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Image: mare2_pencils.jpg   443x800 72455 bytes 2006.04.12

my other mare i havent named yet. image and character (c) Jon Leatherwood

Image: mare_pencils.jpg   392x800 69646 bytes 2006.04.12

a mare that i dont have a name for yet. help me...image and character (c) Jon Leatherwood

Image: tione2_pencils.jpg   773x800 119677 bytes 2006.04.12

this pic i thought sucked it up when it was uncolored...but i went ahead and gave it a chance and colored it....turned out so hot. image and character (c) Jon Leatherwood

Image: calista_pencils.jpg   558x800 68325 bytes 2006.04.12

demon controlled bunny....hells yeah! image and character (c) Jon Leatherwood

Image: josh_pencils.jpg   800x682 95094 bytes 2006.04.12

Josh=cool. Josh is a crossbreed between a raccoon and fox. if you were to take the offspring of my fursona and venna bolyn(one of my raccoon girls) this is what you might get. image and character (c) Jon Leatherwood

Image: venna_pencils.jpg   428x800 94431 bytes 2006.04.12

One of the three Bolyn girls. This is the most decorated and charismatic of them....shes also a bit on the crazy side. Venna Bolyn. character and image (c) Jon Leatherwood

Image: liah_pencils.jpg   523x800 78116 bytes 2006.04.12

One of the three Bolyn girls. This one is Liah Bolyn. image and character (c) Jon Leatherwood

Image: mrpride_pencils.jpg   769x800 92204 bytes 2006.04.12

A much needed updated pic of Mr Leo Pride. since last i updated, he lost an eye and has mucho scarring. I love this guy. image and character (c) Jon Leatherwood

Image: ricciraven_jpg.jpg   800x712 97204 bytes 2006.04.12

One of the 3 Bolyn girls. This one being Ricci"Raven" Bolyn. image n character (c) Jon Leatherwood

Image: heathermahlove.jpg   706x800 91125 bytes 2006.04.12

Picture of mah lovely wife as a furry. She did the coloring and did a fine job at it I say. Love you baby! image (c) Jon Leatherwood. character (c) Heather Leatherwood

Image: belgium_pencils.jpg   682x800 97622 bytes 2006.04.12

This is still one of my favorite pics right now. Belgium (c) Jon Leatherwood

Image: beauty2_pencils.jpg   800x436 74951 bytes 2006.04.12

Go on....tell her how much you want her. image (c) Jon Leatherwood

Image: Raven_02a.jpg   388x534 70777 bytes 2004.02.17

there are a few cards that i made duplicates of in a sense but with different pictures. i actually like this version of raven better than the other one. i think its the snow that makes me love this version better...and the breath thats seen also. the powder of snow building up on her shoulder and head are pretty spiffy as well =^.^=. bleh i hate the copyright saying stuff...its the same as the other card so yeah

Image: Raven_Card_01a.jpg   397x530 90542 bytes 2004.02.17

i was fortunate enough to have my friend darkcat scan this in for me. while making my cards i forgot i gave out a few to people. so floating around the U.S. there are 4 cards that i do not personally have anymore. with any luck i can get one of my friends to scan the other 2 i gave to her. heres to hoping >.<. character (c)darkcat,magic(c)WotC and image and work (c)Jon"Kevin"Leatherwood

Image: scan0016.jpg   513x711 143221 bytes 2004.02.11

first off on the card...i cant spell lol. some tidbits about the pro. red...foxes in the rpg i play in tend to have an immunity to fire. josh being half fox gets that luxory. anyway i could do much better on the drawing but hey its the last card i got completely made right now so eh. character,image (c) Jon"Kevin"Leatherwood

Image: belgium.jpg   641x800 91014 bytes 2004.02.11

im gonna go out on a limb and say this is presently my favorite picture. i like her as a character and really like how this came out as a sketch and now inked. the pants fething rule all >.<. i had to fix something that was a visual distraction(wont say what it is) but now im in love with this pic. image,character (c)Jon"Kevin"Leatherwood

Image: kevin_vs_calista.jpg   800x733 85287 bytes 2004.02.11

since i control so many characters that i like that also means i will never ever see some of them get at each others throats really. this is what i would call a dream match picture between two characters of my own. i'd lay my money down on kevin just cause i know what he's capable of doing. image, characters (c) Jon"Kevin"Leatherwood

