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Image: albi.JPG   616x501 116866 bytes 2000.03.03

Sorry it took me so long to get your request drawn, Albi! Albino Wolf is (c) her player, of course.\n

Image: anp.JPG   718x836 185000 bytes 2000.04.06

My brother drew this, and he asked me to post it. He's not sure what it is, but it's (c) Andrew P.\n

Image: bear.JPG   623x561 165538 bytes 2000.03.20

Move over, Huskie! It's Bear! Heh. Modeled after my RL stuffed bear. They're identical.\n

Image: blueuni.JPG   363x284 37098 bytes 2000.03.08

A blue unicorn... art (c) me\n

Image: brassexchange0002.JPG   568x836 293098 bytes 2000.01.19

Ok! This is my half of the art exchange with Brass, you can see her image gallery at Brass is (c) her player, yada-yada-yada, bla-bla-bla!\n

Image: cougarkitty.JPG   183x330 26517 bytes 2000.01.27

A random cougar chic, hiding something. Eh?... anyways, I love her hair...... the coloring is a bit better than my other computer colored one! ;)\n

Image: demented0001.JPG   213x441 36432 bytes 2000.01.27

Right. A kitty. Yup. Nice, long, beautiful hair... bwa\n

Image: demented0002.JPG   156x277 19191 bytes 2000.01.27

On *odd* sketch of a bulldog or *sumtin* in a muscle outfit. Bwa...... feel free to take copyright of this character.\n

Image: dresskitty.JPG   220x324 27046 bytes 2000.01.27

I guess this is the same cougar in the one called "cougarkitty.JPG".... I officially dub this cat Cougar Kitty. Cougar Kitty is now (c) me.\n

Image: elarith0001.JPG   393x424 74426 bytes 2000.01.19

Well, this pic was done for a buddy of mine. Not the best dragon I've ever drawn, unfortuantly...\n

Image: evil.JPG   636x501 152318 bytes 2000.02.20

heh... don't I look so angelic? This is the newer Riz, wings and all. Riz and art is (c) me.\n

Image: faceless.JPG   220x511 41668 bytes 2000.01.27

As the picture says. A faceless wolfie.\r\n\n

Image: felony.JPG   526x337 87394 bytes 2000.04.04

Felony - I don't care if she's not a cub like my Felony character is. Felony is a black cheetah - and she's (c) me.\n

Image: firstequine.JPG   390x808 120546 bytes 2000.03.20

My first equine morph worth posting here. I'm kinda proud of it. Just a random uni.\n

Image: goldunicorn.JPG   568x566 107195 bytes 2000.03.08

Hey, so I didn't color Gold Unicorn. SUE ME!!!! Gold Unicorn (c) me.\n

Image: hair.JPG   220x511 47630 bytes 2000.01.27

**AWFUL** pic of Riana. Anyways, the coloring is bad, the sketch is awful, and Riana is thinking about how to get her hair to be *nice* and look *good* for her crush. BWA. Riana is (c) me, her respectful player! ;-)\n

Image: mask.JPG   610x421 112435 bytes 2000.02.15

"For my sad days: Mask"... says it all. Mask is a depressed wolf hybrid who's nice days are always interupted by some guy trying to impress her... Mask is (\r\n(c) me.\n

Image: mask2.JPG   610x421 89693 bytes 2000.02.15

A more happier pose of Mask running. Anyways, I'll be posting mroe pictures of Riz, Traveler, Riana, and Cougar Kitty soon. Okay? Sorry that I haven't been updating this (as if anyone views it). But for anyone who does view it, I *gasp* am taking in requests! Send them! Send them all! bwhahahahaha.... and I'm better at realistic horses, cats, and dogs than furries or toons/Balto style. And I do *not* take requests for human portraits, 'cause I'm awful at them. \n

Image: maskfinally.JPG   370x494 64225 bytes 2000.03.03

Old, awful picture of Mask. Yup. Mask is, of course, (c) me.\n

Image: olduni.jpg   280x284 32250 bytes 2000.03.03

A pic I drew a long time ago of a unicorn. Unicorn is (c) its artist, aka me.\n

Image: pranksters.JPG   663x675 200829 bytes 2000.02.20

BWA! This is none other than an old character I never draw, Roll, and my best friend, Dizco! Dizco is the one WITHOUT the bucket on her head! Roll is (c) me and Dizco is (c) her player.\n

Image: purpleish.JPG   363x284 38237 bytes 2000.03.09

Heh. Heh. heh. Blue Uni transformed into Purple Uni.\n

Image: queer.JPG   616x457 123914 bytes 2000.03.08

My adoption agency - URL coming soon. What, you expected a NORMAL adoption agency? I've become a pony cartoonist. BTW, the pony on the logo is my pony, "Queer". LOL. Queer (c) me. All other queer ponies (c) me.\n

Image: random.JPG   293x310 33311 bytes 2000.03.03

Like?! I love! Art is (c) me, tis just a random wolfie!\n

Image: randommouse.JPG   310x691 89770 bytes 2000.04.06

Woooo... relatively new style for me. Just a random mouse maiden, motioning to who-knows-what. Copyright on the picture. *s*\n

Image: ransom.JPG   536x748 176600 bytes 2000.04.06

A colored pencil of ransomred.gif\n

Image: ransomred.gif   336x715 8681 bytes 2000.04.06

'Tis Ransom. Ever played Final Fantasy 7? Ransom, currently in male form, is kind of like an anthro Red XIII. The same type of 'beast', I suppose. Ransom (c) me in all his/her forms.\n

Image: realisticriz.JPG   493x494 97297 bytes 2000.02.21

My best try at drawing the RL Riz, aka my cat. Riz is (c) herself. OK? Feel free to use this pic as an avatar in chats, tho.\n

Image: riana0001.JPG   213x441 38649 bytes 2000.01.26

heh. This is 15-year old Riana Bastet, a clouded leapard. one of my many chars (3 or 4 of them now, LOL). This is my best pic yet... I might make a computer colored version and a colored pencil version..... Riana is (c) me, Insane Kitty.\n

Image: riananononsense.JPG   240x347 32680 bytes 2000.01.27

Yippie-kie-ay! I did an OK coloring job! This is Riana with the no-nonsense look, tho you can see she's gonna laugh soon. Riana (c) me.\n

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