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Image: ri020202.jpg   419x445 40990 bytes 2002.02.02

Riley, also markered with the prismacolors. The white background is ON PURPOSE. Why is it white you ask then? to emphasize the contrast. By the way, the blue writing above my siggy adn below her name says "Part-time Waitress" because she works at Iced Illusions after school sometimes.

Image: ri020502.jpg   224x342 37532 bytes 2002.02.08

re-upload of a cropped file. don't really like the picture much anymore, bu i spent too much time on the bg tio just toss it, so here it is.

Image: ri030402.jpg   274x359 64771 bytes 2002.03.04

lala..doodle of Riley...Riley is©Icalia..

Image: ri122001.jpg   350x503 237139 bytes 2002.01.03

This is Riley, the more main of characters, cause she's just so darn fun to draw? Doncha want to pinch those furry purple cheeks of hers? *nearly get's fingers bitten off* Well, perhaps not. ^^;

Image: ri122501.jpg   157x205 41036 bytes 2002.01.03

Little tiny tablet drawn picture of lines! Took a while to get this picture just right. And since there are no copyright credits on the image, I'll just tell ya she belongs to me.

Image: rib020202.jpg   200x200 25857 bytes 2002.02.03

Little tablet doodle of Riley. I like her lips, and the way her hair looks. May use this style of coloring more often now. Riley©Icalia

Image: sa022302.jpg   400x601 98320 bytes 2002.02.24

Wa Sachiko(Sachiko Wa, written in the english style) playing DDR. REALLY dark picture. Anyway, Sachiko is my new character. Shwe's a spotted cat/bat. I really like this character, though she's a pain to CG with all those spots, so I ned up just using burn and highlight to do it. Oi, I'm lazy. ANYway, nowmI know not to use a dark background. And if you're having problems viewing this picture, turn up the brightness on your moniter all the way.

Image: ta122301.jpg   470x614 205783 bytes 2002.01.03

Todesengel, my robotic Echidna who heads up Iced Illusions, the artist's hut in town. For more about his background, go visit his profile on my website. In adition to this, he can generate fire with that there robotic arm, just so ya know. ^.~

Image: to012602.jpg   282x288 19054 bytes 2002.01.26

Smallt ablet picture of Todesengel. He looks totally bummed. Turn up the brightness on your moniter is it's too dark :) He's drinking some sort os alchohal. Almost made his robotic arm a paw, which would've been stuped.

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