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Image: jw-kiarrh.jpg   1000x539 155993 bytes 2009.11.29


A gift pic, for a tiger'taur with more enthusiasm than brains (sometimes). Yes, her forelegs are animalian legs rather than humanoid arms.

Tags: tiger taur  
Image: jw-ooch.jpg   853x721 68644 bytes 2009.11.29


A quick sketch for a friend's fundraising web page, in which he sought to raise funds to help female victims of domestic abuse by (figuratively) walking a mile "In Women's Shoes".\r\n\r\nI happen to be a woman, and I wouldn't walk in those heels, either. Ouch!

Tags: bear heels ouch  
Image: jw-huntingdogcharsheet.jpg   1262x900 271306 bytes 2009.11.29

Hunting Dog Character Sheet

A character sheet of an African Wild Dog for a friend.

Tags: hunting dog male  
Image: jw-cantsayno.jpg   900x654 65244 bytes 2009.11.29

Can't Say No

Every year, untold numbers of rats and mice are "sacrificed" to the biomedical research industry, in the name of creating more overpriced, copyrighted substances to be marketed by pharmaceutical companies. Animal experimentation has been repeatedly shown to be obsolete, irrelevant, and even damaging to the process of pharmaceutical development. Since rats and mice (and rabbits, guinea pigs, monkeys, cats, and dogs) are not human, results obtained from animal testing are rarely useful or accurate indicators of what will happen during the required subsequent testing on humans. Still, we allow animal testing to continue, with some bizarre idea it makes the new pharmaceuticals "safe". Denied even basic USDA protection, mice and rats are primary food for the biomedical research machine.

Tags: mouse rat research  
Image: jw-dragonwuff.jpg   593x800 98253 bytes 2009.11.29


A character sketch of a dragon/wolf hybrid for a friend.

Tags: dragon wolf male  
Image: jw-liluni.jpg   601x800 111645 bytes 2008.06.06

Lil Unicorn

Trying to get the muse back up to speed...just a little unicorn who tumbled out of my pencil today :)

Tags: unicorn female  
Image: jw-walrustaur.jpg   800x613 99117 bytes 2008.06.06


I was boggled to find out that this has already been done (elsewhere on this site, no less). Still, he's a cutie :)

Tags: walrus taur  
Image: jw-whee.jpg   955x553 136432 bytes 2008.06.06

Falstaff and Potoroo: Whee!

I love my "Whee" gaming system, and Falstaff is a pretty big fan as well. Slowly but surely, we will bring everyone over to the Dark Side. (And where IS that controller he's using, I ask you?!? I want one! :)\r\n\r\n<3 Potoroo, who is (c) his player; and of course Falstaff belongs to me (although I do share :)

Image: jw-wpstaff.jpg   900x700 207786 bytes 2008.06.06

Wolf Park Staff

A gift for the (rest of the) staff at Wolf Park. Front row: Pat, Dana, Nick, John; Middle row: Erich, Peggy, some small friends, Basil, Amanda, Holly, and the nameless wolf of your choice; Back row: Monty, Gale.

Image: jw-problems.jpg   860x600 120481 bytes 2008.06.06


A docent at Wolf Park discovers the foxes' hidden agenda. Mini-commission for a friend of mine :)

Tags: wolf foxes  
Image: jw-pwny.jpg   553x800 111926 bytes 2007.12.26

My Little Pwny

I think, if I had had this sort of toy available as a child, I would have turned out...much stranger, actually. But I would have had much more fun (and more scars!).

Image: jw-prawn.jpg   800x470 97664 bytes 2007.12.26


It's been so long, I really can't remember why I drew this, or what was going on, or why it hasn't been posted before. Probably because it *is* the most egregious, irredeemable pr0n...nothing you haven't seen before, I'm sure :) The grinning lump on the bottom is probably Billie; I don't think the other two critters are named, but if they are and one of them is yours, drop me a line :)

Image: jw-mondrian.jpg   635x800 67934 bytes 2007.12.26

Mondrian Falstaff

One of my first attempts at painting, and the unfortunate discovery that canvas has the most amazing surface tooth *ever*, to the point of not being able to make a straight line anywhere. It still turned out all right. Billie and Falstaff are both (c) J Willard.

Image: jw-vitruv.jpg   800x743 126516 bytes 2007.12.26

Vitruvian Falstaff

Parody of the "Vitruvian Man" image by Leonardo DaVinci. Also the design for the AC 2006 T-shirt. Falstaff belongs to me, although the image design does not :)

Image: jw-glyphic.jpg   412x800 114325 bytes 2007.12.26

Falstaff: Lower-O-Glyphic

I couldn't stomach another Anubis, but Falstaff looks just fine in an Egyptian skirt, yes? Billie thinks so too :) Both Falstaff and Billie are (c) J Willard, but we all knew that already.

Image: jw-gift.jpg   800x477 92917 bytes 2007.12.26

The Gift

Poor Darkwolph..."gifted" again...

Image: jw-catgot.jpg   900x633 140424 bytes 2007.12.26

Falstaff: Cat Got Your Tongue?

The infinitely patient "Tallyhawk" is (c) his player.

Image: jw-treason.jpg   800x565 311418 bytes 2006.06.28

A parody of "Treason of Images", by Rene' Magritte. The text reads, in French, "This is not a huskie."

Image: jw-vixen3.jpg   600x800 191660 bytes 2006.06.28

One of my first attempts at acrylics. Was trying to imitate popular styles of classical art in a "furry" manner. With apologies to Picasso, who inspired this little lady.

Image: jw-thespoo.jpg   597x800 222555 bytes 2006.06.28

A parody of Munch's "The Scream". I'm sure everyone has had this idea at one time or another. One of my first attempts at acrylics; I think it turned out rather well.

Image: jw-madcow.jpg   701x800 191616 bytes 2006.06.28

I like the avatars for many online games, but the weapons and armour can be a little ... unwieldy sometimes.

Image: jw-epicmt.jpg   698x800 154736 bytes 2006.06.28

Falstaff pretends to be a quest NPC in a certain MMORPG. "Falstaff" (c)2006 J Willard.

Image: jw-bsteal.jpg   800x531 95560 bytes 2006.06.28

In mythology, most "Trickster" characters steal *fire* from the gods. I don't think Billie read the script....

Image: jw-billie3.jpg   800x757 100312 bytes 2006.06.28

A little cubist billie.

Image: jw-macro.jpg   791x800 91410 bytes 2005.07.19

Every year, I try to draw a "macro" pic for Anthrocon. This is one of the "misses"...:P

Image: jw-tcell.jpg   800x594 80463 bytes 2005.07.19

This is another one of those images that appears in my head at about 2:00 am and batters at my soul until I draw it.\r\n\r\nI really wish they would stop that sort of thing. This can't be good for my psyche.

Image: jw-soappuppy.jpg   791x800 122069 bytes 2005.07.19

People do keep asking me.\r\n\r\n"Falstaff" &copy;2005 J Willard.

Image: jw-shed.jpg   800x611 88522 bytes 2005.07.19

I've always wondered...but upon inspection it's probably obvious.

Image: jw-roman.jpg   800x672 163517 bytes 2005.07.19

Sorry! Sorry!

Image: jw-ninja.jpg   800x650 141799 bytes 2005.07.19

For Potoroo, a very silly person.\r\n\r\n"Falstaff" &copy;2005 J. Willard.

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