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Image: ringo.jpg   498x693 43162 bytes 2001.06.21

a pic request for ringo. wanted it colored, but i gotta know the colors before i can color *l* hehe Ringo is (c) himself

Image: rnr2.jpg   406x437 56818 bytes 2001.06.21

Rhiannon and randy having a quiet moment together. Rhiannon is (c) me Randy is (c) himself

Image: rosetuna.jpg   436x440 76552 bytes 2001.06.21

Rose and Tuna holding hands and stuff. Rose and tuna are (c) their players

Image: rouge.jpg   461x592 49264 bytes 2001.07.19

a pic of rouge i did after getting hooked on sonic adventure 2 ^_^ lots of fun. Rouge is (c) sega!

Image: rrkeeva.jpg   393x393 76311 bytes 2001.06.17

a pic of keeva checking randy out, keeva's very protective of Rhiannon hehe rhiannon and keeva are (c) me and Randy is (c) my friend's player

Image: sad.jpg   394x543 48562 bytes 2001.08.24

a sad pic of tiera in an angel-type dress, was gonna watercolor this pic, but din't want to chance it coming out badly. Tiera is (c) Ileah olson

Image: sad2.jpg   460x332 45001 bytes 2001.08.29

a pic of tiera curled up in her covers, to cry herself to sleep. ;_; *sniffle* sad Tiera is (c) Ileah olson

Image: saddened.jpg   466x484 70778 bytes 2001.08.23

a sad pic of tiera curled in the corner holdng her blankets. played with filters for the background came out nice fer this pic. Tiera is (c) Ileah olson

Image: saickles.jpg   399x360 58274 bytes 2001.06.21

a pic request for saickles, meaning to do him a more recent pic, will get to it ^^; Saickles is (c) his player

Image: sailorcookie.jpg   270x480 31408 bytes 2001.06.21

hehe a joke pic i did with my brother's character sindow. ahaha pick on the lil brother, here is *bum bum bum* Sailor Cookie defender kitchen! *l* hehe sindow is (c) my silly bro

Image: sailortiedt.jpg   362x459 70651 bytes 2001.06.21

hehe sailor tiera and tuxedo tapail hehe lil off proportion but still cute :P demeka tapail is (c) my hero kris ^_^ hehehe Tiera is (c) me

Image: saldt.jpg   201x455 57730 bytes 2001.06.21

cute lil salamondt standing around looking all cute ^^ Salamondt is (c) the cute kris :P

Image: sarahdos.jpg   316x496 45526 bytes 2001.06.04

Sarah my digidestine and her digimon dosamon. sarah has the crest of soul and is shy after an accident while traveling with her sister to the digiworld which left her merged with her sister's digimon, stripemon. Sarah and dosamon are both (c) me

Image: seabreeze.jpg   424x517 44892 bytes 2002.07.27

Tiera's dragon Sea Breeze once i redesigned him, looks cooler this way :P hehe. Sea Breeze is (c) Ileah Olson

Image: sfride.jpg   493x522 90887 bytes 2001.10.10

my character sun flare riding his serpant horse, came out nice, though i could have done better on the horse x.x; sunflare is (c) Ileah olson

Image: shadow.jpg   382x435 73496 bytes 2001.06.21

a new character i made up named shadow. he is a cross of a leopard and a wolf, here he meditates for a battle to come. Ooooo hehe Shadow is (c) me

Image: sharron.jpg   345x545 75765 bytes 2001.06.21

my character sharron colored Oooo i think this is my only pic of her colored. oh well, sharron is (c) me

Image: sillyme.jpg   445x640 59092 bytes 2001.07.19

Tiera in an outfit my sis made up and i descided to draw it. Tiera just being goofy in the outfit hehe. Tiera (goofy as she is) is (c) to me (who's even gooyer)

Image: sindow.jpg   456x505 35285 bytes 2002.01.17

Aww, a cute lil Sindow Foxglove, sitting being cute *l* hehe fun with a marker and photoshop coloring ^_^ that's one of my rl Bros cool huh? :P Sindow is (c) his player, my bro

Image: sleep.jpg   351x574 139246 bytes 2002.12.04

a peaceful moment as Tiera sleeps with Demeka Tapail keeping watch. i love the gentle little things he's doing like his wing and tail. I draw so much bette when happy Demeka Tapail is (c) Kris U. Tiera is (c) Ileah olson ooo me ^_^

Image: snowfox.jpg   429x566 40021 bytes 2001.06.30

a pic of my sister's friend's character which came out very nice i must say. ^_^ SnowFox is (c) herself

Image: sofar.jpg   635x496 29424 bytes 2001.10.16

Ileah sitting on the coast of lake michigan like i did on vacation. 'so close and yet so far'

Image: sonikkuurchin.jpg   377x540 94923 bytes 2001.06.26

Sonikku and urchin kissing, my first pic of them. kinda old but still nice. sonikku and urchin are (c) their players

Image: sontails.jpg   368x414 64609 bytes 2001.06.26

Sonic and tails enjoying a surfing around in the water. sonic and tails are (c) sega

Image: sonteam.jpg   684x507 210231 bytes 2001.07.31

a pic i did long ago for fanart to archie, but never seemed to get around to it, so finally scanned it today. sonic, tails and freedom fighters (c) sega and archie comics

Image: sp.jpg   301x439 64085 bytes 2001.08.29

a pic of kariassa on scratch paper hehe oooo colorful :P kariassa is (c) Ileah olson

Image: splat.jpg   452x592 56146 bytes 2001.04.18

SPLAT goes the draconian hehe street pizza *l* never challenge a Gundam Wing \r\n Alex is (c) himself and gundam wing is (c) cartoon network or whoever owns them I never watched it

Image: spot.jpg   456x528 86653 bytes 2001.08.04

a rabbit and weasel cross with spots hehe, i like this one it came out nice fer full color pencil :P

Image: spotra.jpg   424x586 146850 bytes 2001.11.07

Image: sptie.jpg   343x531 129868 bytes 2001.10.26

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