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Image: dtseab.jpg   431x547 103792 bytes 2001.06.04

a bloody battle between Dark Tiamat and my dragon sea breeze, sadly sea breeze won't survive. ;_; Dark tiamat and sea breeze are both (c) me

Image: dtiamat.jpg   468x534 124483 bytes 2001.06.04

a colored pic of the robot Dark Tiamat, with a scale from his victom sea breeze on his chest plate. Dark Tiamat is (c) me

Image: dossaldt.jpg   319x408 51745 bytes 2001.06.04

a cute pic of dosamon and salamondt munching on tasty apples ^_^ awwww Dosamon is (c) me and salmondt is (c) Kris

Image: dttiebite.jpg   344x448 47959 bytes 2001.06.04

demeka tapail holding tiera after taking a lil bite to quinch his vampiric thrist hehe :P i don't mind at all *l* Demeka tapail is (c) my very close friend kris ^^ and Tiera is (c) me

Image: dtgrin2.jpg   328x459 50426 bytes 2001.06.04

one of my fav pics hehe Demeka tapail holding tiera after a lil bite hehe :P nummy demeka tapail is (c) the very lovely kris and Tiera is (c) the goofball me *l*

Image: dttieleash.jpg   503x353 62464 bytes 2001.06.04

Demeka tapail showing a lil dominance over tiera. hehe Demeka tapail is (c) kris ^^ and Tiera is (c) to me who else? :P

Image: dttiesleep2.jpg   477x291 57361 bytes 2001.06.04

Tiera and Demeka Tapail sharing a quiet moment sleeping together. Ssssh :P Tiera is (c) me and Demeka tapail is (c) Kris

Image: dttiedress.jpg   418x541 86464 bytes 2001.05.11

demeka Tapail with tiera in a nice dress, i colored this one in color pencil, but didn't scan it. Tiera is (c) me and Demeka Tapail is (c) the very pretty kris

Image: dttie.jpg   449x465 57252 bytes 2001.05.11

Tiera and Demeka Tapail enjoying a little cuddling hehe ^_^ Demeka Tapail is (c) the very cuddleable Kris and Tiera is (c) me

Image: dtstance.jpg   393x542 80713 bytes 2001.05.11

one of my fav pics of Dark Tapail ^_^ hehe was fun to color with the background lights and stuff. Dark Tapail is (c) kris

Image: valentine.jpg   425x584 72710 bytes 2001.05.11

a valentine i did for my dearest ^_^ then colored in markers hehe :P Demeka Tapail is (c) my oh so dearest kris Updike (visit her site on velar! it's great) Tiera is (c) me

Image: dtangel.jpg   389x473 58687 bytes 2001.05.11

Dark Tapail with dark angel wings, came out really cool lookin :) Dark Tapail is (c) Kris U.

Image: dreads2.jpg   392x536 73725 bytes 2001.05.09

one of the first pics i colored on my computer with the new photoshop i got, I really like how the background came out Dreads is (c) himself

Image: dtlean.jpg   308x578 36105 bytes 2001.05.09

a really nice pic of Dark Tapail in a silky black outfit leaning against a pole. this is one of my top fav pics I've ever done. ^_^ the beautiful Dark Tapail is (c) the equally beautiful Kris

Image: bpdemeka.jpg   353x477 124624 bytes 2001.05.09

fun with black paper ^^ here is Demeka with some bloody hands after killing some unfortunate thing. one of my friends said I should sell this on eBay, not sure if I wil or not. Demeka is (c) me

Image: dthold3.jpg   325x415 138871 bytes 2001.05.06

one of my fav pics ^_^ one of the first ones i did in color pencils in a Looooooooonnnnnnng time, came out nice though :P i really like it hehe. Demeka Tapail is (c) kris and Tiera is (c) me :P

Image: dtnight.jpg   349x422 29391 bytes 2001.05.06

a nice pic of Demeka Tapail at night, Oooo lightning (needs work though ^^; hehe) but still came out nice :P Demeka Tapail is (c) my sweet Kris

Image: dtdance.jpg   479x589 99243 bytes 2001.05.06

One of my fav pics. Demeka Tapail and Tiera dancing together ^_^ isn't it cute hehe Demeka Tapail is (c) Kris and Tiera is (c) to me

Image: dtisamu.jpg   304x423 52160 bytes 2001.05.05

Demeka Tapail holding his and Tiera's son, Isamu. isn't he a cute lil baby? ^^

Image: pencildtiedt.jpg   331x484 54396 bytes 2001.05.04

Dark Tiera and Demeka Tapail meet, Dark Tiera trying to leave her mark on Demeka Tap, already cut him on the face and arm, owie Dark Tiera (c) me Demeka Tapail (c) Kris

Image: demeka.jpg   640x685 155128 bytes 2001.05.03

Demeka the dark lord of dragons. He was defeated centuries ago and imprisoned in a magic stone and was released into a host and now causes havoc everywhere Demeka is (c) me

Image: dtiera.jpg   299x410 54290 bytes 2001.05.03

Dark Tiera, someone I haven't drawn in a Looooooooonnnnnggg time, here she is with her marker the black rose, everyone she kills, she leaves a black rose on them, she's mean Dark Tiera is (c) me

Image: cristy.jpg   264x400 35288 bytes 2001.05.02

a wallabe or kangaroo girl i made up looooooooong ago, she's (c) me

Image: cloakede.jpg   349x499 50501 bytes 2001.05.02

some echidna in a cloak with a bit of shading Ooooo hehe

Image: chinki.jpg   498x468 48346 bytes 2001.05.02

a pic request fer chinki, chinki is (c) to her player

Image: price.jpg   338x479 85421 bytes 2001.04.29

Tiera makes herself pay a price fer a horrible crime. owie ;_; tiera is (c) me

Image: furtiera3.jpg   381x450 38240 bytes 2001.04.29

Clean the foot hehe, my fav of the 3 fur ties. sooo cute hehe fur tiera is (c) me :P

Image: furtiera2.jpg   395x391 34364 bytes 2001.04.29

a cute fur tiera sleeping, in colors pencils no less hehe. fur tiera is (c) me

Image: furtiera.jpg   581x432 46440 bytes 2001.04.28

fur tiera just looking at something, fur tiera is (c) me

Image: furtiedt.jpg   400x429 101723 bytes 2001.04.28

Fur Demeka tapail holding fur tiera by a leash hehe :P Demeka tapail is (c) the adorable kris and Tiera is (c) me :)

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