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Image: Dox_part_deux_print.jpg   756x601 123071 bytes 2007.06.24


Stan's this guy from my WoW guild who's totally 1337. \r\n\r\nI used a tablet almost exclusively for this (the original sketch was done one the back of scrap paper at work). smudge tool, I love you so. \r\n\r\nBefore you flip out, I'm going to say flat out that the guns were litterally traced over. The silver one's a cropped version of Hellsing's gun, and the Jericho was 'made famous' from being Spike's gun in Cowboy Beebop (well, at least that's where I knwo it from... I'm sure the gun's well-known for other reasons than just being in an anime). Stan likes guns, but I know nothing about them, so he sent a few images to my email and didnt seem to disappointed where I cheaped out.\r\n\r\nImage (c) Icewolf 2007\r\nCharacter (c) Stan Wozniak

Tags: Dragon, blue dragon, guns  
Image: dragon.gif   600x449 130522 bytes 2005.10.28

We have already established that I more-or-less know how to highlight and shade furry things, but I still don't know jack about shading mooth-skinned beasts.\r\n\r\nThis dude is my guinea pig. Yeah, it's the same dude as in dragons.jpg. Kirazi Moondreamer came up with their colors, and I really like the way they look. I'll draw the female again later, mebbe.\r\n\r\nImage (c) Icewolf 2005

Image: dragon_chicks.jpg   963x1396 210943 bytes 2003.04.03

So they're chicks that like chicks...\r\n\r\nImage Icewolf 2003

Image: dragonface.jpg   400x820 72526 bytes 2005.12.10

Yeah.\r\n\r\nImade (c) Icewolf 2005

Image: dragonorb.jpg   589x568 104904 bytes 2002.03.28

Don't you think this would make a crazy ass sexy & beautiful, but overly painful, tatoo? My friend says he wants it on his back... wow. but its copyright me, of course, as always, so if you want it all you have to do is email me, ok??? Maybe I'll be nice to you... mwa ha ha ha.

Image: dragons.jpg   800x553 95704 bytes 2005.10.28

Cheezy shot of two dragon mates.\r\n\r\nUnrealistic sunsets FTW!!~1\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n

Image: Drawing_Porn_at_Work_by_Wolfbird.jpg   700x554 83190 bytes 2007.12.06

Drawing Porn at Work

This never happens, mainly because I don't do it.\r\n\r\nWell, I do, but never anything obvious. The trick is to draw stuff on different pages. And add the wankers later at home.\r\n\r\nThe more you know.

Tags: Icewolf, winged wolf, horse  
Image: drown.jpg   600x818 65886 bytes 2005.07.21

So close yet so far.\r\n\r\nImage (c) Icewolf 2005

Image: Drunk_L.gif   177x160 11446 bytes 2005.08.23

Pose for myself on Wolfhome.\r\n\r\nNo stealing (though the users Kirazi-- who is green, Lupey-- who is brown and NocturnalRebirth-- who looks just like me are allowed to use it).\r\n\r\npwned.\r\n\r\nImage (c) Icewolf 2005

Image: drunk_moonlight.gif   130x228 12032 bytes 2005.09.13

Art trade for MoonlightTigress on Wolfhome.\r\nShe wanted to be drunk and dancing (she'll be doing one of the same for me, though I havent seen it yet).\r\n\r\nI see this a lot at clubs.\r\n\r\nAnatomy reference brought to you by Somedude (aslo from WH) because I made him move all his stuff and pose for me on his webcam. Dude has an awful lot of stereo equipment...\r\n\r\nImage (c) Icewolf 2005

Image: Drunken_Avi.gif   496x627 106550 bytes 2002.04.03

Lol... Poisson!!!!\r\nFor all of those who don't speak French, you're fucked on this inside joke.\r\nIcewolf is (c) me and Ocean's Cry is (c) Avi

Image: dynamite.gif   129x240 5021 bytes 2005.08.23

Another WH pose.\r\n\r\n'Tis mine, but it's in the theme of Napoleon Dynamite (for those of you who live under a rock and don't get it).\r\n\r\nInsipred by Napoleon, image by Icewolf.

