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Image: riz.jpg   423x442 12907 bytes 2000.01.19

heh.... this pic is from before I even got a VCL account. I use it as an avatar in chats, so if you see this pic, tis probably me!!!!!! Riz is (C) me, aka her player. HAH!\n

Image: rizgothic.JPG   223x437 47538 bytes 2000.01.13

Ok, so I was a little angry when I drew this pic. Thankees, James, for giving me the idea of gothic clothes! Riz is (c) me, her player! tee-hee\n

Image: rizme.JPG   586x741 162139 bytes 2000.03.02

Of all the pictures I've ever uploaded here, this one represents the real life me best. Of course, it's of Riz. The other newer Riz picture doesn't exactly honor my first 'net character. So have a nice day, everyone... Riz is (c) me.\n

Image: rocky.JPG   320x310 42567 bytes 2000.03.20

Based on my step brother's cat, Rocky. He's fat. he's mean. So Humor Him. Rocky (c) himself.\n

Image: ruffgal.JPG   523x558 185106 bytes 2000.03.20

A personal joke... Ruffian (c) me and whoever owned her when she was alive, Galaxi (c) his owner/his player.\n

Image: sewra.JPG   486x882 203052 bytes 2000.03.20

Sewra, my new snow leopard character. Also my first try at crayons. Low quality crayons... erm..\r\nSewra (c) me.\n

Image: sewra1.JPG   380x781 105733 bytes 2000.03.20

'Nother pic of Sewra. Ain't she perdy? Sewra (c) me.\n

Image: snap.jpg   640x480 34465 bytes 2000.03.04

Erm. This looks older than Snap actually is. Heh. Snap-DevilWolf, that is. In an angel outfit. I never thought I'd see the day. (Snap is ShadowHunter's (my char. on Sinlahekin: friend) Snap is (c) his player. Hi, short man.\n

Image: Taffy0001.JPG   190x491 22409 bytes 2000.01.19

Ok, this is my newest char, Taffy, dirnking some CoFfEe. Taffy is not insane, unlike riz. Taffy is (c) me, her player.... BWHAHAHAHHA!\n

Image: thechance.JPG   636x624 167344 bytes 2000.02.20

BWA! Roll gets Dizco back! An 'Aftermath' pic of this coming soon.... heheh.... Roll is (c) me, Dizco is (c) her respectful player.\n

Image: traveler0003.JPG   380x441 77339 bytes 2000.01.26

BWA! My new horse char, Traveler, a mare, started out as a random pic, but turned into *gasp* Traveler... heh... Traveler (c) ehr respectful player, aka me.\n

Image: what0001.JPG   196x257 24030 bytes 2000.01.27

AAAAHHHHH! Traveler fergot it was her best buds b-dya and needs a present! LOL! Traveler is (c) me.\n

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