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Image: Campland02.JPG   876x615 130918 bytes 2001.01.27

Here's Number 2 on the comedy train...\r\nArt (c) Ellen Siergiej, 2001

Image: Campland01.JPG   636x561 69240 bytes 2001.01.27

This is the first in a series of a HUGE inside joke. My friends and I went to a trailor camp during the summer, and, well, stuff happened. Funny stuff! You'd laugh if you were there. Enjoy furrs!\r\nArt (c) Ellen Siergiej

Image: BlueRabbit.JPG   333x744 61245 bytes 2001.01.27

Just a random blue rabbit in a loin-cloth. Oh, and he has a levitating carrot. Blah.

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