Image: eee!.gif   600x439 25354 bytes 2003.06.17

Went out Monday night.\r\nHad fun monday night.\r\nCame back early Tuesday morning.\r\nWHOA! That was a lot of fun!!!\r\n\r\nImage Icewolf 2003

Image: embrace.gif   543x600 37299 bytes 2003.04.25

Ah...\r\nyoung luff\r\n\r\nImage Icewolf 2003

Image: evilstar.gif   513x579 59809 bytes 2002.04.07

Stargazer lashes out at men worldwide. I don't hate men (I'm anti-feminist-- shut up, bitches!!!), but i felt like this on st-v's day. overly pissed off.\r\nStargazer (c) me and so is Random Werewolf #342

Image: EZcheez.gif   165x160 7009 bytes 2005.09.08

WH pose done for Kirazi.\r\n\r\nShe's got spray cheese, because it rocks hardcore.\r\n\r\nKirazi (c) herself\r\nImage (c) Icewolf 2005

Image: face_value.gif   338x400 29688 bytes 2003.06.14

If you don't take things at face value, you'll be disappointed with the majority of the world.\r\n\r\nImage Icewolf 2003

Image: fathers_day.jpg   588x435 44576 bytes 2005.06.18

My daddy likes wolves, and since they're the only thing I can draw well, I made him a picture for father's day.\r\n\r\nThe original isn't colored though-- I framed the pencil image and I'll print the colored one out at my parents' place and he can switch them if he wants.\r\n\r\nImage (c) Icewolf 2005\r\nReference image (c) Tamra Brennan (you can see the original at

Image: Felina.jpg   506x739 74692 bytes 2003.03.06

THIS WERE ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1\r\nOMG she's soooooooo cool!\r\nLove you, Li! You're the best werecheetah EVA!\r\n\r\nImage Icewolf, wereside Feline

Image: firespinner.gif   800x558 135972 bytes 2005.10.30

I went to see a Rockey Horror show last night. While in line, there were some dudes in fishnets and bondage gear running through the traffic twirling flaming staves. \r\n\r\nI fucking love this city.\r\n\r\nOnly in Montreal will you see men in lingerie in temperatures appoaching freezing.

Image: first_solo.gif   451x600 63814 bytes 2003.08.20

After you solo for the first time, they pour water on you with a bucket.\r\nI got sick the first week so they didnt let me fly then. so naturally I was the last to solo. To celebrate my FINALLY going they put ice cubes in the water bucket... \r\nAnwyays, this is Justin the Papillon and Mike the Lion. Mike was my instructor, and i made sure to get him good and wet when I hugged him shortly afterwards. Hehehe!\r\nImage Icewolf 2003

Image: flag_logo.gif   227x160 12587 bytes 2005.09.14

Commission for LusciousWolfess on Wolfhome.\r\n\r\nShe wanted a wolf flying around on the US flag-- think Alladin and his magic carpet :P\r\n\r\nLusciousWolfess (c) herself\r\nImage (c) Icewolf 2005

Image: flash1.jpg   800x1021 124422 bytes 2007.11.07

Small, chubby wolf-pear

Same deal, only me.\r\n\r\n

Tags: Icewolf, winged wolf  
Image: flash2.jpg   800x934 117474 bytes 2007.11.07

Small, chubby dragon-pear

I want to learn flash. \r\n\r\nI figured I'd start small and use things that are easy to animate. This looks like it fits the bill just fine. \r\n\r\nKoz said, "Why doesn't it have arms?" when he saw it. Fucker.

Tags: Koz, dragon  
Image: fly2.gif   600x401 26345 bytes 2003.09.21

Look out below.\r\n\r\nImage Icewolf 2003\r\n\r\nps, my last words will probably be "look what I can do!"

Image: foster_mom.jpg   421x602 25705 bytes 2003.03.06

That dog was so UGLY! OMG...\r\nWe were fostering this ugly little mean Boston Terrier for a while b/c the SPCA wanted to put him down and we just couldn't stomache that. But he kept making this annoying snorting noise whenever he breathed hard. when I first saw him in my basement his is what happened.\r\nAnyways, he' living with some cool ppl in this real froo-froo neighbourhood now. He's happy :P\r\n\r\nImage Icewolf 2003

Image: freak_on_a_leash.jpg   700x649 98492 bytes 2005.07.21

I'm extremely proud of this image. I drew it at work between calls (yeah, I do custom service and I don't really like it). \r\n\r\nFucking cigarettes. They are my leash and I am their bitch.\r\n\r\nImage (c) Icewolf 2005

Image: freebie1.gif   250x155 4280 bytes 2005.08.23

WH freebie.\r\nPlease don't use it elesewhere without ASKING me first (i'll say yes-- I promise, I just like to know who is using them and where).\r\n\r\nImage (c) Icewolf 2005

Image: freebie2.gif   127x240 5172 bytes 2005.08.23

Another free WH pose.\r\n\r\nSame rules apply-- if you want to use it elsewhere, please ask first.\r\n\r\nImage (c) Icewolf 2005

Image: freebie3.gif   250x81 2155 bytes 2005.08.23

For all you geek-wolves out there, I give you this.\r\n\r\nWH freebie. Ask if you can use it elsewhere first.\r\n\r\nImage (c) Icewolf 2005

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