Image: rainbow_bunny.jpg   362x800 49458 bytes 2004.02.10

i drew this for the lovelylor as a sort of commission. dont really have a name for this bunny yet that i can think of...she's just a rainbow bunny as of now. i think its going to be lovelylor's sort of fursona but not sure yet. anyway this bunny is holding some poor guys (c)Jon"Kevin"Leatherwood, char. (c)lovelylor

Image: josh_ink.jpg   800x637 67247 bytes 2004.02.10

when i found this picture i had completely forgotten if this was my character josh or my fursona himself. i decided its josh...just because i did. he's missing his strips on his tails though considering he's a fox/coon crossbreed. oh well. character and image (c) Jon"Kevin"Leatherwood

Image: scan0015.jpg   513x711 149880 bytes 2004.02.10

having a bad couple days...bleh...but still uploading. there will be more of mindy here along the way sometime soon im hoping as she tends to be one of my favorite girls. its hard not to like a girl who has a big pair of lips on the rump of her pants =^.^=. image and character (c) Jon"Kevin"Leatherwood

Image: scan0012.jpg   513x711 146308 bytes 2004.02.08

from the statistics it almost seems there are a lot more people interested in magic than i thought..which really is pleasing to know. i hope people really like furries on cards cause im thinking i may have to start this up again. the name for her changed to alex now by the way. so this is pretty outdated now. magic(C)WotC image and char.(C) Jon"Kevin"Leatherwood

Image: scan0018.jpg   513x696 139376 bytes 2004.02.08

as much as i like her partner,Acuda, its hard to beat this card...its ridiculous really, but oh well. i had to have them both as cards and this is all i could come up with for her that made sense to me. she's the more defensive of the 2 girls. magic (c) WotC while image (c) Jon"Kevin"Leatherwood. character (c) Darkcat

Image: scan0011.jpg   513x688 156269 bytes 2004.02.08

being a business woman she of course wont be influenced by the evil forces of black. i like the drawing card that i gave her...but just being big and trample it what i really like. and i love the picture greatly...i think its her hair =^.^= magic (c) WotC while image and character (c) Jon"Kevin"Leatherwood

Image: scan0009.jpg   520x696 150066 bytes 2004.02.06

in this world..or any other for that matter there is no being truly more powerful than zoa mcknight. how do you destroy someone thats almost like a dream? since she is like that she wields nearly limitless power making her a really good baddy. magic (c)WotC and character and image (c) Jon"Kevin"Leatherwood

Image: joanna_pencils.jpg   631x800 112787 bytes 2004.02.05

we call her the devastating joanna as kind of a gag because she is such a good combatant in our beloved muscle dome. this two tailed vixen is also married to our beloved esclavage(the slutty looking kitty im sure you've all looked at) anyway image and character copyright Jon"Kevin"Leatherwood

Image: beauty_pencils.jpg   605x800 81998 bytes 2004.02.05

i missed uploading this on my big upload night. must have been because i was tired as feth. oh well....anyway this is one of the bats. her name is naomi beauty mcknight but we just call her beauty. she was also one of the cards i made but as you can tell she now has blue hair instead of greenish. image and character copyright Jon"Kevin"Leatherwood

Image: scan0017.jpg   513x696 128719 bytes 2004.02.04

everyone has a fursona it seems like...well this is mine personally. the fox known as kevin really isnt my fursona and yet he is. it gets complicated so i just call this my real one. the name Kaos is really outdated for me though. now my fursona just goes by Jon just cause...its simple. recognition goes to WotC for magic, image and character copyright Jon"Kevin"Leatherwood

Image: scan0013.jpg   513x688 132057 bytes 2004.02.04

its the busty vixen on a magic card whoot! =^.^= anyway all these magic images were inspired by the game by the way so the design and stuff goes to WotC. now that i have that cleared up i can rest easy. the image and artwork and character are copyright Jon"Kevin"Leatherwood though cause i did all the work on this not them...mwahahahahahaha

Image: scan0014.jpg   498x704 148644 bytes 2004.02.04

if youre a magic player and look at these you can easily tell these have a more classic look to them. now all legends that have other types as well such as vampire as an example, will have vampire legend under the picture. they also ditched the summon name and replaced it with creature instead. image and character (c)Jon"Kevin"Leatherwood

Image: scan0010.jpg   506x688 147916 bytes 2004.02.04

i like to play also a furry artist kind of person. put 1+1 together and you get something like this. i drew up a few of my own cards using characters from an rpg that i'm in. these were done a few years back so if i ever do anymore they will most likely look different. Image and character copyright Jon"Kevin"Leatherwood

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