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Image: dresskitty.JPG   220x324 27046 bytes 2000.01.27

I guess this is the same cougar in the one called "cougarkitty.JPG".... I officially dub this cat Cougar Kitty. Cougar Kitty is now (c) me.\n

Image: what0001.JPG   196x257 24030 bytes 2000.01.27

AAAAHHHHH! Traveler fergot it was her best buds b-dya and needs a present! LOL! Traveler is (c) me.\n

Image: cougarkitty.JPG   183x330 26517 bytes 2000.01.27

A random cougar chic, hiding something. Eh?... anyways, I love her hair...... the coloring is a bit better than my other computer colored one! ;)\n

Image: demented0001.JPG   213x441 36432 bytes 2000.01.27

Right. A kitty. Yup. Nice, long, beautiful hair... bwa\n

Image: demented0002.JPG   156x277 19191 bytes 2000.01.27

On *odd* sketch of a bulldog or *sumtin* in a muscle outfit. Bwa...... feel free to take copyright of this character.\n

Image: riana0001.JPG   213x441 38649 bytes 2000.01.26

heh. This is 15-year old Riana Bastet, a clouded leapard. one of my many chars (3 or 4 of them now, LOL). This is my best pic yet... I might make a computer colored version and a colored pencil version..... Riana is (c) me, Insane Kitty.\n

Image: traveler0003.JPG   380x441 77339 bytes 2000.01.26

BWA! My new horse char, Traveler, a mare, started out as a random pic, but turned into *gasp* Traveler... heh... Traveler (c) ehr respectful player, aka me.\n

Image: brassexchange0002.JPG   568x836 293098 bytes 2000.01.19

Ok! This is my half of the art exchange with Brass, you can see her image gallery at Brass is (c) her player, yada-yada-yada, bla-bla-bla!\n

Image: elarith0001.JPG   393x424 74426 bytes 2000.01.19

Well, this pic was done for a buddy of mine. Not the best dragon I've ever drawn, unfortuantly...\n

Image: Taffy0001.JPG   190x491 22409 bytes 2000.01.19

Ok, this is my newest char, Taffy, dirnking some CoFfEe. Taffy is not insane, unlike riz. Taffy is (c) me, her player.... BWHAHAHAHHA!\n

Image: riz.jpg   423x442 12907 bytes 2000.01.19

heh.... this pic is from before I even got a VCL account. I use it as an avatar in chats, so if you see this pic, tis probably me!!!!!! Riz is (C) me, aka her player. HAH!\n

Image: rizgothic.JPG   223x437 47538 bytes 2000.01.13

Ok, so I was a little angry when I drew this pic. Thankees, James, for giving me the idea of gothic clothes! Riz is (c) me, her player! tee-hee\n

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