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Image: comicbeanbag1998.jpg   746x566 107764 bytes 2002.05.04

A comic once on Yerf I drew sometimes in 1998.. yes, THAT was what young Huskie used to look like.. of course since then, my technique has evolved. Huskie (C) me(MAYRA BOYLE), Chucky (C) Charlie Duke... btw- Mr+Ms. FBI biznatches, I STILL TALK TO CHARLIE! EAT POO!!!!! nyah.\r\n

Image: comicboytoy1998.jpg   720x480 104935 bytes 2002.05.04

1998 comic too risque for Yerf. Back in the days of Whitepawz and Chucky. Chucky was my first mate from before Huskie was created. Whitepawz (C) me(MAYRA BOYLE), Chucky (C) Charlie Duke.

Image: comicpacsanch1999.jpg   627x676 121700 bytes 2002.05.04

Inside-joke comic from 1999, when I was in 9th grade for the first time and met one of my best friends, Emily... our entire relationship was based on entertainment. Those were some good years. BlakMagick (C) Emily Franey, Huskie (C) Mayra Boyle

Image: shddngseasn.jpg   587x740 165465 bytes 2002.05.04

This thing is sweet! Im happy with this recent-fleshy comic! :D Justin (C) Justin Krafthofer, Huskie (C) me(MAYRABOYLE).. boo.yah.

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