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Image: agnor_pencils.jpg   800x786 89145 bytes 2004.02.03

who's yo' daddy. agnor the man(or wuss..whichever) has made it online. an older pic i did with colored nothing spanky special just reg-o-lar crayola colored pencils. go me. im cool....comon now you know i am (not) cool. its good to have my new scanner so i can do this stuff so much more now. picture of agnor copyright(c) Jon "Kevin" Leatherwood(me)

Image: beauty2_pencils.jpg   800x436 74951 bytes 2006.04.12

Go on....tell her how much you want her. image (c) Jon Leatherwood

Image: beauty_pencils.jpg   605x800 81998 bytes 2004.02.05

i missed uploading this on my big upload night. must have been because i was tired as feth. oh well....anyway this is one of the bats. her name is naomi beauty mcknight but we just call her beauty. she was also one of the cards i made but as you can tell she now has blue hair instead of greenish. image and character copyright Jon"Kevin"Leatherwood

Image: belgium.jpg   641x800 91014 bytes 2004.02.11

im gonna go out on a limb and say this is presently my favorite picture. i like her as a character and really like how this came out as a sketch and now inked. the pants fething rule all >.<. i had to fix something that was a visual distraction(wont say what it is) but now im in love with this pic. image,character (c)Jon"Kevin"Leatherwood

Image: belgium_pencils.jpg   682x800 97622 bytes 2006.04.12

This is still one of my favorite pics right now. Belgium (c) Jon Leatherwood

Image: brandon_pencils.jpg   484x800 77976 bytes 2004.02.03

you should see the mess this picture actually is...someday im gonna post the original before the clean up..its pretty sad. she was the product of a bad pic going wrong and one i almost threw away. but she herself came out very well unlike the rest of the characters that were on the page so i cut her out. image copyright Jon"Kevin"Leatherwood

Image: calista_pencils.jpg   558x800 68325 bytes 2006.04.12

demon controlled bunny....hells yeah! image and character (c) Jon Leatherwood

Image: callista.gif   557x800 10996 bytes 2003.05.01

this bunny has a lot of potential for drawing. by far my favorite looking of all of them i've drawn. nice outfit too. callista copyright (c) me.

Image: esclavage.gif   331x688 7999 bytes 2003.05.01

meet the slut of my friends and mines rpg. lol. sleeps around with everyone even while being married to two girls already. absolutely loves vixens. character copyright (c)blkat9. artwork copyright (c) me.

Image: esclavage_jpg.jpg   331x688 47874 bytes 2003.05.06

i went with a purple shine instead of blue just to see what it would be like. looks pretty neat i think. by the way she's hot and i'd do her in a! anyway esclavages character is copyright (c) blkat9 and art is copyright (c) J.Leatherwood.

Image: esclavage_pencils.jpg   437x800 62346 bytes 2004.02.03

dont ya ever wonder what happens to artists who just dissappear forever and then finally come back? well i dont really cause i bet they have lives beyond this. thank goodness for winter that way people like me cant have them and can instead do this =P. anyway its that slutty kitty again done with colored pencils. character copyright darkcat,image copyright Jon "Kevin" Leatherwood

Image: heathermahlove.jpg   706x800 91125 bytes 2006.04.12

Picture of mah lovely wife as a furry. She did the coloring and did a fine job at it I say. Love you baby! image (c) Jon Leatherwood. character (c) Heather Leatherwood

Image: joanna_pencils.jpg   631x800 112787 bytes 2004.02.05

we call her the devastating joanna as kind of a gag because she is such a good combatant in our beloved muscle dome. this two tailed vixen is also married to our beloved esclavage(the slutty looking kitty im sure you've all looked at) anyway image and character copyright Jon"Kevin"Leatherwood

Image: JonKaosLclr.JPG   597x612 53489 bytes 2003.05.01

i was a huge fan of the hardy boyz when they came into WWE. the outfits rocked >.<! also i love smilely faces...wahahahaha! so i came up with this pic. its too bad it was on notebook paper first. a friend of mine colored this. character copyright (c) me. coloring done by A. Johnson.

