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Image: kinattila2.jpg   714x842 139441 bytes 2004.01.03

This is the second.\r\n\r\nAttila is CR hir player\r\nKincade is CR hir player

Image: kinattlia1.jpg   700x740 135950 bytes 2004.01.03

This is one of 2 pics Attila commissioned me to do for her and a new friend called Kincade. She is VERY enamored with this lioness, and I can see why!\r\n\r\n\r\nAttila is CR hir player\r\nKincade is CR hir player

Image: futureskunk.jpg   482x600 62979 bytes 2004.01.03

This is a new form that Attila, my good friend, wanted to try, so i sketched it. She wanted to be BIG!\r\n\r\nAttila is CR hir player

Image: catgirl.jpg   312x738 42508 bytes 2004.01.03

Just a random catgirl

Image: hanginwithhoss.jpg   618x856 119629 bytes 2003.10.30

Here's Isane and Grand Max hangin out with each other. Theya re such good friends!\r\n\r\nGrand Max is CR his player

Image: familytime.jpg   768x890 138805 bytes 2003.10.30

And since one good turn deserves another, here is Nalia with her "daddy" Attila in some family time together..."Like mother, like daughter."\r\n\r\nNalia is CR hir Player\r\nAttila is CR hir player

Image: nalia.jpg   686x886 97283 bytes 2003.10.30

I know I've been working this one to dead, but I finally got a pict I liked for this commision for Nalia from Taps. She's a good friend and waited very patiently for this pic. \r\n\r\nNalia is CR Hir Player.

Image: eaglecolor.jpg   546x1002 140419 bytes 2003.10.30

I decided to make this eagle look a bit more feathery so i added some actual feathers to the piece. This would normally go under my color gallery, but I thought I would post it in the main gallery to show it off first.

Image: capt.jpg   483x800 53457 bytes 2003.10.30

This image was of a Capt Rolara siting in her Capt's chair, and I liked it so I posted it Check out my Sketches and color Galleries for other updates.

Image: gm.jpg   570x986 83308 bytes 2003.10.30

This is a roughdrawing of my friend Grand Max again, he liked it so I thought I'd post it for him.\r\n\r\nGrand Max is CR his creator

Image: attilaF.jpg   790x934 84322 bytes 2003.07.31

Well, here is another commision from Attila!

Image: attila3.jpg   532x1068 105462 bytes 2003.07.04

here's Attila again from Taps. She's a great skunk.\r\n\r\nAttila is CR her creator.

Image: attila2.jpg   654x908 76100 bytes 2003.07.04

This is Attila, she's a very nice sexy Blind skunky, and she commissioned 2 more pics form me. here they are. This is the first.\r\n\r\nAttila is CR her creator.

Image: ghost.jpg   602x946 78328 bytes 2003.07.04

This is Ghost, a draconian form a RPG i am running.

Image: eagle.jpg   546x1002 127678 bytes 2003.07.03

One of my only attempts at an avian, and it worked!! I was very excited about how it turned out. Kind of my "USA is watching you" tribute!

Image: sandy.jpg   452x936 101193 bytes 2003.07.03

Sandy Sagebrush of taps. She's got gorgeous hair, so i capitalized on it.\r\n\r\nSandy is CR her Creator.

Image: draglounge.jpg   914x678 81096 bytes 2003.07.03

Again, no one in particular.

Image: doggyday.jpg   832x550 88047 bytes 2003.07.03

No fur in particular. Just a drawing of a canid.

Image: general.jpg   650x1000 90899 bytes 2003.03.31

A good pic of Isane when he finally made general in his army. Notice the hat from the very first Isane pic hangin from the butt of his sword?

Image: artartist.jpg   704x836 58689 bytes 2003.03.31

A great pic of me and my friend Isane. I've always thought of myself as a bear-type of guy. Anywho, it liked the idea.

Image: sishia.jpg   628x924 54652 bytes 2003.03.12

This is Sishia. the very sexy Chimera. She commissioned this artwork, and I was pleased to do it.\r\n\r\nSishia is CR her creator.

Image: isaneandsishia.jpg   712x622 57195 bytes 2003.03.12

This is Isane and Sishia having a VERY good time, as you can see.\r\n\r\nSishia is CR her creator.

Image: tribalwolf.jpg   424x868 84638 bytes 2003.02.23

Image: jedihorse.jpg   646x860 65015 bytes 2003.02.23

Image: attila.jpg   568x854 87723 bytes 2003.02.23

Attila is CR her creator.

Image: mathia.jpg   460x920 55765 bytes 2003.02.23

Mathis is CR her creator

Image: edgyhedgy.jpg   530x599 62129 bytes 2003.02.23

A hedgehog

Image: grendel.jpg   536x986 84646 bytes 2003.02.23

I dunno if anyone even bothers to read these descriptions, so I'm not going to bother writing them anymore. If you have a question, email me.\r\n\r\nThis is my RL cat Grendel changed to a furry. She is a rare breed of 6-toed (polydactyl) cat that looks tiger striped, and very cool. Smart too.

Image: Roxey2.jpg   372x1000 44416 bytes 2003.01.09

Another pic of Roxey, trying to do that morning stretch in that youthful exuberance.\r\n\r\nRoxey is copyright her creator.

Image: Roxey1.jpg   460x680 48144 bytes 2003.01.09

This is Roxey, another good friend on TAPS. And young and sexy Golden retriever. Sweet, ain't she?\r\n\r\nRoxey is copyright her creator.

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