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Image: revlis.jpg   358x431 43572 bytes 2001.08.22

a new character i made up Oooo cool, real original name *l* silver backwards, but i get a bunch of names fer my characters that was *shrugs* revlis is (c) Ileah olson

Image: hdos.jpg   437x578 118345 bytes 2001.08.21

a ink and color pencil pic of my digimon dosamon, this one didn't come out that well x.x eep. dosamon is (c) Ileah olson

Image: hcrias.jpg   353x399 66009 bytes 2001.08.21

a ink and color pencil pic of my character crias the iguana. came out pretty nice Crias is (c) Ileah olson

Image: nrd.jpg   524x424 59699 bytes 2001.08.21

my character RD redesigned, one of my fav characters form my comic, though he does have some serious hard times. RD is (c) Ileah olson

Image: contaral2.jpg   311x456 69020 bytes 2001.08.17

a second pic of contaral since i didn't quite get him right the first time ^^; hehe Contaral (c) his player

Image: contaral.jpg   364x622 83710 bytes 2001.08.17

a pic request for contaral, peace to all hehe contaral (c) his player

Image: comix.jpg   307x527 75102 bytes 2001.08.17

my first pic of comix. comix (c) his player

Image: cally.jpg   249x515 37416 bytes 2001.08.17

a quick doodle of cally hehe Cally (c) Kris updike

Image: bloodfang.jpg   422x600 93181 bytes 2001.08.17

a pic request of BloodFang, old pic hehe Bloodfang is (c) his player

Image: orana.jpg   249x520 39313 bytes 2001.08.14

a new character i made up, a black cat thing hehe Orana is (c) Ileah olson

Image: furself.jpg   489x526 71704 bytes 2001.08.14

a furself pic of me Aaaagghhh run away it's a furry ileah *l* ^^;; scary isn't it? Ileah is (c) let me think, ileah olson, me *l*

Image: bite3.jpg   558x668 118919 bytes 2001.08.14

a bit more aggressive vampiric pic of Demaka tapail and Tiera Demeka tapail is (c) kris updike Tiera is (c) Ileah olson

Image: bite2.jpg   461x633 114900 bytes 2001.08.14

another vamp pic of Demeka Tapail and Tiera together Ooooooo hehe Tiera is (c) Ileah olson Demeka tapail is (c) kris updike

Image: flirty.jpg   323x620 58838 bytes 2001.08.14

tiera looking a bit flirty hehe ^^; oh well Tiera is (c) Ileah olson

Image: tiesit2.jpg   312x430 38171 bytes 2001.08.14

tiera just sitting around aaw hehe Tiera is (c) Ileah olson

Image: drc4.jpg   379x480 66791 bytes 2001.08.14

the only one in my dragon clan to have name, probably she's the coolest of them hehe she's Kariassa and she's (c) Ileah olson me :P

Image: drc3.jpg   442x587 85044 bytes 2001.08.14

a centaur type dragon fer my clan, she doesn't have a name either *l*

Image: drc2.jpg   544x695 91353 bytes 2001.08.14

another of my dragon clan, he has no name either ^^; gotta sit down and come up with names for them sometime hehe

Image: drc1.jpg   439x563 58542 bytes 2001.08.14

first character for a dragon clan i'm making up fer my comic. some i'll use and others i just doodle with. he has no name yet

Image: dtfurtie3.jpg   393x430 60663 bytes 2001.08.05

Demeka Tapail and fur tiera in a lil kinky play hehe ^^;;; oh well don't see me complaining Tiera is (c) Ileah olson Demaka tapail is (c) kris updike

Image: dtform.jpg   306x409 51068 bytes 2001.08.05

playing around with Demeka Tapail's species hehe, instead of a cat/echidna vamp he's i guess a wolf/leopard cross hehe Demeka Tapail is (c) kris updike

Image: dtdragons.jpg   477x422 55016 bytes 2001.08.05

a cute pic of salamon Dt and some fairy dragons around her. ^_^ isn't it cute? hehe Salamon DT (c) Kris updike

Image: dtbite4.jpg   258x443 49835 bytes 2001.08.05

another vampire pic of Demeka Tapail taking a sip of blood from Tiera hehe you can probably tell i got a thing fer vamps ^^;; Demeka tapail is (c) Kris Updike Tiera is (c) Ileah olson

Image: dtbite.jpg   437x495 61982 bytes 2001.08.05

Demeka Tapail helping himself to a bit of Tiera's blood, Oooo vampire hehe ^^; Demeka Tapail is (c) kris updike Tiera is (c) Ileah olson

Image: dostag.jpg   263x380 46442 bytes 2001.08.05

my digimon Dosamon holding his digidestine's tag and crest, the crest of soul. Isn't he cuuuute hehe Dosamon (c) me

Image: demtaptie2.jpg   346x533 93155 bytes 2001.08.05

a marker colored pic of Demeka Tapail and Tiera, demeka Tapail enjoying a quick drink hehe ;P Tiera is (c) Ileah olson Demeka Tapail is (c) Kris Updike

Image: demtaptie.jpg   513x837 62735 bytes 2001.08.05

Image: darkk.jpg   535x691 120108 bytes 2001.08.05

the main vilian form my fanfics, Dark K aka dark kaymen. Evil echidna. Dark K is (c) Ileah olson

Image: bptiedt.jpg   324x442 53996 bytes 2001.08.05

my first pic on black paper just Demeka Tapail and Tiera at night enjoying a quiet moment. Demeka Tapail is (c) Kris Updike Tiera is (c) Ileah olson

Image: bptiedance.jpg   333x457 106880 bytes 2001.08.05

another pic on black paper this one of tiera dancing at night ^_^; though in the buff, got the idea from one of my fav comic books ElfQuest, find it, READ it it's great! :P Tiera is (c) Ileah olson

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