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Image: badge_emy03s.jpg   453x757 71729 bytes 2005.11.16

This is a design for my next fursuit (after I get done with Emy the Bat of course) featuring Cabra the Goat. She's a design that a friend and I came up with to go along with her Chupacabra fursuit. She's going to be wearing a t-shirt that says I 'club' Chupacabras. I think I'm going to have a club with me to really drive it home.\r\n\r\nCabra &copy 2005 Emy Bitner

Image: th_concept_11s.jpg   630x584 75771 bytes 2005.11.16

Good ole' Reptoids. These fellows supposedly abduct people like the Greys do but usually use them for perverted sexual reasons. The Reptoids, for lack of a better word, own the Greys (Zeta Reticulan) and let them abduct humans so that they don't feel all sad and useless. Of course the Reptoids also use Grey women as sex slaves and servants on their home planet, which has in turn caused the Greys to evolve with almost no sexual organs to speak of (except for a select breeding few) and with very few females.\r\n\r\nTheir design is usually varied in many abductee reports so I tried to make an amagalmous representation with many piercings and industrials.\r\n\r\nDesign &copy 2005 Emy Bitner

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