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Image: badge2.jpg   400x300 22631 bytes 2001.07.17

My AC badge. Find this, and you find me.

Image: jla_abecol.jpg   600x568 73843 bytes 2001.08.25

Just a gift pict for Christopher Goodwin (Paf!) inspired by his 'Everything I know I learned from my Bike' set. Check it out, it's spiffy. He liked the pict, I'm happy.

Image: jla_against_wall.jpg   300x516 60712 bytes 2000.04.24

Same as the B&W version, only yet another experiment in photoshop coloring. I like Photoshop. It is my friend.\n

Image: jla_against_wall_BW.jpg   300x516 39077 bytes 2000.04.24

One of many experiments in pose and figure drawing. As usual, Phoenix is nekid. Nekid 'sune! :)\n

Image: jla_AKcolPen.jpg   579x675 116497 bytes 2000.04.24

Arabian Knight, of Tapestries, his player. Done in Prismacolors. I was originally going to color him in Photoshop, but I descided to do so IRL, even though it scans only so-so. :)\n

Image: jla_akedancer.jpg   661x800 54725 bytes 2003.09.12

Image: jla_AkonShiva.jpg   408x609 54895 bytes 2000.04.24

This is a doodle I did at A-Kon 10 in 1999, at the FurParty to show off how you build a 'taur. It was fun, even if it's only a mediocre sketch. Shiva is me.\n

Image: jla_AKpictBW.jpg   783x902 115570 bytes 2000.04.24

The B&W for the AK sketch. Not too bad, if I do say so meself.\n

Image: jla_Aquile-col.jpg   321x599 59602 bytes 2000.04.24

Is it a guy? Is it a girl? I dunno. It's Aquile. Just a lil' water-liver I drew. The colors are milky pens. I loooooove gel pens.\n

Image: jla_Aquile.jpg   407x788 57608 bytes 2000.04.24

The B&W original of Aquile. Interesting critter.\n

Image: jla_baka.jpg   354x474 41823 bytes 2000.07.14

Catgirl. Why? Why not. A-Kon influences.\n

Image: jla_battykittyboi.jpg   735x600 26396 bytes 2003.07.18

Just a random kitty boi, with bat-wings. When/if I color him, he'll be a orange-marmalade tom.

Image: jla_beachbunny.jpg   658x1141 61140 bytes 2003.05.09

Hate the face, the rest is ok. StickDevil's May Bunny, an olllllld trade I owed him.

Image: jla_bishounen_fox.jpg   450x808 39093 bytes 2000.04.24

I like bishounen (anime pretty boys), and I attempted to do a fox boi. It's eh.\n

Image: jla_boiaki2.jpg   449x700 30020 bytes 2003.07.05

Akeashar, looking all gothy and well... aloof? Just a gift pict for m'love. Pencil. Akeashar is Tim Clarke. Art is mine.

Image: jla_boiPhoenix_col2.jpg   700x856 111301 bytes 2003.01.21

Perhaps my best work to date; birthday gift for my mate Akeashar. I am -really- happy with this piece. Original linework and color by myself, the ink was done by G. Claxton of Tailswish Studios (

Image: jla_boiPhoenix_sk.jpg   650x810 78655 bytes 2003.01.19

Phoenix, in boi form... showing off for his lovely mate, Akeashar.

Image: jla_centurion.jpg   525x513 73289 bytes 2000.04.24

Just a bit of Photoshop madness... a horse. in a roman centurion helpment. I think it's cute, but he needs to look.... more pissed, less happy. \n

Image: jla_Chakat_Shiva.jpg   410x660 162558 bytes 2000.04.24

One of my earlier, but better, picts of Shiva. I did this for the back of a shirt... I like, in general.\n

Image: jla_cheveron3.jpg   592x425 58010 bytes 2000.04.24

Cheveron, my dragoness.... I don't play her anywhere, but she's fun to draw. This one's called 'Yeeeeeees...?'\n

Image: jla_Cheveron_WakesBW.jpg   660x473 90932 bytes 2001.04.18

Image: jla_chipao2.jpg   660x679 80841 bytes 2003.02.03

Another take on Phoenix in the Chi Pao.

Image: jla_darkphoenix.jpg   636x800 53326 bytes 2003.06.13

My kitsune Phoenix cosplaying as... Phoenix. XD

Image: jla_doe.jpg   360x696 71636 bytes 2000.07.14

Everyone's gotta have a villian. This is mine. Meet Vex. She's more than a bit of a bitch. She's usually brown, but the only color pens I had were the blues and greens. She's not a bunny. Oh, no. There's nothing cute and fluffy about her. She's one mean-ass rabbit.\n

Image: jla_dragon8-25-03.jpg   906x700 98545 bytes 2003.08.25

A dragon-thingee. An excuse to use the markers.

Image: jla_dragon_head.jpg   476x600 46775 bytes 2000.04.27

Just a dragon head. I doodle them from time to time.\n

Image: jla_drake.jpg   457x771 94058 bytes 2000.07.14

I grea up on comicbooks, big fans of Xmen and what not. I drew superheros as much as I drew furries... more, actually. I created my own. Well, years later, I tried to think of what they'd be like, as anthros... this is Firedrake, the pyrokinetic, as a monitor lizard. Or, rather, I tried to make her a monitor lizard.\n

Image: jla_failure.jpg   615x791 66562 bytes 2000.04.27

Ever... have this pict, that you needed to get on the paper? And you finally get it out. Okay, so it's not perfect. But you show the person who's character you drew, and they say nothing but the bad about it? Nothing about the positive... just every point you drew wrong. Now, you're already feeling bad because it wasn't what you wanted in the first place, and now... just kinda feel useless.\n

Image: jla_failure_clr.jpg   615x791 83463 bytes 2000.04.27

Image: jla_gryphon.jpg   640x649 160084 bytes 2000.04.27

Someone asked me to draw thier gryphon char... I did. I can't remember who it was, but this is a pretty generic gryphon, so.\n

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