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Image: flowirweb.jpg   404x700 51943 bytes 2006.03.11

This is the herm character that me and my boyfriend made. Hir name is Flowir she is green in the summer and white in the winter. She is a tiger, with I guess color issues........but oh well.......And thus forth if any one is interested in commisions email me. This character is Ikara.

Image: hwanandflowirweb.jpg   500x469 53120 bytes 2006.04.06

Hwan and his herm Flowir. Flowir is so cute, this is her winter coat, as apose to her green summer coat. Hwan doesn't change colors, he is a germanshepard mutt. and he is gay, but he makes an exception for herms. He had a rough life tho. Flowir looks like she doesn't like hirself to much, but Hwan loves her alot. The blanket lost all green in it I guess. These are my characters as well, do not steal them.

Image: ikaradoctachiiweb.jpg   500x445 67232 bytes 2006.04.06

This was a really mean joke to my boyfriend since he wanted to make a new name which was BYOdoc but I just call him doc, and he said that it wasn't a character and I told, him that it was too bad, and drew this. After I drew him with Tachii, Ikara and Isis. All characters are copywritten to Diane, you take them or their intellectual names and you will be in trouble. As well interested in commisions email me. I realized that Doc's hair looked a little like Jonesy form 6teen.............

Image: isisweb.jpg   357x500 39095 bytes 2006.04.06

This is Isis. She is a starnge purple spoted, huskey....maybe she is part dalmation or something. She is best in greens, so that is why she is wearing green panties. I was gonna do a series of my girls holding the same colored fruits, in paties with certain words. She is holding a plum!! and as always do not take the character or you die. Since she is copywritted to me!

Image: myfirsttaurweb.jpg   419x500 45242 bytes 2006.04.06

This is my first draing of a taur....I personally don't like the back feet...but my boyfriend like them. the colors are really bright on here, but I think it looks fine...better in real life tho. anyway if you want to talk about commisions or even just talk email me.

Image: tachiifixed.jpg   700x861 91314 bytes 2006.03.11

This is a picture of my boyfriend's character Tachii, we created him together as well. He is looking rather unimpressed, and unarosed, because I'm not in the picture! Anyway, This is his winter coat, his summer is brown, I like the summer coat better. As well once again for commisions email me. This character is Ikara and Tachii. Do not use picture or anyother picture without permission, and do not use the character without permission.

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