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Image: can_i_touch_your_wolf.gif   437x600 36355 bytes 2003.09.24

ah, the joys of working with men...\r\nThank you Ali, for making me hate you. BTW, thats a french fry maker I'm working with... lol.\r\n\r\nImage Icewolf 2003

Image: still_havent_crashed.gif   600x423 69279 bytes 2003.09.22

I take a playful jab at Hans. Based on an acual conversation the night before (but we were at his place and not on an airfield... I just like flightsuits).\r\n\r\nImage Icewolf 2003 and Hans-Eric himself

Image: wtf.jpg   494x600 23106 bytes 2003.09.21

thank you, Dave, for that wonderful bit of artwork you contributed!\r\n\r\nImage Icewolf, but the murderous crooked airplanes are all Dave's.

Image: stand.jpg   600x546 32738 bytes 2003.09.21

Me. Standing.\r\nYeah.\r\n\r\nImage Icewolf 2003

Image: fly2.gif   600x401 26345 bytes 2003.09.21

Look out below.\r\n\r\nImage Icewolf 2003\r\n\r\nps, my last words will probably be "look what I can do!"

Image: why.jpg   487x600 50071 bytes 2003.08.25

I was suposed ot fly solo that day, but it was too bloody windy.\r\nNote the 90 degree 15 knot + crosswind off of runway 24. Yeesh, the max our little birds can handle is 12 knots 90 off the pipe...\r\n\r\nImage Icewolf 2003

Image: transponder.gif   481x600 49009 bytes 2003.08.25

I was flying solo in C-GLRX, our new plane, and I couldnt for the life of me find the transponder! I later found it (just before I gave up and left) behind the copilot's yoke. It was added later on in the aircraft, and at my height in the pilot's seat you're at the wrong angle and you can't see it. But before I found it, I called up the UNICOM at Cedars and asked dispatch, "Cedars UNICOM, this is Lima Romeo X-Ray... um, where is my transponder?" and Phil told me back "I dont know, its your plane. YOU find it!".\r\nWhen I came back in he asked me about it and I just wanted to smack him...\r\n\r\nImage Icewolf 2003

Image: sami.gif   480x600 57651 bytes 2003.08.25

Sami asked me to draw him as an animal just before the course ended.\r\nHe liked how it turned out, I think. He sure seemed happy enough.\r\n\r\nImage Icewolf 2003, Sami himself

Image: pilot.gif   600x479 30867 bytes 2003.08.25

Fuck yeah.\r\n\r\nImage Icewolf 2003

Image: hockey.gif   600x362 52666 bytes 2003.08.25

This is what we did for 7 weeks.\r\nPlayed hockey on PS2.\r\nYay for technology.\r\n\r\nImage Icewolf 2003

Image: gay.jpg   351x600 31536 bytes 2003.08.25

My vain attempt to educate the people at Cedars Airport.\r\nEvery three seconds, one of them would say, "this is so gay!" or "you're a faggot!"\r\nChrist, have some decency and get with the 21st century. Gay is okay. Geeze.\r\n\r\nImage Icewolf 2003

Image: 121.5.gif   534x600 43055 bytes 2003.08.25

121.5 is the international distress frequency. Like, "mayday mayday mayday, GYAT GYAT GYAT, engine failure 6.5 miles west of CSS3, attmepting to land in a field" sort of thing. You do NOT transmit on this frequency unless bad shit happens, m'kay?\r\nAfter I got my plane back form Danny, I didnt notice he had left it on 121.5. so I did about 4 circuits on the distress frequency before some irate tower guy tells me, "STOP CALLING ON 121.5.". Oops.\r\nI drew this later that day, and Danny was like, "what's this about?". and I told him.\r\nYeah, I also had it on 121.5 for my flight test (which I got 91% on!). But I dont think my examiner cared much b/c he didnt really say anything about it to Mike. Phew!\r\n\r\nImage Icewolf 2003

Image: stencil_ice.gif   600x557 31344 bytes 2003.08.20

Meh\r\nImage Icewolf 2003

Image: first_solo.gif   451x600 63814 bytes 2003.08.20

After you solo for the first time, they pour water on you with a bucket.\r\nI got sick the first week so they didnt let me fly then. so naturally I was the last to solo. To celebrate my FINALLY going they put ice cubes in the water bucket... \r\nAnwyays, this is Justin the Papillon and Mike the Lion. Mike was my instructor, and i made sure to get him good and wet when I hugged him shortly afterwards. Hehehe!\r\nImage Icewolf 2003

