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Image: tuna.jpg   476x476 96009 bytes 2001.07.18

pic request for tuna, had fun with the background came out nice. Tuna is (c) himself

Image: ulttie.jpg   350x430 69779 bytes 2001.07.15

Tiera in her ultimate form, drawn by me and inked by my mom. ^^ Tiera is (c) me

Image: unico.jpg   363x630 91783 bytes 2002.12.04

Unico the male unicorn from a bunch of pics i did fer furbid that did so well so gonna so a 5 page comic and his friend Kye the Ki-lin, need a costume fer Kye though hehe well Unico and Kye are both (c) Ileah Olson

Image: unicoma.jpg   255x257 28289 bytes 2003.06.11

quick mouse art of a character named unico. unico (c) whoever owns him

Image: unicorn.jpg   575x664 94906 bytes 2001.11.14

Image: urchsoni.jpg   406x549 86595 bytes 2001.06.26

i like this pic, came out nice. Urchin and sonniku kissing underwater. urchin and Sonniku are (c) their players

Image: vaghug.jpg   438x596 50818 bytes 2003.07.11

a quicky pic from a recent fan i'm told's character :3 i have a fan ^_^ Vargus and DB Vulpix are (c) their own players

Image: valentine.jpg   425x584 72710 bytes 2001.05.11

a valentine i did for my dearest ^_^ then colored in markers hehe :P Demeka Tapail is (c) my oh so dearest kris Updike (visit her site on velar! it's great) Tiera is (c) me

Image: valentine2.jpg   518x483 60537 bytes 2002.02.17

a cute valentine pic i did fer Kris ^_^ came out very nicely i think, just something sweet for valentine's day. hope everyone had a nice one. Furselves of Kris and ileah are of course (C) themselves silly

Image: vampcalli.jpg   347x556 70701 bytes 2003.07.15

pic for Calli in her vampire demon form Oooo fear her. Calli is (c) her player

Image: vampcat.jpg   323x513 37729 bytes 2002.12.04

vampire cat girl character fer a comic i'm doing fer furbid Oooo she needs a cool outfit though x.x and a name hehe well whatever i name her she's (c) Ileah Olson

Image: vidar.jpg   436x616 71663 bytes 2003.03.03

a pic for Vidar came out pretty nice :3 hope they like it Vidar is (c) his character

Image: vipercycle.jpg   375x472 78248 bytes 2001.07.18

Viper sitting next to his motorcycle (whish was SO hard to draw) probably the last one I'll draw *l* who knows. Viper is (c) himself

Image: viperwc.jpg   425x512 131638 bytes 2001.09.04

a pic of Viper colored with water color pencils, getting brown without a brown water color pencil oO; eep hehe well came out nice :P Viper (c) his player

Image: wbmgroup.jpg   1048x801 472290 bytes 2003.09.16

commission pic i did and finished Oooo that's some group hehe came out nice i think happy with it ^_^ well um everyone in this pic is (c) their players

Image: wcbd.jpg   692x935 335327 bytes 2001.09.04

a large pic i did on watercolor paper and inked then colored with watercolor pencils. gonna take this to the furry con i'm going to and see if i can sell it, lets hope *crosses fingers* ^^; hehe I think it looks really nice, gonna do some others with watercolors

Image: wolf.jpg   470x671 120372 bytes 2002.02.22

a cool looking wolf warrior type guy i drew and worked on at school, came out really nice i think ^_^

Image: wolfbelts.jpg   508x1000 80298 bytes 2007.01.15

wolf in belts

random drawing i started and just kept tinkering with until i ended up coloring it as well. husky/wolf kinda girl wearing just some belts fer fun hehe. art (c) ileah olson

Tags: husky wolf belts  
Image: wolfmoon.jpg   595x780 50370 bytes 2002.02.09

a wolf in front of the moon pic i did back in November at the furry con i was at. After i sold my other wolf in front of the moon pic :P no takers on this one, but it's cool, just never scanned it till now *l* oh well

Image: wrist.jpg   432x507 76073 bytes 2001.06.11

Demeka tapail holding tiera while taking a drink from her wrist, yummy hehe :P Demeka tapail is (c) kris ^_^ and tiera is (c) me :P

Image: xero.jpg   620x397 96383 bytes 2003.07.23

getting up on request pics this week and here's the next one :3 this time fer Xero Ooooo love the background ^_^ Xero is (c) his player

Image: zebrapegasus.jpg   392x486 65485 bytes 2002.08.04

a flying zebra i drew and used my new markers i got fer my b-day :P looks nice hehe.

Image: ziptetcomic.jpg   502x648 166689 bytes 2001.04.15

Zip and Tetra playing a game of tag, seems Tetra won. Tetra is (c) her player and Zip is (c) his player

Image: zx.jpg   475x509 47947 bytes 2001.04.15

a pic request for ZX, gotta get around to coloring it sometime ZX is (c) his player

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