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Image: jw-xyiff.jpg   636x800 92558 bytes 2003.07.31

Marvel owns the claws and the words "adamantium" and "X-men", and well they should. Falstaff (who is MY baby) is only borrowing the costume for a little while...:)

Image: jw-fgym.jpg   800x655 63963 bytes 2003.07.31

Another sad, sorry exercise in T-shirt designs. I need to get a life :)

Image: jw-cpgne.jpg   800x630 66923 bytes 2003.07.31

"Champagne" -- just a pretty skunk lady in a bubbly tub :)

Image: jw-billie.jpg   800x571 55992 bytes 2003.07.31

Visit if you have not met Billie D. Huskie previously. :)

Image: jw-gnd.jpg   562x800 49182 bytes 2003.07.31

"Girl Next Door": for some reason, this young kitty lady reminds me of me, though I certainly did not intend that impression.

Image: jw-stud.jpg   800x677 57948 bytes 2003.05.29

"Stud Muffin". Well, somebody had to make the joke. :)

Image: jw-rscha.jpg   447x600 77596 bytes 2003.05.29

Rorschach, the spotted skunk. I don't see many spotted skunks out there, so I thought I'd draw one. :) I liked the idea of seeing shapes in her spots....:)

Image: jw-ribbn.jpg   469x650 45182 bytes 2003.05.28

"Ribbon Dancer". I wish I were this good :)

Image: jw-queen.jpg   663x800 80260 bytes 2003.05.28

HangNail the dhole and a lovely horsey friend of his. :) Gotta love horsey bits. :) Yum!

Image: jw-rear.jpg   535x700 53633 bytes 2003.05.28

Mmmm...pretty lion...blatant pr0n....:)

Image: jw-pumpd.jpg   502x600 114431 bytes 2003.05.27

A special request.\r\n\r\n"Falstaff" (c)2003 J Willard.

Image: jw-anubis.jpg   850x648 179820 bytes 2003.05.27

An Anubis. After years of peer pressure, I finally gave up and drew one of the damned things. :)\r\n\r\nYum. :)

Image: jw-guard.jpg   766x700 142173 bytes 2003.05.27

Some idiot told me that I could draw decent dragons. :)\r\n\r\nSo there. :)

Image: jw-bfly.jpg   630x750 147638 bytes 2003.05.27

Drawn while listening to "Come My Lady (Butterfly)" by Limp Bizkit.

Image: jw-ftale.jpg   900x722 212268 bytes 2003.05.27

Read clockwise from lower left; smaller comments are whispered.\r\n\r\nIt's precisely this sort of thing which prevents my RLSO and me from ever actually getting around to yiffing :)

Image: jw-mount.jpg   850x674 175216 bytes 2003.05.26

Some silly person asked me to draw Falstaff macrophile art. Now, macrophilia doesn't really appeal to me, so I had to hunt around for what the hell Falstaff would be doing (other than large buildings) if he were several hundred feet tall. And then it hit me....:)

Image: jw-hug.jpg   800x468 122629 bytes 2003.05.26

Based on an actual photo of two animals, purportedly wolves, colliding in a playful way. Dunno who these critters are, but they appear to be enjoying themselves. :)

Image: jw-hquin.jpg   438x650 137178 bytes 2003.05.26

I'm not sure whether this looks cool or not. When I look at her, her pieces seem to disjoin because of the design of her costume. Ah well. :)

Image: jw-bwild.jpg   800x572 178595 bytes 2003.05.26

The lovely folks at Feral! asked me to be their guest of honour in 2002. Damned if I could think of a single camp-related thing to draw...:/ Still can't...:/\r\n\r\nFeral! was great, though. I'm going again. :)

Image: jw-ember.jpg   444x600 93941 bytes 2003.05.26

Not sure how the fox I started out drawing turned into a bunny, but what the hey.

Image: jw-gdane.jpg   519x700 79762 bytes 2003.05.26

For some reason, no-one but me seems to like this picture. I think it's a _great_ Dane, personally :) Just a harmless little magic ninja....

Image: jw-donor.jpg   889x600 161200 bytes 2003.05.26

It took -- what? -- nine, ten years, but Falstaff finally convinced me to make this pun.\r\n\r\n"Falstaff" (c)2003 J Willard (whoo)

Image: jw-djinn.jpg   600x683 159467 bytes 2003.05.26

Drawn while listening to a song called "Djinni" on an album called "Zoo Rave II". I hope someday to do a female version of this.

Image: jw-dande.jpg   800x624 119361 bytes 2003.05.26

I always wondered what a skunk would look like in yellow. Very nice, it seems. :)

Image: jw-bustd.jpg   748x600 171046 bytes 2003.05.26

Sorry. :) I had to. :)

Image: jw-bhump.jpg   515x800 136242 bytes 2003.05.26

First in an (eventual) series of Extreme Sports images....\r\n\r\n"Falstaff" (c)2003 J Willard.

Image: jw-total.jpg   462x700 68350 bytes 2003.05.26

Dunno what species this guy is...he is based on a "German Shepherd" plush which I own, which looks nothing like a GS in pattern but is very soft and cuddly and has large floppy feet. :)

Image: jw-freud.jpg   850x589 162440 bytes 2003.05.26

Now, now, don't be chicken! Take a gander at this image. No fair crying fowl -- you paid chicken feed for this service, didn't you? :)\r\n\r\nSorry. Sorry. :)

Image: jw-sheik.jpg   499x700 198848 bytes 2003.05.26

I'm sorry about the puns. I really am.\r\n\r\nNot too sorry to post it, though. :)\r\n\r\nFalstaff (c)2003 J Willard. Oh, yes. :)

Image: jw-spoon.jpg   601x800 175281 bytes 2003.05.26

The Matrix is telling you that this image is funny....:)\r\n\r\nIf you have seen the movie, you know what the kanji means, or is supposed to mean, anyway. :)\r\n\r\nFalstaff (c)2003 J Willard.

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