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Image: jay.gif   669x629 80653 bytes 2005.10.10

There was this guy I met at a bar, his name is Jay. He likes dogs and he's really awesome and he has an orange shirt.\r\nHe told me today he needed a pick me up, and since I haven't drawn anything in like, weeks (I'm busy raising Ferris the terrorist-geek night elf on Earthen ring to maturity) I decided to draw him a picture of a labernese.\r\n\r\nLabernese are dogs that MIRA "invented" because they combine the best traits from Bernese Mountain dogs and Labs to better help the disabled. Anyways, they're big and black and really hairy. I like them already.\r\n\r\nImage (c) Icewolf 2005

Image: flag_logo.gif   227x160 12587 bytes 2005.09.14

Commission for LusciousWolfess on Wolfhome.\r\n\r\nShe wanted a wolf flying around on the US flag-- think Alladin and his magic carpet :P\r\n\r\nLusciousWolfess (c) herself\r\nImage (c) Icewolf 2005

Image: wailing_logo.gif   126x240 11525 bytes 2005.09.13

Commission for Lonewolf14 on Wolfhome.\r\n\r\nHe wanted to rock out with Kurt Cobain's signature guitar. the tshirt has his personal logo on it-- though you need a bigger image to see it clearly.\r\n\r\nYou can tell I'm not a total fucktard on account that his amp is a Peavy, and those rock hardcore.\r\n\r\nThis would have cost you $5.\r\n\r\nGive me your money.\r\n\r\nImage (c) Icewolf 2005

Image: drunk_moonlight.gif   130x228 12032 bytes 2005.09.13

Art trade for MoonlightTigress on Wolfhome.\r\nShe wanted to be drunk and dancing (she'll be doing one of the same for me, though I havent seen it yet).\r\n\r\nI see this a lot at clubs.\r\n\r\nAnatomy reference brought to you by Somedude (aslo from WH) because I made him move all his stuff and pose for me on his webcam. Dude has an awful lot of stereo equipment...\r\n\r\nImage (c) Icewolf 2005

Image: WHHowl.gif   138x230 19004 bytes 2005.09.10

Another pay-only pose.\r\n\r\nObviously, this is the howl pose. \r\n\r\nEmail me for details about buying the right to use it in graphic chat programs. \r\n\r\nImage (c) Icewolf 2005

Image: WHLay.gif   235x141 10777 bytes 2005.09.10

Another addition to my pay-only pose set. \r\n\r\nTo keep track of them, the pose set includes the black wolves with the rainbow crap on them.\r\n\r\nOf course, I'll recolor them to the buyer's colors... I saved the grayscale under another file :P\r\n\r\nImage (c) Icewolf 2005

Image: whsit1.gif   163x200 11962 bytes 2005.09.09

I'm doing a pose set for Wolfhome (or any other graphic chat for that matter).\r\n\r\nThis is one of the images from it. Of course, the colors are 100% customisable (I can either sell the grayscale version with no colors whatsoever except the fur texture and the shadows, or I can sell a fully-colored and shaded version).\r\nThis is an example of my coloring ability-- the rainbow stuff is a bit funky and I only put it on there because it looked wierd.\r\n\r\nAnd we all know how much Icewolf LOVES attention...\r\n\r\nImage (c) Icewolf 2005

Image: sit_logo.gif   117x160 7806 bytes 2005.09.08

Recolored older image for a personal WH pose.\r\n\r\nImage (c) Icewolf 2005

Image: SG1_logo.gif   162x170 10159 bytes 2005.09.08

Koz (that's the boyfriend, for those who don't know yet) found a better way.\r\n\r\nGradiants and faded text are far more annoying to take off!\r\n\r\nThis is/was going to be a commission for SGraywolf on WH, but he hasn't paid me for it yet. \r\n\r\nSG (c) himself\r\nImage (c) Icewolf 2005

Image: punk.gif   120x240 7455 bytes 2005.09.08

Recolored old image for a personal WH pose.\r\n\r\nRemember kiddies, Simple Plan is NOT punk. It's garbage.\r\n\r\nImage (c) Icewolf 2005

Image: Nox_logo.gif   154x160 7232 bytes 2005.09.08

Recolored an older image of NocturnalRebirth for his use on WH.\r\n\r\nThe red text is there simply to discourage art theft. If it's pissing you off, it's working.\r\n\r\nNox aka NocturnalRebirth (c) Himself\r\nImage (c) Icewolf 2005

Image: Kirazi_angry.gif   109x240 9341 bytes 2005.09.08

WH pose for Kirazi, stemming from our mutual inability to understand the logic of WH politics and policies.\r\n\r\nKirazi (c) herself\r\nImage (c) Icewolf 2005

Image: JaSB.gif   117x240 8279 bytes 2005.09.08

If you're wondering why my recent poses have my name written across them and it angers you because you wanted to save the image and then modify it to your character's likeness, that's exactly why I'm doing it.\r\n\r\nThese WH poses (and other earlier ones I forgot to do it to-- basically, anything that has been COLORED) are NOT free unless stated otherwise. Some of them are commissions for other people, others are friends' requests and a few others are pay-only poses. Essentially, they're not made for the general public.\r\n\r\nSo, cough up the dough and the red text goes away-- sounds good?\r\n\r\nImage (c) Icewolf 2005

