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Image: rhianeos.jpg   227x470 26294 bytes 2001.06.21

Rhiannon in her new outfit, this pic took a while to do but worth it ^^ came out nice. Rhiannon is (c) me

Image: rhiancuddle.jpg   416x373 70009 bytes 2001.06.21

Rhiannon just giving randy a lil hug. Rhiannon (c) me Randy (c) himself

Image: rhiantiger.jpg   288x480 43307 bytes 2001.06.21

Rhiannon with her basic 'Don't mess with me' look hehe. did this at work while bored one day. came out nice so i scaned it ^^ Rhiannon is (c) me

Image: rhitign.jpg   368x630 88658 bytes 2001.06.21

rhiannon looking a lil more placid while creating an energy orb. Rhian is (c) me

Image: rhiankneel.jpg   421x455 44157 bytes 2001.06.21

Rhiannon ready to do some serious harm to someone, run away! don't piss this girl off. Rhiannon her tough self is (c) me

Image: reci.jpg   415x483 104856 bytes 2001.06.21

a pic i did while online once with my ballpoint pen, oooo came out nice :P Reci is (c) herself

Image: rd2.jpg   253x411 44157 bytes 2001.06.21

RD standing around with the scars of his failure. RD is (c) me

Image: RD.jpg   305x462 66093 bytes 2001.06.21

RD in color, an ooold pic. should do a more recent one. RD is (c) me

Image: petal.jpg   328x513 89208 bytes 2001.06.21

my butterfly character petal, oooold character who was gonna be in my stories but got scrapped. did a recent pic of her and colored it ^^ came out nice. petal is (c) me :P

Image: otter.jpg   199x437 19418 bytes 2001.06.21

some otter girl i made up *shrugs* no name for her. she's (c) me

Image: ncrias.jpg   364x484 82303 bytes 2001.06.19

Crias the black guardian os tiamat. hadn't drawn him in so long did a modern pic of him in a new outfit and colored it, looks really cool ^_^ Crias is (c) me

Image: contest.jpg   460x616 200124 bytes 2001.06.19

hehe a staring contest of my brother and a potato. hehe Sindow is (c) himself

Image: omlets.jpg   357x428 67846 bytes 2001.06.19

a joke about my brother's omlets, do not eat! *l* sindow is (c) himself and Tiera is (c) me

Image: nighten.jpg   366x477 59343 bytes 2001.06.19

a demon character i made up named nighten. Oooooo creepy hehe nighten is (c) me

Image: mixmon.jpg   346x445 44324 bytes 2001.06.19

a digimon i made up byt parts of other digimon. just something done from boredom. Mixmon is (c) me

Image: mimipillow.jpg   455x309 48923 bytes 2001.06.19

mimi relaxing on a fluffy pillow.

Image: mertiedt2.jpg   314x438 56070 bytes 2001.06.17

mertiera and Demeka tapail getting close ^_^ nice lil nip hehe Demeka tapail is (c) kris :P Tiera is (c) her player, me! hehe

Image: mertiedt.jpg   290x471 46994 bytes 2001.06.17

a mer pic of Demeka tap. and Tiera, in marker ooo . came out nice :P Demeka tapail is (c) Kris U. Tiera is (c) me :)

Image: mertie2.jpg   232x435 33761 bytes 2001.06.17

a pic of Tiera as a mermaid, came out nice ^^ Tiera (mermaid or not hehe) is (c) me

Image: mertie.jpg   400x463 48370 bytes 2001.06.17

Tiera as a mermaid with a sword Oooo hehe Tiera is (c) me

Image: mechatie.jpg   306x425 32114 bytes 2001.06.17

Tiera as a mecha, creepy oO *l* not that good at mechas ^^; hehe well tiera robot is (c) me :P

Image: mechakat.jpg   301x477 60397 bytes 2001.06.17

Katherin as a mecha, she looks pissed *l* wait a minute that's how she always looks mecha or not :P hehe Katherin is (c) me

Image: mayota.jpg   281x490 44962 bytes 2001.06.17

an old character of mine. this is mayota a racoon, old character *shrugs* got tons of them hehe Mayota is (c) me

Image: latina.jpg   418x478 42344 bytes 2001.06.17

latina katherin's sister and jealous of beind cast away by her parents now seeks revenge on kat for it. Latina (c) me

Image: lunafam.jpg   307x432 41625 bytes 2001.06.17

a pic request of luna and her family, colored it in milky pen, wish it hadn't done that wavey look when i scanned it /_\\; Well luna and family are (c) their players

Image: leo.jpg   361x467 78895 bytes 2001.06.17

Leo, a new character i made up. a lion centar mix Ooo, came out really cool looking when i colored it ^_^ Leo is (c) me :)

Image: kraniten.jpg   361x458 41946 bytes 2001.06.17

a pair of kranitens, a creature created by the evil scientist nocturna. who really likes to play god with nature and creat lots of nasty things. Kranitens are (c) me

Image: keevarhian.jpg   468x403 40400 bytes 2001.06.17

one of my fav pics. Rhiannon riding on keeva's back in her tiger form. came out nice :P Keeava and rhiannon are both (c) me ^_^

Image: keevamorph.jpg   329x449 57962 bytes 2001.06.17

a antromorph of keeva, those spots were annoying to do x.X but looks nice ^^ keeva is (c) me

Image: rrkeeva.jpg   393x393 76311 bytes 2001.06.17

a pic of keeva checking randy out, keeva's very protective of Rhiannon hehe rhiannon and keeva are (c) me and Randy is (c) my friend's player

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