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Image: bbplate1.gif   934x627 33480 bytes 2006.03.30

A monocrome plate for a game book I am working on

Image: home_fires.jpg   1217x646 235595 bytes 2006.03.30

Dun for a friend \r\n\r\nThay also serve who but stand and wait

Image: p1.jpg   597x1005 160072 bytes 2006.05.03

no shuger lots of spice not vary nice

Image: p4.jpg   1014x1004 480319 bytes 2006.05.03

a plate from a graphik novel im working on \r\nresistance forses hold the line on sanders folly

Image: p5.jpg   649x802 257829 bytes 2006.05.03

when bunny lang took an asinment to report on the poliese action on sanders folly she had no idea she was changing her life and the lives of a galixy who wuld never be able to say not my problem again

Image: p6.jpg   513x767 201251 bytes 2006.05.03

just some random fuzzynes

Image: plat4.jpg   713x790 263078 bytes 2006.04.02

Standing The Line \r\na soldure frome the 121st emperial light infantry\r\nkasteros campagin kalandro sector planet trasons folly\r\n5046 earth standerd\r\nfrom my soon to be released story Waring Dove\r\n(c) jack dantell

Image: req171wtxtB.jpg   768x1057 294801 bytes 2006.09.12

request dun for za-azhreia \r\nChariktor is (c) za-azheria\r\npicktur is (c)dantell studeos \r\n-------------------------------\r\nwuld have atatched this to request thred but im still figuring this blasted bitt box out guess im a dinosar \r\ntellme where to send it and ill e mail you a higher res copy

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