Image: howl_logo.gif   177x160 8055 bytes 2005.09.08

WH pose version of Howl, which can also be seen early in this very gallery.\r\n\r\nImage (c) Icewolf 2005

Image: EZcheez.gif   165x160 7009 bytes 2005.09.08

WH pose done for Kirazi.\r\n\r\nShe's got spray cheese, because it rocks hardcore.\r\n\r\nKirazi (c) herself\r\nImage (c) Icewolf 2005

Image: martini1.gif   179x188 10102 bytes 2005.09.08

I do pose commissions for WH.\r\n\r\nI r teh art wh0r3.\r\n\r\nImage (c) Icewolf 2005, yadda yadda.\r\n\r\nDo not alter (unless you're gonna pay me for it), etc. Pose commish inquires? Send an email to wolfbird at gmail dot com to have all your questions answered.

Image: wolfreak_paddle.jpg   830x500 69620 bytes 2005.09.05

I asked Wolfreak what color he was, and he said he didn't know.\r\nI suggested he send a pic of himself in real life and I'd use swatches to color his anthro'ed wolf self.\r\n\r\nI tired to give him a look that no one else had (not an easy task these days!) and I kinda like the way he came out.\r\n\r\nI think I'll have to do something about the lightest brown though-- it jumps out too much. But I'll save it for another day since overall I think he came out pretty well.\r\n\r\nWolfreak (c) himself\r\nImage (c) Icewolf 2005

Image: raven_caller.jpg   800x730 63447 bytes 2005.09.05

I spent like a million hours doing this. Well, actually it was probably closer to like 6 in total, but meh.\r\n\r\nI'm reading a book called "The Way of the Shaman" and it's so incredibly inspiring. \r\n\r\nKirazi suggested the smokey-spirit raven because after all that work on the body and wings I couldnt figure out what to put in my hands.\r\n\r\nImade (c) Icewolf 2005

Image: grey_fox_freebie_L.gif   140x100 5110 bytes 2005.09.03

Cutesy little grey fox pose for WH use only.\r\n\r\nDone for Tear on WH, but I figured I'd let other grey foxed profit from it (if there ARe any...) because she said no one else did one.\r\n\r\nImage (c) Icewolf 2005

Image: BeekinByIcewolf_colored.jpg   1000x639 49176 bytes 2005.08.28

Trying to go for a more shiny look.\r\n\r\nEver since learning how to make wolves look like brand new cars (thanks, Wolfhome...), I think I've learned a whole lot more about highlights.\r\n\r\nI guess a little good comes from all evil XD\r\n\r\nAs stated, Beekin (no, not the Furcadia one!) is wholey himself, but image by Icewolf :P

Image: Ajit2.gif   500x652 71909 bytes 2005.08.23

Commission for K. Christie.\r\n\r\nSUPREMELY for her use only.\r\n\r\nAjit (c) Kitti Chirstie\r\nImage by Icewolf (with my new logo! Omfg!)\r\n

Image: wolfhome_airplane.gif   180x159 7258 bytes 2005.08.23

Retarded custom joke pose I only put up to see if it would get accepted.\r\nThere are like NO shades on the white parts.\r\n\r\nYet it's the first pose they DIDN'T reject on those same grounds.\r\n\r\nUm.. I'm not going to say anything at this point.\r\n\r\nImage () Icewolf 2005

Image: wolfhome_tux_left.gif   96x240 9624 bytes 2005.08.23

Another one of my personal WH poses. Again, onyl fer me :P\r\n\r\nImage (c) Icewolf 2005

Image: lupey_left.gif   220x118 11691 bytes 2005.08.23

Custom WH pose for Lupey. Yup, no stealin'.\r\n\r\nLupey (c) himself\r\nImage (c) Icewolf 2005

Image: kirazi_nachos_L.gif   230x113 7131 bytes 2005.08.23

Custom pose for Kirzi on Wolfhome.\r\nNo modifications permitted.\r\n\r\nImage (c) Icewolf 2005

Image: icewolflay_left.gif   235x127 12913 bytes 2005.08.23

Custom (that means YOU can't use it/modify it/etc) Wh pose.\r\nMade to go with Lupey's pose where he's eating a stick.\r\n\r\nImage (c) Icewolf 2005

Image: freebie3.gif   250x81 2155 bytes 2005.08.23

For all you geek-wolves out there, I give you this.\r\n\r\nWH freebie. Ask if you can use it elsewhere first.\r\n\r\nImage (c) Icewolf 2005

Image: freebie6.gif   225x300 16293 bytes 2005.08.23

Made to go with the male one.\r\n\r\nSame rules... and all that jazz.\r\n\r\nImage (c) Icewolf 2005

Image: freebie5.gif   233x300 19499 bytes 2005.08.23

WH freebie-- made to go with either another pose like itself (but flipped over) or with the female version.\r\n\r\nSame rules for usage apply.\r\n\r\nImage (c) Icewolf 2005

Image: freebie4.gif   110x350 12175 bytes 2005.08.23

Female counterpart of the tirbal-style WH freebie.\r\n\r\nDitto for usage, baby. Read the rest of the descriptions.\r\n\r\nImage(c) Icewolf 2005

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