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Image: furrhian.jpg   406x301 62988 bytes 2001.04.28

a fuzzy form of Rhiannon just waking with a yawn and stretch, piss her off she'l use those claws hehe. Rhiannon is (c) me

Image: furrd.jpg   395x370 30460 bytes 2001.04.27

my character RD in a fuzzball form just lazing around. RD is (C) me

Image: furrandy.jpg   329x397 53770 bytes 2001.04.27

a fuzzball pic of Randy, I like the wings. Randy is (c) his player

Image: furnogard2.jpg   350x345 25933 bytes 2001.04.27

Nogard sitting around looking innocent, he MUST be up to something, watch out. Nogard (c) me

Image: furnogard.jpg   422x276 23836 bytes 2001.04.27

Nogard from the guardians of Tiamat ready to pounce on something, he's the aunry one of the group and is the guardian of the green ruby of forest. Nogard is (c) me

Image: furkat2.jpg   372x391 30064 bytes 2001.04.27

fuzzball kat again, katherin is (c) me

Image: furkat.jpg   414x279 26843 bytes 2001.04.27

a fuzzball Katherin, she is the guardian of the red ruby of fire Katherin is (c) me

Image: furjester2.jpg   305x334 40257 bytes 2001.04.25

fuzzy jester drinking Jester (c) himself

Image: furjester.jpg   411x271 37781 bytes 2001.04.25

a fuzzball jester sitting around Jester (c) himself

Image: furelgae.jpg   356x445 34180 bytes 2001.04.25

Elgae from the guardians of Tiamat in a fuzzball form, he is the guardian of the white ruby of ice. Elgae is (c) me

Image: furdusty.jpg   423x360 69608 bytes 2001.04.24

a fuzzball pic of Dusty. Dusty (c) his player

Image: furdt.jpg   304x485 73759 bytes 2001.04.24

a fuzzball pic of Demeka Tapail sitting around Demeka Tap (c) Kris

Image: furcrias2.jpg   331x327 24571 bytes 2001.04.24

fuzzball Crias again all curled up and looking around Crias (c) me

Image: furcrias.jpg   416x405 31658 bytes 2001.04.23

my character Crias in a fuzzball pic, he's part of my group calle dhte guardians of Tiamat, he is the guardian of the black ruby of wind Crias is (c) me

Image: furclean.jpg   370x411 109708 bytes 2001.04.23

Aaww ^^ a tender lil pic of fuzzy Demeka Tapail cleaning Tiera's fur all cute like hehe ^^ Tiera (c) me Demeka Tap. (c) Kris

Image: furbite.jpg   454x422 92904 bytes 2001.04.23

a cute fuzzball pic of Demeka Tapail biting Tiera ^^ hehehe Tiera (c) me Demeka Tap. (c) Kris

Image: furcalena2.jpg   378x334 64766 bytes 2001.04.22

another fuzzball pic with calena and her chew toy Calena (c) herself

Image: furcalena.jpg   267x388 57514 bytes 2001.04.22

Calena in a fuzzball form playing with a lil rubber ball in color pencils Ooo Calena (c) her player

Image: furakira.jpg   318x448 50204 bytes 2001.04.22

one of my 'fuzzball' pics as I call them hehe this one is Akira with big pink bow and everything *l* Akira (C) his player

Image: bluetiamat.jpg   363x462 36910 bytes 2001.04.21

Blue tiamat again, doodling with her outfit and look, colored again with milky pens, and okay pic Blue Tiamat (c) me

Image: bluetia.jpg   231x291 19525 bytes 2001.04.20

Blue tiamat in her horse form, colored with milky pens, Ooo shiney :P Blue Tiamat (c) me

Image: alamonc.jpg   455x408 103734 bytes 2001.04.20

Testing out colors for my digimon's in-training form, alamon. alamon is (c) me

Image: tiegown2.jpg   299x475 50561 bytes 2001.04.19

Tiera in a cool dark gown thing, came out nice ^^ Tiera is (c) me

Image: darkclaw.jpg   339x433 35679 bytes 2001.04.19

agh, evil dragon, *l*

Image: rain.jpg   348x439 66436 bytes 2001.04.19

A new dragon I drew while bored and colored in a rainforest type mood, came out cool :P Rain is (C) me

Image: arf.jpg   318x518 84436 bytes 2001.04.18

a pic for Arf the cyber surfin' dog, colorful pants. Arf is (c) his player

Image: splat.jpg   452x592 56146 bytes 2001.04.18

SPLAT goes the draconian hehe street pizza *l* never challenge a Gundam Wing \r\n Alex is (c) himself and gundam wing is (c) cartoon network or whoever owns them I never watched it

Image: tiefoofoo.jpg   318x568 44832 bytes 2001.04.18

Was bored on Easter and then from out of the blue came up with this, be afraid, be very afraid *lol* Tiera is (c) me

Image: dkposter.jpg   503x670 159839 bytes 2001.04.17

my first of a set of poster pics I'm doing, this one is of Dark K, the bad guy basically in my stories, first panel shows him as Kaymen holding his dead wife, Lily. panel two showing the experiment done to him to make him his evil self today Dark K (or Dark Kaymen) last panel, just Dark K destroying a city Dark K is (c) me

Image: ziptetcomic.jpg   502x648 166689 bytes 2001.04.15

Zip and Tetra playing a game of tag, seems Tetra won. Tetra is (c) her player and Zip is (c) his player

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