nMerry Christmas everyone :)

Image: starvixen.jpg   623x545 210488 bytes 2001.08.24

This is an art trade I've done with StarVixen (who's also here on VCL). She asked me to draw her riding a horse, so here it is! My first non-anthro horse in years! =D StarVixen is (c) her player

Image: sunflowerartcard.jpg   457x633 100720 bytes 2009.02.08

rainoubliette was my chosen one for the Furry Artcard Xchange community on LJ. I'm so sorry it's late, this was supposed to have been done in October >.<\r\n\r\nI think it turned out good though :)\r\n\r\n2.5 x 3.5" artcard, Prisamcolour markers and Micron pen.

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