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Image: AuryFin.jpg   448x779 56319 bytes 2005.01.10

Another free commission I did to make my portfolio bigger. I f'ed up some things that I noticed after I inked it, like the pants and the size of the visible hand, but yeah...\r\n\r\nAury (c) his creator\r\nArt (c0 Me-ness!

Image: BrunoTrade.jpg   448x690 40587 bytes 2003.09.01

This is my half of an art trade that I did with a talented artist named RadioPup. I tried some new colored pencil stuff with this one (Since most of the time I don't know what the heck I'm doing!) and I'm glad it turned out somewhat okay. :) Bruno RadioPup, Image Jack Chandler (Me.)

Image: CasSheet.jpg   555x712 84504 bytes 2003.09.01

This is one of the main characters that I'll be developing into a webcomic sometime in the future. Fear his NAKEDNESS! :P

Image: DeathToCupid.jpg   799x517 115164 bytes 2005.02.14

I hate Valentines Day.

Image: Dragon.gif   543x614 122834 bytes 2005.01.25

A picture that I drew a while ago. I think I'm going to lose this fight.\r\n\r\nPencil, Ink, and colored pencil.

Image: DragonBodyc.jpg   689x557 41355 bytes 2005.01.25

Random sucky dragon.

Image: GinJaviJack.jpg   555x490 32926 bytes 2005.01.25

Random gift for Ginjavi, but I really f'ed up the leg anatomy. *apologies*\r\n\r\nI want that shirt though. :(

Image: JackBassI.jpg   395x650 41726 bytes 2005.01.25

Ink of me playing my instrument. I attempted to color the original, but I really messed it up, so I'm glad I still had this saved.\r\n\r\nJack me.

Image: JackMad.JPG   648x480 73511 bytes 2005.01.06

I figured I'd draw something other than the standard, "Just standing there" picture. See, I CAN draw other poses! I know, slight anatomy issues, but I colored it, so blah. \r\n\r\nJack (c) Danny Morris, 2005

Image: JackRelax.jpg   493x613 62593 bytes 2004.12.27

Wow, it's been a while. My computer basically blew up about 6 months ago, and working at Taco bell only gives me enough funds to pay my rent, but my mom got a nice computer with a great scanner, so I'm back into the art business. :)\r\n\r\nThis is something I did last night, and updated version of Jack Chandler. :) I've gotten better at anatomy, even though it's still not as polished as I'd like it to be.

Image: jacksheet2.jpg   580x813 79319 bytes 2003.09.01

This is my character sheet for my online persona, "Jack Chandler". This is what I usually hand out if someone wants info for a trade or what not.

Image: OrdinaryWorld.jpg   580x720 73803 bytes 2003.09.01

This is one of my favorite pictures. If you play any Dance Dance Revolution, chances are you've heard the song "Ordinary World" (Also an old Duran Duran classic.) This was inspired by the lyrics in that song, "...and I won't cry for yesterday, there's an ordinary world, somewhere I have to find." I had to sacrifice a few black colored pencils for this...well...both of them...but I'm a poor college student and my colored pencils are cheap, so it's okay. :)

Image: SeaLife.jpg   710x362 25579 bytes 2005.01.25

Sketch of some random underwater sea creature. I don't even know what it is. Mainly a shading exercise.\r\n\r\n

Image: SSSTsiriane.jpg   570x760 71387 bytes 2005.01.25

An art trade that I did with Tsiriane through a "Secret Summer Santa" thingy. Basically, we all put our names into a pot and we randomly draw out someone's name, and then you draw an art present for that person with a summer theme and give it to them. (Hence the Summer Santa part.)\r\n\r\nTsiriane @ to her creator.

Image: Steven.jpg   432x692 70133 bytes 2005.05.21

This was a 20 minute sketch/graphite shadin' thing that I did for a good friend of mine. He asked me to draw his roomate as a mouse, and I was like, okay. This is the result.\r\n\r\n...\r\n\r\n*glomp*

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