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Image: bard1.jpg   300x570 40400 bytes 2007.07.25


Always dreamt of having a webcom of my own... I plan the plot if I get bored... made a hasty sketch of how one of the main characters might look.

Tags: bard fox scoundrel comic female  
Image: fighter.jpg   300x570 49794 bytes 2007.07.25


Yet another unnamed character for my imaginery webcomic. She looks crap, I know. >^.^<\r\n\r\nIf I actually do make a webcomic, I will make proper reference sheets for all of the characters. But the idea will be the same: a grim, beefy warrior chick

Tags: canine fighter warrior sword female ponytail comic  
Image: lmaok.JPG   570x799 50507 bytes 2007.07.05

Alone in the Night

Well, I generally try to bring something to the picture to give it a twist; ergo it wouldn't simply be classified as yiffy. :> Not too sure if I got it right with this one. Ugh, and I hated shading this one. I tried a realistic shading, but she became only a mere silhouette, so I had to go with this one... Maybe there's another lightsource, a lantern, perhaps.\r\nThe picture itself is a north-eurasian wolf, no idea if they have a specific name. We call 'em wolves. She's a bit lonely (I know, I know, lone wolf clichee @_@).

Tags: wolf night alone  
Image: rokek.JPG   800x570 51290 bytes 2007.07.05

Blue-tinted husky

One of the infamous "just a..." pictures. Gave him/her a nice blueish tint. Some of the brush-strokes are very visible and when I get more handy with digital media I'm hoping to get rid of those.

Tags: husky  
Image: werewolf.jpg   1000x1000 156296 bytes 2008.12.11


A rather classic take on the werewolf.

Tags: werewolf wolf crouching  
Image: xdp.JPG   570x800 59572 bytes 2007.07.05

Desert Kiss

Heh, I had some difficulties with the poses and anatomy. I should really practise drawing nude bodies more. '-.-'\r\nBasically a lion and a zebra sharing a night. Nothing groundbreaking.

Tags: zebra lion desert  

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