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Image: jw-mojo.jpg   600x800 158387 bytes 2005.07.19

Does he get YOUR mojo working?\r\n\r\n"Falstaff" &copy;2005 J Willard.

Image: jw-joker.jpg   582x800 122555 bytes 2005.07.19

Design for a t-shirt produced in 2005: "I got lucky at Falstaff's Casino". Yes, he worries me, too.\r\n\r\n"Falstaff" &copy;2005 J Willard.

Image: jw-holdon.jpg   580x800 158909 bytes 2005.07.19

Image: jw-hohoho.jpg   693x800 173605 bytes 2005.07.19

For the man who bought my dining room table. :) "Falstaff" &copy; 2005 J Willard.

Image: jw-cable.jpg   800x499 115148 bytes 2005.07.19

Reality television taken to the next logical level.

Image: jw-bigwf.jpg   697x800 164398 bytes 2005.07.19

Apparently, "Everest" is a big guy (heh heh) in the macro community. I swear I did not know this when I drew this picture. :)

Image: jw-absinthe.jpg   617x800 128965 bytes 2005.07.19

Just another pretty kitty. Remember, absinthe makes the heart grow fonder....

Image: jw-jedi.jpg   702x800 160810 bytes 2005.07.14

Sorry, Mr. Spielberg....

Image: jw-rogers.jpg   800x526 107129 bytes 2005.07.14

Created for the Anthrocon 2005 "Heroes" theme. Mr. Rogers rocks my world...but I still have a dirty mind. ;)\r\n\r\n"Falstaff" and "Billie D. Huskie" &copy;2005 J Willard.

Image: jw-scenery.jpg   648x800 126688 bytes 2005.07.14

He's not a billie, but he's close enough. :)

Image: jw-lambazon.jpg   451x800 86411 bytes 2005.07.14

I blame Wolphy (Le Loup Fou) for the title. :)

Image: jw-wedding.jpg   595x800 112551 bytes 2005.07.14

My best friend Ingrid, and her shiny new husband. :)

Image: jw-rainmaker.jpg   565x800 137579 bytes 2005.07.14

Finally, a Cape Hunting Dog that turned out right. W00t!

Image: jw-coconut.jpg   800x615 139393 bytes 2005.07.14

Every year, I try to do a "macro" picture for Anthrocon. This year, I think I almost actually made one. :)

Image: jw-descent.jpg   550x800 96044 bytes 2005.07.14

I blame the media. :)

Image: jw-voidwalker-c.jpg   666x800 121185 bytes 2005.07.14

I play World of Warcraft, and when I heard that warlocks get pet Voidwalkers, I really did not picture the glowing blue mushroom that actually is used in the game. The image of the "Voidwalker" stuck with me, though, and I had to spit it out....

Image: jw-babysteps.jpg   800x616 135618 bytes 2005.07.14

The idea popped randomly into my head during the drive home from work, and I became very irritable trying to KEEP it in my head. This strange little composition won an honourable mention at the Anthrocon 2005 art show. (I never seem to win anything, but I am often Mentioned, and always Honourably. :)

Image: jw-huskies.jpg   800x505 109937 bytes 2005.07.14

I'm not sure Huskie <i>remembered</i> asking for this art trade, but I hope she likes it all the same. Neither huskie was hurt making this image. I hope. :)\r\n\r\n"Billie D. Huskie" &copy;2005 J Willard. "Huskie" &copy;2005 Mayra Boyle.

Image: jw-drwtf.jpg   800x577 146601 bytes 2005.07.14

I've always been a fan of this series, and the new episodes on the BBC this year got me thinking. The fourth Doctor has always been my favourite, but Falstaff is wearing some elements from all the Doctors, because we couldn't decide on just one. :)\r\n\r\nFalstaff &copy;2005 J Willard.

Image: jw-reins.jpg   654x800 164598 bytes 2004.07.05

In May of 2004, I paid a fantastic sum of money to learn to harness, hitch and drive a team of horses. At the end of the seminar, you harness a pair of Belgian mares (their withers are higher than your head), hitch them to a sledge (basically a dead weight to keep them from running away with you, possibly into the sky), and then drive them through a field. The feel of having 4,000 pounds of horse surging through two leather straps in your hands is extraordinary. The sledge weighed about 500 pounds. The mares pulled it without effort, and we soared silently through a sea of grass.\r\n\r\nNo, I don't have abiding fantasies about Belgian horses. I do know beefcake when I see it, though. So...will this handsome lad pull you? Or will he break away?

Image: jw-glitch.jpg   632x800 112150 bytes 2004.07.05

I find that I really can't just draw "normal" pinups anymore. :)

Image: jw-cvore.jpg   800x549 147266 bytes 2004.07.05

I'm really not sure where this one came from, but Falstaff doesn't seem to mind it. :)\r\n\r\nBoth Falstaff and Billie D. Huskie are &copy;2004 J Willard. :)

Image: jw-buckgoes.jpg   564x800 172328 bytes 2004.07.05

Someday, this young lady will be matched by an image of a male deer wearing a shirt that says, "More Bang For The Buck". :)

Image: jw-bhuntr.jpg   800x537 128736 bytes 2004.07.05

Falstaff dons another hat -- now he is Falstaff: Billie Hunter! The caption is best read in one's best (or worst) Aussie accent. Crocodiles have nothing on billies for "Danger! Danger!"\r\n\r\nFalstaff, is, of course, &copy;2004 J Willard. :)

Image: jw-wtf.jpg   632x800 113438 bytes 2003.10.22

A drawing of myself I did for an interview by TameWolf which will be posted online eventually. :) This is kind of what happens when I draw...things just leap right off the paper....:)\r\n\r\nExperimenting with a new facial style (I love her muzzle) and...well, my Koh-I-Noor pens are all clogged, so there is only ONE instance of actual pen line in this entire image (around her irises). The rest is all pencil. :) Don't do this, it smudges. :P\r\n\r\n"Ginger" and "Billie D. Huskie" are both (c)2003 J Willard :)

Image: jw-2slave.jpg   900x631 229532 bytes 2003.09.22

Raamah (wolf) and Adino (cheetah) are both favoured slaves in a harem. Falstaff has chosen them out of (presumably) a huge selection, and they are quite happy. Too bad they don't know what they're in for! :)\r\n\r\n"Raamah" and "Adino" are &copy;2003 their player and are used with permission, of course; "Falstaff" is &copy;2003 J Willard. More info on Falstaff may be found at More info on Raamah and Adino (and their many friends) can be found on this page:

Image: jw-jack.jpg   641x850 79947 bytes 2003.08.22

Falstaff is early for Hallowe'en this year -- he's going as a certain familiar pirate, of course. ;)\r\n\r\n"Captain Jack Sparrow" is rightfully (c)Disney -- Falstie's just borrowing the costume for a little pillaging and looting! :) "Falstaff" himself is (c)2003 J Willard.

Image: jw-cherry.jpg   600x681 75260 bytes 2003.07.31

This "throwaway line" got lots of people giggling at Anthrocon. Sometimes I wonder about you people ;)\r\n\r\nRemember, prints are available at Rabbit Valley! ;)

Image: jw-wd50.jpg   800x616 73493 bytes 2003.07.31

Yes, this should have been an X-rated image, but I didn't have any space in the adult section of the Anthrocon art show this year :) You'll just have to wait for the sequel :)

Image: jw-fubar.jpg   635x800 84444 bytes 2003.07.31

"F.U.B.A.R." is a military acronym -- the polite translation is "Fouled Up Beyond All Recognition". :)

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