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Image: vampcat.jpg   323x513 37729 bytes 2002.12.04

vampire cat girl character fer a comic i'm doing fer furbid Oooo she needs a cool outfit though x.x and a name hehe well whatever i name her she's (c) Ileah Olson

Image: dragonorb2.jpg   425x540 55588 bytes 2002.12.04

got bored at school and drew this ooo had it on furbid but no buys on well i still think it's cool :3

Image: newtiera.jpg   299x652 73038 bytes 2002.12.04

Tiera's new look, she was looking too much like her evil version Tyra and thought a costume change would be nice. so tada hehe Tiera (c) Ileah Olson

Image: protect.jpg   521x714 275228 bytes 2002.12.04

lotta work in this one. Demeka Tapail and Tiera together with a shadowed background of my comic's main villians :P hope more to come from this. Demeka Tapail (c) Kris Tiera is (c) Ileah Olson

Image: sleep.jpg   351x574 139246 bytes 2002.12.04

a peaceful moment as Tiera sleeps with Demeka Tapail keeping watch. i love the gentle little things he's doing like his wing and tail. I draw so much bette when happy Demeka Tapail is (c) Kris U. Tiera is (c) Ileah olson ooo me ^_^

Image: matiera.jpg   440x353 61624 bytes 2002.12.04

hurray i got my art tablet on my computer to work and did this with it Oooooo :3 so spiffy. gonna have a lotta fun with this thing hehe Tiera is (c) Ileah Olson

Image: tigressicon.gif   48x49 3606 bytes 2002.10.18

hehe icon for my sis Tigress munching on a cookie mmm cookie hehe Tigress is (c) my lil sis and her player

Image: aimicon.gif   48x49 1402 bytes 2002.10.18

aim icon i made fer myself, oooo hehe Tiera is of course (c) Ileah Olson

Image: rainy.jpg   605x487 76054 bytes 2002.10.02

sometimes certain music has a habit of bringing around old memories both happy and sad. Maybe i should listen to something else ^^; well tiera sad or not is (c) Ileah Olson

Image: tigress.gif   77x95 1494 bytes 2002.10.02

hehe made another moving gif from scratch, this time it's Tigress my lil sister's character awww isn't she cute hehe Well Tigress is (c) my lil sis of course hehe

Image: tigressfairy.jpg   324x413 24058 bytes 2002.09.28

a quick drawing of my sis's character as a fairy. lil tigress fairy hehe Tigress is (c) my lil sis

Image: tiera4.jpg   238x278 28113 bytes 2002.09.23

a fun lil pic i did of tiera then colored with gel pens Oooo hehe Tiera is (c) Ileah Olson

Image: tigress2.jpg   348x479 100661 bytes 2002.09.18

a nice pic i did of my sister's character Tigress and colored with prisma color markers :P oooo hehe tigress is (c) my lil sis and her player

Image: chesire.jpg   395x539 82338 bytes 2002.09.18

Tigress' evil side named chasire, like how this came out. having fun with my prisma color markers Ooooo Chesire (c) my lil sis and her player

Image: hfight.jpg   425x524 79543 bytes 2002.08.23

Was reading a new book i got on manga drawings and fighting and drew this afterwards. Looks nice :P Guess hector won't be going back the nightmare island anytime soon hehe. Hector is (c) Ileah Olson

Image: dragonroar.jpg   333x444 116153 bytes 2002.08.20

fun with tie-dyed paper and milky pens again. this time a cool looking dragon arched back in a roar. artwork is (c) ileah olson

Image: zebrapegasus.jpg   392x486 65485 bytes 2002.08.04

a flying zebra i drew and used my new markers i got fer my b-day :P looks nice hehe.

Image: gera2.jpg   406x542 63975 bytes 2002.08.04

My last guardian i made, Gera the jerbowa. her element is sand. Gera is (c) Ileah Olson

Image: crias.gif   121x155 2167 bytes 2002.08.03

a moving gif of my black guardian Crias, his element is wind. Crias is (c) Ileah Olson

Image: nogard.gif   55x108 3300 bytes 2002.08.03

nogard gif i made, nogard is my green guardian. Nogard is (c) Ileah Olson

Image: foxyread.jpg   382x499 71794 bytes 2002.08.03

just a fox sitting reading a book, a full pencil pic. looks cute came out okay. just a random fox thing hehe enjoy

Image: tiera.gif   82x115 10496 bytes 2002.08.01

the first gif i ever made it's tiera ^_^ ooo 3 hours worth of work came out really nice fer a first try i'd say hehe. Tiera's element is water. Tiera is (c) Ileah Olson

Image: elgae.gif   97x139 3108 bytes 2002.08.01

a gif i made of my white guardian Elgae, his element is ice. Elgae is (c) Ileah olson

Image: kat.gif   79x132 2366 bytes 2002.08.01

a katherin gif i made :P ooo only three hours to make each of these from scratch x.x but they turn out nicely. :P Katherin is (c) Ileah Olson

Image: dtiera2.jpg   299x437 41507 bytes 2002.07.31

realized i didn't upload this old pic of Tyra, Tiera's evil half. was from an oooold fan fic i wrote called 'Mirror image' hehe well Tyra is (c) Ileah Olson

Image: seabreeze.jpg   424x517 44892 bytes 2002.07.27

Tiera's dragon Sea Breeze once i redesigned him, looks cooler this way :P hehe. Sea Breeze is (c) Ileah Olson

Image: tiesbfly.jpg   513x651 146109 bytes 2002.07.27

a nice drawing of Tiera and her dragon Sea breeze enjoying a nice flight (before he was killed) I redesigned him and he looks cooler now don't ya think? :P both Tiera and Sea Breeze are (c) Ileah Olson

Image: tieshocked.jpg   389x498 88134 bytes 2002.07.23

trying another style here with Tiera being shocked at something, came out nice :P Tiera is (c) Ileah Olson, hey that's me! :D hehe

Image: dkpet.jpg   486x685 97647 bytes 2002.07.23

Dark K with a chained Dark Tapail pet hehe ^^; hope Kris likes. Dark Tapail (c) Kris U. Dark K (c) Ileah Olson

Image: dtcatmfight.jpg   460x578 68140 bytes 2002.07.23

just some random Demeka tapail fighting off a large cat monster to get tiera from it's clutches hehe :P so i'm sappy i'm happy :P hehe Demeka Tapail is (c) Kris U. Tiera is (c) Ileah Olson

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