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Image: wolf.jpg   539x624 26894 bytes 2007.01.16

Reuploaded, an old art done with mouse.

Image: commp.jpg   600x641 142059 bytes 2007.01.15

My commission procedure, just want to show that I don't take money first. \r\nWill finish the pic for sure, won't take money and run. :P

Image: jcomic15-tw.jpg   344x972 123617 bytes 2007.01.13

The same comic,with Chinese.

Image: jcomic15.jpg   344x972 125865 bytes 2007.01.13

Based on the true story. :P

Image: jcguncomic-tw.jpg   1119x900 218384 bytes 2007.01.13

The same comic, with Chinese.

Image: jcguncomic-en.jpg   1119x900 220567 bytes 2007.01.13

This's somewhat a conversation jumped out in my mind oneday.\r\nSo I decided to draw it as a comic when I quit the job. :P\r\nI can't draw guns!

Image: wolf16bw.jpg   600x782 73705 bytes 2006.12.01

Wolf warrior

Another very old sketch I did in the class.\r\nJust thought I don't have very good ink pics to show for my new commission page, so dug it up and inked.\r\nMay color it when have free time. \r\n\r\nBTW, I'm taking commissions now ,please check the commission info page:\r\n

Image: wolf9bw.jpg   500x793 76954 bytes 2006.12.01

Just a wolf anthro

This is a very old sketch I did 1 or 2 years ago.\r\nWhen I was making my new commission page, I noticed that I don't have very good ink pics to show.(because most of my pics were colored!)\r\nSo I dug this sketch up and did a quick inking work, here it is.\r\nMay color it if have free time.\r\n\r\nBTW, I'm taking commissions now ,please check the commission info page:\r\n

Image: jckovu93s.jpg   866x355 75948 bytes 2006.11.27

Style practice--Kovu with me.

Tags: lion cat kovu J.C.  
Image: jc32.jpg   400x550 87518 bytes 2006.11.23

Another style practice I did today.\r\nUsing the same coloring way as that gift for Kofu. Just I also tried to change the lines and the whole form this time.\r\n\r\nI'll offer different drawing style to choose when I reopen the commission. That's why I'm practicing lately.

Image: jcomic14.jpg   400x1155 113118 bytes 2006.11.04

Yap, it's ture, lucky only half of the content is like this. ^^;\r\nSo... don't buy any book unless you have read the content. XP\r\n

Image: wolf20.jpg   700x487 95656 bytes 2006.10.25

Realistic style is always popular among, but I'm not really good at it.\r\nSo I'll practice more of this style in the future.\r\nGot refrence from a photo, done it during my work time today, and I'm too lazy to finish the background. XP

Image: jckovu-4gooute.gif   300x322 105609 bytes 2006.10.23

Based on true story. XP

Image: jckutar.gif   175x185 62592 bytes 2006.09.08

Kutar is a kind of small Japanese flash games that only be played with a mouse.\r\nAll characters are cats with no express on faces,and when you fail in the game,the cat will get swollen! It's so funny! XD\r\nHere is the Kutar site, you can download many games there.Try it, and you'll see why I drew myself as that.\r\nJust so fuuuuuun! ^^\r\n

Image: horse6.jpg   750x475 112261 bytes 2006.07.09

Just a doodle during my work time.

Image: dragon7.jpg   700x595 94948 bytes 2006.06.16

I noticed I have never drawn a Chinese dragon seriously before,so I doodled one during my work time.

Image: jc28.jpg   500x726 165026 bytes 2006.06.08

I think this style is very popular ,so just wanted to try it.\r\nKovu said it looks lika a jelly .....@@

Image: werewolf3.jpg   650x700 83208 bytes 2006.04.30

Werewolf jumping,just a doodle when I doing works.

Image: dogyear.jpg   654x709 163196 bytes 2006.02.01

Chinese New Year was started at 1/28,it's the celebrating pic for this year!\r\nMy Chinese Zodiac is dog,that's why I wanna draw a pic for this year.\r\nThe 3 dogs,Black bear,Chocolate and Popo, are my good friends in school,they're living in my college,we have a great time during my college life.\r\n\r\nThe thing in Black bear's hand is the cash gift, we give money to young people,so I can get it too! XD that's why I love Chinese New Year so much! XD\r\nPopo brings roast chicken,we have great meals everyday(almost) during Chinese New Year. And last year is Chicken year,so......\r\nChocolate takes Festival couplets,we paste these red papers on doors and walls, that'll bring good luck in the new year.\r\n\r\nMy English isn't well,hope you know what Chinese new year is.:P

Image: dragonhero.jpg   833x1184 156134 bytes 2005.03.31

There always has a dragon slayer in human country,so why not give dragons a human slayer? :P \r\nThe 4 dragons below are giving their magic power to the human slayer,to make him stronger or something. \r\n\r\nIt's also one of my final project in school.:P \r\n(reupload) \r\n

Image: jc20s.jpg   600x737 80042 bytes 2005.01.23

Male J.C. doodle,haven't draw me as male for a long time,I just can't help myself...XP\r\nThe coat is too small,but it's just a doodle,don't mind it,ok? XD

Image: wolfloves.jpg   900x634 100359 bytes 2005.01.12

The sweet wolf couple,one of my final projects. \r\nReferred to a photo,but I coverted the look of Wolves into the dogs--Chocolate & Popo in my college.:3\r\nBecause I think these 2 dogs are really like wolves.\r\nThey are also a couple,always stay together,not like normal dogs don't have a life long mate.(And they already got ligation.)\r\nI love them very much,that's why I want to put them in this art.\r\nBy the way,you can see photos of them on my site:\r\n\r\nAnd I want to sell this print in A3 size on the net and firbid,but I don't know how much I should print.\r\nSo,just want to ask does anyone wanna buy one? (Maybe the price will be USD 3~5)\r\n--\r\nReupload,add the detail of eyes,thanks for Whisper's suggestion.:3

Image: wolfwriter.jpg   700x986 121446 bytes 2004.10.31

Thus the Legend Began... \r\n\r\nEdited version.

Image: panther.jpg   800x741 103529 bytes 2004.10.21

The metal panther.\r\nI hate metal! ><

Image: jc15s.jpg   650x645 88850 bytes 2004.07.29


Image: eagles.jpg   650x643 86727 bytes 2004.06.12

Last work in rock pigment class.

Image: wolf14s.jpg   800x567 86687 bytes 2004.06.12

Another rock pigmnet work.\r\nCopy drawing from a photo.:P\r\nThe shining parts are silver foil.

Image: tiger2s.jpg   600x819 85968 bytes 2004.06.12

one work of rock pigment class

Image: card.jpg   650x684 104208 bytes 2004.06.04

I worked for a furry card game last few weeks.\r\nHere is the card--Cleance\r\nMore info about the game at:\r\n

Image: wolf8s.jpg   500x666 69337 bytes 2004.05.02

doodle,sold on furbid.

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