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Image: Couple_Hunt.JPG   768x512 131275 bytes 2002.08.12

Burn and Fyre go hunting on the island shores. Due to an incident with a hunter on the island, they lost all of their now it's just them...they don't seem to mind all too much either. \r\nStar Fyre is to me\r\nAnd Burn Gudeath is TM

Image: Transforming_Level4.JPG   634x423 164474 bytes 2002.08.09

Yessum...India has 4 transformations. This is level 4.

Image: Spunky.JPG   606x788 121492 bytes 2002.08.08

Image: Midnite_Sun.JPG   598x694 229017 bytes 2002.08.08

Image: Leviathan.JPG   788x604 112403 bytes 2002.08.08

Image: Silent_Shadows.JPG   300x300 63138 bytes 2002.07.25

I don't know about you...but her winged shadow n the effects and the time I worked on it...Oh hell I love it!!

Image: Dangerous_Encounter.JPG   612x842 711503 bytes 2002.07.23

It's lil Indi meetin a velociraptor. Woah and such. She's bleeding red because I forgot she bled gold...this is done in colored pencils on matte didn't scan to well but I still like all the detail I put into it.\r\n by Me.

Image: Mural.JPG   323x342 64700 bytes 2002.07.20

A mural that I painted on our temporary barn doors. It's a bit off proportion but the biggest thing I've ever done, EVER!! The length is about 8-9 feet and the height is 7-8 feet. Pretty big...and I only had 4 colors to do it with and not much of them!!\r\nSo I'm very proud of this...even if it does get torn down...

Image: Winged_Whispers.JPG   301x302 52618 bytes 2002.07.18

India hidin under her wing. Ny...Poor Gal. She just lost her love who is going to a final battle and probably won't return.

Image: Say_WHAT.JPG   300x300 71991 bytes 2002.07.16

Zantetsuken is Mesamure's Son. He's confused to all hell about Rykani and Daimous Bunny Bug Complex. Mwahaha\r\n\r\nRy and Bunny Bug are HER DEMMIT! And Zantetsuken is mine.

Image: Green_Flier.JPG   300x300 27642 bytes 2002.07.16

Random Green Shoyru.

Image: Mesamure.JPG   300x300 92205 bytes 2002.07.16

Mesamure! Yup he was one of the first neopets EVER MADE! Rah!

Image: Zafara_Moon.JPG   300x300 80504 bytes 2002.07.16

Destructive_Fire, My Zafara. I love the gal. Look er up ne?

Image: Raptor_Encounter.JPG   400x400 146600 bytes 2002.07.16

Star Fyre and Burn Gudeth on their first encounter. Done on Oekaki. Look Amelia! I'm getting better!! ^-^\r\n\r\nStar Fyre is me and Burn is TDM

Image: rain.jpg   610x788 202461 bytes 2002.07.15

Nothing to say rather than it's old, and I still love it.

Image: Dragon_Sky.JPG   300x300 40221 bytes 2002.07.13

I love his scales. Enough said.

Image: Solstice_and_Sunlight.JPG   300x300 79894 bytes 2002.07.13

Oekaki sketch of Indi lookin sad n hopeful at the same time.

Image: Moonlight_Umbreon.JPG   300x300 37674 bytes 2002.07.10

Image: Requests.JPG   299x299 80770 bytes 2002.07.10

My little Request Mew

Image: FeralWolfThing.JPG   301x300 78438 bytes 2002.07.10

Image: MoonThunder.JPG   298x298 51661 bytes 2002.07.09

Tis MoonThunder. He's my cyoute little baby Lugia yes he is...and ALL MINE TOO! RARGH!!!!

Image: Mother_and_Child.JPG   638x433 323618 bytes 2002.05.27

Star Fyre n Moon Watcher, (StarFyre is the baby) runnin around in the plains lookin for a chance to practice hunting skills. \r\n\r\nBackground is a screenshot from Carnivores 2. Star Fyre n Moon Watcher are me \r\n

Image: Half_n_Half.JPG   535x679 80964 bytes 2002.05.25

For art we had to cut out a magazeine pic, and then re-draw it freehand shading and al. Well...I did it! And the pencil half is my half, and I like it a lot. \r\n

Image: Dragon_and_Snake.JPG   759x519 55406 bytes 2002.05.25

My real snake and my dragon. Done in Watercolor on a tinted board, with colored pencil and a touch of white-out (for the eyes.)\r\nEreiukouteiko (my snake) has to go back outside soon, since Ive been taking care of him for a little over 6 months, (my dad hit him with a lawnmower) n I'm going to miss him...but I love my snakie...yes I do.

Image: Snowy_Dark.JPG   360x360 114661 bytes 2002.05.21

Image: Dragon_Swim.jpg   602x792 412403 bytes 2002.05.20

Image: Guardian_Whispers.JPG   608x785 94598 bytes 2002.05.19

Something I did for a cover page in English, actually my teacher made snakes seem bad...all dark against the light. So instead I made him light against darkness.\r\n\r\nA tribute to my sweet Shiro and to the other snakes out there who are misunderstood by people like my English Teacher.

Image: coyote.JPG   360x360 128560 bytes 2002.05.19

Coyote lookin up at the moon. Nope, he's not howling, he's thinking.

Image: Seurat_Fox.JPG   360x360 109004 bytes 2002.05.18

Done in painter classic. Dots!

Image: Smallkitten.JPG   224x461 82129 bytes 2002.05.15

Done in Paint...first Image I ever did in paint ^-^

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