Image: josh_ink.jpg   800x637 67247 bytes 2004.02.10

when i found this picture i had completely forgotten if this was my character josh or my fursona himself. i decided its josh...just because i did. he's missing his strips on his tails though considering he's a fox/coon crossbreed. oh well. character and image (c) Jon"Kevin"Leatherwood

Image: josh_pencils.jpg   800x682 95094 bytes 2006.04.12

Josh=cool. Josh is a crossbreed between a raccoon and fox. if you were to take the offspring of my fursona and venna bolyn(one of my raccoon girls) this is what you might get. image and character (c) Jon Leatherwood

Image: kevin.gif   800x887 20491 bytes 2003.05.03

too lazy to type much. b/w version of kevin. copyright (c) J. Leatherwood

Image: kevin_color_jpg.jpg   541x599 64821 bytes 2003.05.01

my first pic on vcl and also first pic colored on adobe 7.0 *pats himself on the back*. yay! go me! ^_____^ Kevin is copyright (c) to me.

Image: kevin_vs_calista.jpg   800x733 85287 bytes 2004.02.11

since i control so many characters that i like that also means i will never ever see some of them get at each others throats really. this is what i would call a dream match picture between two characters of my own. i'd lay my money down on kevin just cause i know what he's capable of doing. image, characters (c) Jon"Kevin"Leatherwood

Image: kimberly.gif   800x493 11149 bytes 2003.05.02

because im a dumbass i forgot to upload most of the black and white versions of these pics so heres one of them. she is copyright (c) me, J. Leatherwood.

Image: kimberly_jpg.jpg   800x501 67110 bytes 2003.05.02

mental note...dont make gloves that are a pain in the ass to color.not the best coloration job i've done but she's still cute...and i love me some bunny buns. artwork and character copyright (c) J. Leatherwood aka me =P.

Image: kittie_annie_jpg.jpg   600x569 65177 bytes 2003.05.01

i pic i did for a friend. she's into the whole Master/slave lifestyle. an interesting lifestyle i must say. the pink oufit sux i think but she wanted it. pic is copyright (c) me. character copyright (c) annalee.

Image: knikki_acuda_pencils.jpg   800x885 165647 bytes 2004.02.03

knikki and acuda are two business women not to ever cross. knikki is the behind the scenes person while acuda gets to do all the dirty work of hiring people and threatening others. they run a highly popular and well known bar/hotel. more to tell about them some other time. Knikki's character copyright to Darkcat, Acuda copyright to Jon"Kevin"Leatherwood

Image: knuckles.gif   800x800 16305 bytes 2004.02.03 i also used knuckles, sonic, and tails(miles in our world). its not like im selling these to anyone and most of all....they hardly are anything like the originals. this knuckles is a psychic using, pool table hustler who on the side works for the government. the one from games...runs...jumps....and occasionally climbs stuff....mine(psychic, hustler, government)....sega's(runs,jumps,climbs). i rest my case. artwork copyright Jon"Kevin"Leatherwood. i

Image: Leo_Pride_Jpg.jpg   645x799 60987 bytes 2003.05.01

i wish i could get away with wearing that much purple without getting my ass kicked. a some what outdated pic but felt i needed to color it. glad i did. Leo Pride copyright (c) me.

Image: liah_pencils.jpg   523x800 78116 bytes 2006.04.12

One of the three Bolyn girls. This one is Liah Bolyn. image and character (c) Jon Leatherwood

Image: logo.jpg   722x800 68093 bytes 2003.05.05

i took the original kevin pic and started playing around with it. thought it might make for a good logo. if i ever really make a set lettering for my friends and myselfs rpg this will be the logo that goes by it. everyones gotta have a logo ya know =3. Character copyright (c) J. Leatherwood.

Image: lotus_alex_pencils.jpg   800x750 104339 bytes 2004.02.03

a much earlier pic i did. colored pencils so nothing spiffy spankin' spa-cial but thats ok i still like it. whats not to like about a snow leopard walking a blood thirsty tigress...i cant think of anything better really =^.^=. two hot kitties is what it means to me whoot! Alex and Lotus both copyright Jon"Kevin"Leatherwood

Image: mare2_pencils.jpg   443x800 72455 bytes 2006.04.12

my other mare i havent named yet. image and character (c) Jon Leatherwood

Image: mare_pencils.jpg   392x800 69646 bytes 2006.04.12

a mare that i dont have a name for yet. help me...image and character (c) Jon Leatherwood

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