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Image: cadet_trumpet.jpg   638x819 74993 bytes 2002.04.25

My squadron is going to the 2002 music competitions and i don't even need to see the other cadets; attempts at a pathetic music presentation.\r\nOur choreograhpy kicks ass and Lachapelle (seen here in the foreground) is one of the best trumpeters I've ever heard. I don't really knew who is behind him, one of the other trumpeters, no doubt (J-F??). I wanted to draw a trombone to put Philipe in, but i didn't know what one looked like and there was a lack of trombone pictures in my 2nd period english class. I was going to put a paper clip in his hands as a joke (since these two are French and a paper clip is called atrombone in French due to the similarity), but it looked REALLY wierd and no one would have gottne the joke.\r\nOh, well, enjoy anyway ;P\r\n\r\nart is copyright Icewolf 2002, and the wolves coptright their respective "players".

Image: spectacle_in_the_sky.jpg   637x825 66381 bytes 2002.04.25

No, i dont' know what they are looking at... the moon maybe? an airplane? my ex flying (or crashing) his glider???\r\nwho could tell....\r\nyes, it IS done in pink pen. I had nothign else, OK?!\r\n\r\nart Icewolf 2002

Image: Ice_breaker.jpg   638x819 66031 bytes 2002.04.25

*so sorry for the bad scan-- it was done on comp paper and reallyu isn't that smudgy and nasty in RL!*\r\n\r\nHe'll melt your heart with his flame, but then he'll burn you for ever caring for him. He's an Ice breaker, and breaker of my heart.\r\n\r\nimage Icewolf 2002

Image: redwolf.jpg   637x681 42265 bytes 2002.04.23

I know this must look like Goldie to some of you die-hard werewolf fiends-- but it ain't! Goldie is a girl ;P\r\nanyway, i'm trying out a new medium-- crappy 10 year old paints in the shapes of hockey pucks! Wow, this shit is fun. let me know if this is better than what else I've been punchin' out.\r\nRedwolf is in need of a better name!!!! Tell me and I'll give the copyright to you!!\r\n\r\nbut i guess he's Icewolf for now...

Image: savethechickens.jpg   403x744 43708 bytes 2002.04.23

Why do people eat chickens? Or any animal for that matter? I feel sorry for all those to incompassioante to see that animals are living, thinking, feeling creatures. I am a vegetarian werewolf, ypu, the whole therianthropy thing and all, and I am proud of it. \r\nIf this picture inspires JUST ONE person to think twice before eating one of my friends, my task has been accomplished.\r\nAnimals are beautiful creatures-- I hope we can all learn how to live in peace some day.\r\n\r\ncopyrights on the pic.

Image: yetanotherwerewolf.jpg   367x768 43952 bytes 2002.04.16

it's meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee\r\nwell, it were me if i could shift... i'm under there somewhere, somewhere underneath all the felt and papier mache and the stolen folders that were the base of that mask (shh, dont tell my mom, she was wondering where theyall went...). ya, I'm gonna redo it later, maybe.....\r\nIcewolf Icewolf

Image: whitefire.jpg   514x857 66847 bytes 2002.04.16

I came up with this while looking at a French coyote magasinbe i bought the other day for 50 cents. i was thinking about how beautiful both yotes and deer are, and yesterday's discussion about my "tofulope" (tofu with antkers, much like a jackolope) made me think this crazy shit up. is this someone's pheno? i would like to know b/c I'll be drawing more of him and maybe give some lucky coyotelope a free commission...\r\nwell, whitefore is Icewolf until then...

Image: icecry.jpg   512x630 83552 bytes 2002.04.13

Done a while ago during some emotional trauma in my life. Worst part was, I didn't know, and still don't, know what was wrong. I guess it was just one of those weeks. The original title of this was "World Falls Apart" but i was too stupid to put it as a filename and now I'm stuck with 17 filenames starting with "i" and they're drinving me nuts!!!!! Icewolf Icwolf.. duh........

Image: evilstar.gif   513x579 59809 bytes 2002.04.07

Stargazer lashes out at men worldwide. I don't hate men (I'm anti-feminist-- shut up, bitches!!!), but i felt like this on st-v's day. overly pissed off.\r\nStargazer (c) me and so is Random Werewolf #342

Image: savior.gif   565x689 126031 bytes 2002.04.06

They are those who are always there for their friends and want nothing in return. You are the saviors, and when life is bleak, we turn to you. I hope you'll always be there for us in our times in need.\r\nDedicated to someone who means more to me than i can ever say on paper; hope this helps anyways. He knows who he is ;P\r\nIcewolf and the German Night Wolf (c) Icewolf and that special someone.

Image: starandthorn.gif   462x544 104430 bytes 2002.04.06

Another throwback from my RPG days. The white werewolf, Stargazer used to be my old char in Yahoo! chat rooms. I was rider_of_the_blue_dragon. huh-huh. no, i don't *ride* dragons...\r\nYes, that blue dude is the same one as the guy with the nipple rings.\r\nStargazer and Thorn (c) Icewolf 2002

Image: Drunken_Avi.gif   496x627 106550 bytes 2002.04.03

Lol... Poisson!!!!\r\nFor all of those who don't speak French, you're fucked on this inside joke.\r\nIcewolf is (c) me and Ocean's Cry is (c) Avi

Image: lupe.gif   330x400 50239 bytes 2002.03.31

Oh, yeah... funky wolf-dude in Egyptian armour. Yes, his wings ARE made out of metal. Ever seen the kiddie show "Mummies Alive"? The inspiration for the costume came from there. Noble Werewolf is (c) Icewolf 2002

Image: dragonorb.jpg   589x568 104904 bytes 2002.03.28

Don't you think this would make a crazy ass sexy & beautiful, but overly painful, tatoo? My friend says he wants it on his back... wow. but its copyright me, of course, as always, so if you want it all you have to do is email me, ok??? Maybe I'll be nice to you... mwa ha ha ha.

Image: frelasdragon.jpg   405x557 117186 bytes 2002.03.28

Ya! Rock on... my *first*, even if it was half-assed, attempt at digital art. I originally drew this in cheapo pencil crayons, but it loks really nasty. I drew it at some aerospatial course last summer, so it cheesed me off royally there was nothing I could do to fix it up before I got home a few weeks later. So, in reality, this isn't *real* digital art-- just me trying to cover up a botch job on the coloring. This was done with a few of the options on my Photosuite 4 paint program. I'm still trying to leech a pirated copy of Adobe off my buddies. Dragon_Sollitaire is (c) Alex and the art's (c) Icewolf

Image: thorn.jpg   640x862 117944 bytes 2002.03.26

This is a throwback from my RPG days. My character was some white werewolf that rode around on the back of a mute blue dragon (ooh, give me points for originality!!!). Thorn, the dragon, is in his anthro-form, proudly displaying his pride and joy-- his washboard stomache and his oh-so-sexy nipple rings. No, he's not gay. I like those. I did this in ecomonmics with a click pencil on yellowed-with age paper my teacher supplied for me. Had he known I drew all class instead of learning what mortgages were, I'm sure he wouldn't have given it to me. Man, that was bitch paper to work with. It took me forever to clean it up on Photosuite 4 and tint the colors. Thorn is (c) Icewolf 2002, but you can use the nipple-ring idea if you really want to, I guess...

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