Image: photograph_of_you.gif   569x305 90404 bytes 2003.08.20

I took a photograph or you\r\nThe innocence of just we two\r\n\r\nLyrics Sugar Ray\r\nImage Icewolf 2003

Image: melancoly.gif   539x600 33384 bytes 2003.08.20

He just always looks sad. I dont know why-- he's beautiful.\r\nImage Icewolf 2003

Image: logo_new.gif   600x493 33350 bytes 2003.08.20

New logo concept.\r\nPossible tattoo.\r\nImage and design Icewolf & Shadowhunter 2003

Image: gray.gif   508x600 40504 bytes 2003.08.20

Commission by my best mate, GH.\r\n\r\nImage Icewolf & GH 2003

Image: mauser.gif   535x600 54855 bytes 2003.08.20

I found this thing crawling around a Rammstein mosh pit.\r\nDon't steal it. \r\nHis name shall be Mauser, and he will be mine.\r\nImage Icewolf 2003\r\n\r\n

Image: pitot_tube.gif   600x434 47761 bytes 2003.08.20

She was really sucking on my stall horn, but its more interesting this way.\r\nA stall horn is a whistle on the leading edge of an airfoil. As the stall angle approaches, the relative airfoil changes in such a way that it moves backwards, ceases to produce enough lift to keep the aircraft airborn and creates a negative pressure area. This negative pressure will cause a familiar EEEEEEEEE as a warning, enticing you to lower the aircraft's nose.\r\nWee, rocks to be a pilot.\r\nImage Icewolf, Arielle and Mike themselves

Image: RARGH.jpg   530x600 57070 bytes 2003.08.20

Drew this during groundschool (ha, I knew how to read Terminal Area forecats anyways!) this summer.\r\nMitch saw this and said, "Is she screaming b/c she's in pain cuz of those pierced nipples?" Uh, no Mitch. I was just mad that day, and there wasn't a whole lot I could do about it.\r\nImage Icewolf 2003

Image: seth.gif   393x600 69710 bytes 2003.06.24

Must be National Draw Your Friends in the Nude/in their Underwear Week (as White Wolf the other day and Seth tonight demonstrate).\r\nBoxers are hard to draw.\r\n\r\nImage Icewolf 2003, Seth himself

Image: dire.gif   507x600 46397 bytes 2003.06.24

apparently Sam is not black anymore-- he's a whiteboy now *laughs*\r\nMakes ya think of Michael Jackson, don't it?\r\n\r\nImage Icewolf 2003

Image: punk_rock_princess.gif   498x600 39164 bytes 2003.06.24

Like my tongue ring?\r\nI really, really, really like this picture...\r\n\r\nImage Icewolf 2003\r\n

Image: let_me_SLEEP.gif   471x600 52786 bytes 2003.06.22

I was over at Li's tonight with Meagan and Melanie (Adam was supposed to be there, too, but he was a no-show). \r\nMel looked SO tired and just wanted to sleep. And her mom got lost on her way to come pick her up. LOL\r\n\r\nImage Icewolf, Li and Mel their respective selves

Image: white_wolf.gif   480x600 48893 bytes 2003.06.21

thk T W$ "RW R Fd$" Td.\r\nhtTg wtH Wht w֣f, f th FR$t wʧ 'V vʮ mT m td. g, b֮M $TK dw hM.\r\nhΧ ʧ R R⣣ p$d T b -bl, T tH m gR$H g tHR $vG $. dT KW Wh, T W$...\r\n\r\nMg W֣f 2003, wht Wlf hm$lf\r\n\r\n\r\nps, thank you to for the lamerization of this text.

Image: ol_seadog.gif   600x301 25960 bytes 2003.06.21

I was talking to an old frioend on MSN and I got bored so I drew him!\r\n\r\nImage Icewolf 2003, Ol' Seadog himself

Image: the_usual_suspects.gif   499x600 33021 bytes 2003.06.19

Choices choices...\r\n\r\nImage Icewolf 2003

Image: get_off_of_my_back.gif   600x435 29547 bytes 2003.06.19

You know that crazed look a caged animal gets in its eyes when you poke it with a stick long enough?\r\n\r\nImage Icewolf 2003

Image: up_wid_da_punx!.gif   470x600 48169 bytes 2003.06.18

that guy from AIM (Victor's monster or something... lol) both mutually agree that we don't like posers.\r\nPosers suck and are just interested in mo' money for da hunny! or some capitalist bullshit like that.\r\nScrew you!\r\n\r\nImage Icewolf, wasp thingie Victor's monster

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