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Image: Serpentine.JPG   608x958 112911 bytes 2004.02.09

Image: setsu.jpg   610x784 76063 bytes 2001.03.26

Setsu, she finds Flare injured after a battle with Blade and she takes him to the top of Moonlight Mountain to heal him. Shes pregnant of course! N has a cyoute bundle of joy that she names Snowfall. *sigh* the cuteness!! ^-^

Image: Seurat_Fox.JPG   360x360 109004 bytes 2002.05.18

Done in painter classic. Dots!

Image: Shikai.jpg   610x790 28380 bytes 2001.03.26

Shikai! My bird thingie! In the story of the pokemorphs, Flare the typhlosion looses his trainer India (me ^-^) and goes off to find her. Well he awakens Haikagura, a bird that was long since forgotten and Blade (The Bad Guy) summons Shikai to fight Haikagura! Tis confusin!!

Image: Shiro_Shukkah.jpg   608x788 74609 bytes 2001.10.27

Shiro is MY RL SNAKE! He's an albino corn snake n those are his EXACT markings although they are...darker in the piccie. Oh well...I love my NO STEALIN! HE'S MINE! RAR!\r\n\r\nShiro: *hiss*\r\n\r\n*patpat* Good boii

Image: Silent_Shadows.JPG   300x300 63138 bytes 2002.07.25

I don't know about you...but her winged shadow n the effects and the time I worked on it...Oh hell I love it!!

Image: Simion.jpg   604x788 134545 bytes 2001.10.11

I did a bunch of dolphins and such and I was polite enough to give them names..all are me

Image: Sirenia.JPG   519x593 48746 bytes 2001.03.28 she perty!? Wheee! I love her so much!!! She was born all black (babies are all white ya know!) in midnight at a full moon (which comes once every 1000 years) so she has her skin that changes colors and textures every time the moon is full! Wheeeee!!

Image: Sirenia2.JPG   590x349 11280 bytes 2001.03.28

Shes hard to see..but shes supposed to be swimming in the shadowed ocean. I like it personally.

Image: Sirenia_Myst.jpg   792x576 87016 bytes 2002.03.04

A better picture of Sirenia. She takes forever to draw...myou

Image: Skye.JPG   342x346 95099 bytes 2002.03.05

Skye...aka Tempest Man. My BnG Fan Character for MegaMan: Alternat World RPG.

Image: Smallkitten.JPG   224x461 82129 bytes 2002.05.15

Done in Paint...first Image I ever did in paint ^-^

Image: snake_goddess.JPG   606x789 136215 bytes 2001.11.15

I thought I'd catch up with my anthro work, so here's a snake goddess, inspired by my sweet Shiro. (hes a male snake tho heehee) uhm...yeah I tried my signature with a tablet but it didn't work out, oh well. Hey! I wanna do comissions and art trades everyone!!!!

Image: Snowy_Dark.JPG   360x360 114661 bytes 2002.05.21

Image: SokurrieAnthro.JPG   500x512 54003 bytes 2003.02.24

Sokuro my mew in his anthro form. Been using it in a few RPGs and stories, I dunno he seems sometimes better when he's changed. And he's got a Shuriken, I love his Shuriken, he's an anthro. Go him. yeah I'm done. Art is me and such.

Image: Solstice_and_Sunlight.JPG   300x300 79894 bytes 2002.07.13

Oekaki sketch of Indi lookin sad n hopeful at the same time.

Image: someoddsuncritterer.JPG   416x647 61152 bytes 2003.06.12

Image: Spiders_Sanctuary.JPG   467x300 42221 bytes 2003.05.02

I tried my hand at a spider chica. I like her too (and avoided the whole lower thorax issue. Bwahahaha)

Image: Spirit_Light.jpg   720x720 104159 bytes 2001.10.19

Me...aka India, my character form. Listening to "Eyes on Me" really gets you it's lil indi sitting on top of a huge rock, singing to herself and trying to regain sense of her spirit..\r\nPoor indi\r\n\r\nYeah, When I hear eyes on me I always start to cry, it reminds me of someone really special in my life....Oh well...\r\n\r\nIndi is by me, course you know that by now...right?

Image: Spunky.JPG   606x788 121492 bytes 2002.08.08

Image: Star_Sparkle_Panthress.JPG   360x360 16203 bytes 2002.08.13

Rowl...Ive had dreams where Im a bit cat prowlin around...and since I cant seem to find the furre anthro me thats been dyin to come out Im sketchin some of my kitti personas. This is Star Sparkle Panthress...better known on RPGs by Star Sparkle Cub

Image: Starlit_Nitez.JPG   480x492 47309 bytes 2003.05.03

Image: StarPhoenix.JPG   360x360 119042 bytes 2003.01.01

Have a Happy New Year everyone!

Image: Striped_Phalanger.JPG   400x399 104539 bytes 2002.08.23

A furry Striped Phalanger. I just may have found my fursona

Image: sunset_eyes.jpg   500x689 110152 bytes 2002.10.15

Loaded for the 3rd time. Smaller version. Hope it's alright Ch'Marr!\r\nDone in pen, watercolor, sharpe permanent marker, and fingernail polish.

Image: Tell_me_what_your_friendship_REALLY_is.JPG   576x576 35279 bytes 2001.12.01

Yes, I told you earlier I was having a few probs with my RL friend, and I jus need to express it in words as well.

Image: Thinking.JPG   360x360 18145 bytes 2001.12.29

its 4:06 am...and this is how I feel. No..I'm not depressed...just remembering things.

Image: ThreeHeadedGuard.JPG   588x832 93223 bytes 2003.12.23

Image: ThreeinaSea.jpg   540x405 12162 bytes 2003.05.02

Can I upload this? I've been playing with Bryce 5, it's fun. Yay. Go download it.

Image: tiamatngeo.jpg   82x79 4325 bytes 2001.12.02

uploaded once in BMP, deleted. Part of my 5% non furrie allowance. It's Me in MMFan form and Geo my pup.

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