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Image: petal.jpg   328x513 89208 bytes 2001.06.21

my butterfly character petal, oooold character who was gonna be in my stories but got scrapped. did a recent pic of her and colored it ^^ came out nice. petal is (c) me :P

Image: pink.jpg   474x801 128891 bytes 2001.12.09

a pink lion....what? hehe Doesn't have a name, sides 'pink' and can't seem to figure out why ppl keep looking at him strangely. never the less 'pink' is (c) to ileah olson

Image: price.jpg   338x479 85421 bytes 2001.04.29

Tiera makes herself pay a price fer a horrible crime. owie ;_; tiera is (c) me

Image: prokat.jpg   315x463 48479 bytes 2001.06.12

a more detailed pic of kat looked pissed (as always) katherin is (c) me

Image: protect.jpg   521x714 275228 bytes 2002.12.04

lotta work in this one. Demeka Tapail and Tiera together with a shadowed background of my comic's main villians :P hope more to come from this. Demeka Tapail (c) Kris Tiera is (c) Ileah Olson

Image: protie.jpg   287x456 39783 bytes 2001.07.15

Tiera in a more detailed pic, came out very nice ^^ Tiera (c) me

Image: pudding.jpg   493x533 71828 bytes 2002.02.03

PUDDING!!! *l* i was watching to much anime with my sis and this came up fer some reason hehe, well it's too cute, even fer me *lol* ultra happy Tiera (c) Ileah Olson hehe

Image: puddingfight.jpg   540x658 97228 bytes 2002.02.04

hehe another pudding thing, this time Tiera and her sis Tigress fighting over a pudding. hehe silly, but cute *l* Tigress (c) her player my sis ^_^ Tiera (c) Ileah Olson hehe

Image: puddingfightl.jpg   483x577 96634 bytes 2002.02.17

the pudding fight pic colored hehe Pudding! *l* Tiera is (c) ileah olson and tigresss is (c) her player my sis :P

Image: rabbit.jpg   319x589 23932 bytes 2001.10.17

Image: rain.jpg   348x439 66436 bytes 2001.04.19

A new dragon I drew while bored and colored in a rainforest type mood, came out cool :P Rain is (C) me

Image: rainbell.jpg   496x672 181252 bytes 2001.11.10

Image: rainbellwc.jpg   637x870 290909 bytes 2001.11.10

Image: rainy.jpg   605x487 76054 bytes 2002.10.02

sometimes certain music has a habit of bringing around old memories both happy and sad. Maybe i should listen to something else ^^; well tiera sad or not is (c) Ileah Olson

Image: randypet.jpg   785x1128 141687 bytes 2006.07.19

did a random pic fer my friend randy, had fun coloring the wings and playing with the shading with the colored pencils. came out nice over all i think. Randy is (c) his player

Image: RD.jpg   305x462 66093 bytes 2001.06.21

RD in color, an ooold pic. should do a more recent one. RD is (c) me

Image: rd2.jpg   253x411 44157 bytes 2001.06.21

RD standing around with the scars of his failure. RD is (c) me

Image: rdkneel.jpg   566x569 78572 bytes 2002.02.23

the new RD just sitting around n stuff, gonna color this later on :P RD is (c) Ileah Olson

Image: rdwc.jpg   520x427 91644 bytes 2001.11.12

my pic of the new look of RD color with watercolors :P rd is (c) Ileah olson

Image: rebecca.jpg   258x493 45650 bytes 2002.03.21

Tiera's mother Rebecca redesigned shown here holding baby tiera as she snoozes, for those of you who don't know tiera is part wild fox and wolf, he mother is a wild fox. cool huh? :P Rebecca is (c) Ileah Olson

Image: reci.jpg   415x483 104856 bytes 2001.06.21

a pic i did while online once with my ballpoint pen, oooo came out nice :P Reci is (c) herself

Image: revlis.jpg   358x431 43572 bytes 2001.08.22

a new character i made up Oooo cool, real original name *l* silver backwards, but i get a bunch of names fer my characters that was *shrugs* revlis is (c) Ileah olson

Image: rhiancuddle.jpg   416x373 70009 bytes 2001.06.21

Rhiannon just giving randy a lil hug. Rhiannon (c) me Randy (c) himself

Image: rhianeos.jpg   227x470 26294 bytes 2001.06.21

Rhiannon in her new outfit, this pic took a while to do but worth it ^^ came out nice. Rhiannon is (c) me

Image: rhianfox.jpg   427x564 79944 bytes 2001.11.14

Image: rhiangrin.jpg   347x573 60432 bytes 2001.10.10

Rhiannon being showy hehe Rhiannon is (c) Ileah olson

Image: rhiankneel.jpg   421x455 44157 bytes 2001.06.21

Rhiannon ready to do some serious harm to someone, run away! don't piss this girl off. Rhiannon her tough self is (c) me

Image: rhiantiger.jpg   288x480 43307 bytes 2001.06.21

Rhiannon with her basic 'Don't mess with me' look hehe. did this at work while bored one day. came out nice so i scaned it ^^ Rhiannon is (c) me

Image: rhitign.jpg   368x630 88658 bytes 2001.06.21

rhiannon looking a lil more placid while creating an energy orb. Rhian is (c) me

Image: richter.jpg   660x805 126377 bytes 2001.06.21

a pic request for richter, gonna color this someday. Richter is (c) himself

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