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Image: rhino1.jpg   316x859 20077 bytes 2001.11.24

This is a wuffy I know whose name is Rhino, and he was nice so I drew him, but I am lousy at drawing genitals, so it looks more like an enema bul between his legs. I think he looks sexy and muscular, though, so I will continue to look at it now. *look*

Image: ohdeargodno.jpg   1000x596 33523 bytes 2001.11.24

This is me waking up in a momentary flash of incredible despair and deep hatred for everything. It only lasts for a second, but it is really awful. Alarm clocks SUCK!!!

Image: wistful.jpg   700x626 39542 bytes 2001.11.24

All skunks want strawberries, but they can't get them. They usually can't even see them. The only reason this skunk can see the pile of strawberries here is because he is looking through skunk-proof glass.\r\n\r\nWhat I want to know is where he found a store that serves only strawberries. I want to go there! Strawberries are scrumptious and I bet they have lots of strawberry-flavoured things. Like Jolly Ranchers. And pie. *drool* Sweet, sweet strawberry pie.\r\n\r\nPoor tortured skunkie.

Image: sodaroo.jpg   800x554 20800 bytes 2001.11.24

This is Mr. ScribbleRoo. He has a soda pop and a bizarrely elongated bottom. We gave him the soda pop to comfort him over his mutated heinie. Seriously. One time he sat on a dachshund the long way and it disappeared. Poor doggie. Poor kangaroo. It just doesn't do to have your legs disconnected from your pelvis.

Image: folf.jpg   700x695 18800 bytes 2001.11.24

More practicing body forms, now with new Naughty Bits(tm)! I used smudge to make him grey.\r\n\r\nGod, it sucks being a newbie to drawing. I can't wait until I'm one of those amazing magical people who can accidentally drop a pencil on a piece of paper and a beautiful life-changing drawing appears. Like my friend the otter. He is 'mazin'.

Image: griffsit.jpg   623x671 33485 bytes 2001.06.20

A picture of Griffinwolf if he weren't part griffin. No, the chair isn't missing a leg. That's how it looks.

Image: takemehome2.jpg   348x600 12970 bytes 2001.06.20

I think it would be super-neat if I could just skip the drawing crappy phase and move right to the soul-wrenchingly gorgeous stuff. Oh well. Someday. :) In the meantime, here's this raccoon. Please don't tell him I think he looks crappy because you might hurt his feelings. Take him home with you and give him food and love and stuff. He likes that.

Image: return.jpg   456x599 36889 bytes 2001.06.15

This is pretty much my very first furry picture. As such, it looks all crappy and some junk. I tried to make it a sad picture, and in a way I didn't intend, I succeeded in that goal.

Image: misfire.jpg   420x609 36949 bytes 2001.06.15

Skunks really, *really* hate it when they accidentally do this. Also, they hate it when their tails look all dumb like that.

Image: jtdreams2.jpg   978x711 85715 bytes 2001.06.15

Skunks can make strawberries disappear just by being near them. Did you know that? Most skunks have never even SEEN a strawberry. It's very, very sad. Anyway, this is my first attempt at macro art (and taurs) both of which I think are dreeeeaaaaamy. Thanks to Ken Sample for unknowingly providing me with whole skunkloads of inspiration and guidance and stuff. Now, to do more macro stuff, I only have to learn how to draw landscapes. That shouldn't be too hard... right? ...right? Hello?

Image: eyeballs2.jpg   300x334 10881 bytes 2001.06.15

Well, *I* thought it was funny.

Image: handses.jpg   367x699 12724 bytes 2001.06.15

My mother warned me this would happen if I did that too much. Oh well, at least I didn't go blind. This can be viewed as some sort of precursor to first.jpg, I guess. I think transformations are uber-sexy.

Image: guilty.jpg   188x461 15780 bytes 2001.06.15

This dog is very, very bad. What is bad about him? He has a U for genitalia. Perhaps he'll bring Sesame Street to us someday. For some reason, all my drawings look way better until I try to simplify them. Sketch lines make me happy.

Image: first.jpg   265x600 23559 bytes 2001.06.15

Yay, my first real transformation drawing. This wuffy is very distressed to find out he is now a wuffy. He needs treats.

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