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Image: erna_large.png   508x576 174283 bytes 2010.08.10

Erna Auvray

For DoeADeer on FAF. :)\r\n\r\nCharacter belongs to DoeADeer\r\nImage copyright Furiana 2010

Image: DSCN8619_(Large)_color-corrected.png   520x739 138091 bytes 2010.08.02


For a contest on ArtSpots. :) I might need to redo the color correcting (I had to remove a blue haze caused by my camera's white balance), but I think this is basically it.\r\n\r\nCharacter belongs to SunCat\r\nImage copyright Furiana 2010

Image: catilda-lily_small.png   463x666 57377 bytes 2010.07.02

Catilda Lily

For Catilda_Lily of the FA forums. Image copyright Furiana.

Image: grain.jpg   663x544 43402 bytes 2010.06.29

I didn't think; I just drew.

Image: agthorn-for-slith.png   620x800 95121 bytes 2010.06.28

Agthorn for slith

A dragon character for slith on the FurAffinity forums. I really hope this rough sketch didn't turn out *too* rough, but none of the cleaned-up versions had the same energy. <.<;\r\n\r\nCharacter belongs to slith\r\nImage copyright Furiana 2010

Image: 004.png   1024x781 180902 bytes 2010.06.25


His expression cracks me up. Someone must have tried to get away with something while he was busy!\r\n\r\nGraphite. Copyright Furiana 2010

Image: tod-detail.png   868x478 275822 bytes 2010.06.24

Detail: Space Marine

A close-up of the Space Marine! I made it an Ultramarine to match Tod's shirt. <.<;\r\n\r\nDrawing copyright Furiana 2010.

Image: tod_web-version.png   788x1024 396924 bytes 2010.06.24

Tod_Fox painting Space Marine

Several weeks ago, I did a lineart request for Tod_Fox of his character painting a Space Marine. Today, I decided to color it. :)\r\n\r\nColored pencil. Character belongs to Tod_Fox. Image copyright Furiana 2010.

Image: for-bandit_web-version.png   598x800 155185 bytes 2010.06.23

For Bandit

For Bandit2010 on the FurAffinity forums. He gave me a freebie of a canine in armour -- in ARMOUR! as a freebie! -- so I figured I owed him a good turn. :)\r\n\r\nBandit belongs to bandit2010. Image copyright Furiana 2010.

Image: DSCN8106_web-version.png   604x768 147976 bytes 2010.06.18

Gold in the Air of Summer: Alternate

An alternate version of "Gold in the Air of Summer." This version shows the gold dust much more clearly, but at the expense of the colors. I'm letting my art trade partner decide which version she likes best...\r\n\r\nCopyright Furiana 2010

Image: gold-color-scanned2_web-version.png   593x767 116662 bytes 2010.06.18

Gold in the Air of Summer

The wind is blowing the gold dust from a miner's pan, but he doesn't care: he found a nugget. All of his dreams just came true!\r\n\r\nThe title was my prompt as part of an art trade with zeivin of FAF. :)

Image: gold-color-detail02.PNG   805x609 95831 bytes 2010.06.18

Gold in the Air of Summer: Detail (Face)

A close-up on the face from a piece that I did for an art trade. He's a young miner from back in the Goldrush, and all of his dreams just came true!\r\n\r\nCopyright Furiana 2010

Image: kyle19_final_web-version.png   593x768 76579 bytes 2010.06.17

Midair over a Mitsubishi

...Specifically, a Mitsubishi Concept RA. It's my favorite kind of sports car. ;)\r\n\r\nThe character is a German shepherd/husky mix belonging to kyle19 of the FurAffinity forums. I offered to do an action pose, and he suggested jumping over a car using rollerblades!\r\n\r\nCharacter belongs to kyle19. Image copyright Furiana 2010.

Image: teama-final_web.png   593x768 76750 bytes 2010.06.13

Teama for Dark_Chaos

Sorry for the re-upload! The hatching just didn't scan well, so I did a simpler version.\r\n\r\nThis is Teama, Dark_Chaos' anthro dragon. Done as a request on the FA forums. Teama belongs to Dark_Chaos. The image is copyright Furiana 2010.

Tags: dragon, pencil, sketch  
Image: blood-sketch-final_web-version.png   589x762 71311 bytes 2010.06.13

Blood, the Maltese Terrier

A Maltese terrier character for ferari43 of the FurAffinity forums. This sketch was nothing if not experimental, but I think it turned out well! :)\r\n\r\nBlood belongs to ferari43. Drawing copyright Furiana 2010.

Tags: maltese terrier, dog, anthro, pencil, sketch  
Image: tod-vcl-version.jpg   637x824 98679 bytes 2010.06.05

Tod Fox

Painting a Space Marine!\r\n\r\nImage done for Tod_Fox of Furaffinity's forum. After many drafts and several inkings, this request is finally done! :D\r\n\r\n

Image: tod-calligraphy.jpg   680x781 70326 bytes 2010.06.05

Tod_fox: Calligraphy Version

You can't really tell here, but he's painting a space marine.\r\n\r\nI got so frustrated with trying to ink this pic that I broke out my calligraphy brush. 10 seconds yielded something presentable, when two hours of effort had not. Go figure.\r\n\r\nCharacter belongs to Tod_Fox of the Furaffinity forums. I swear I'll do the real version tomorrow! :P

Image: quick-reference.jpg   752x840 70813 bytes 2010.06.02

Quick character reference

Done in charcoal in ten minutes. I want to have something to show a possible art trade partner while I draw a better reference for this guy. :)\r\n\r\nHe kindof looks like a dog here, but he's a werewolf. This is how he'd look as an anthro, but he's normally in human or wolf form.

Image: for-illogical.jpg   988x1455 147958 bytes 2010.06.01

Inked for illogical

Inked a sketch by illogical of the furaffinity forums. :)\r\n\r\nCharacter belongs to kangaroomike366 (I believe - the image is a gift). Drawing belongs to illogical. Only the inking was done by me.

Image: 001-full.jpg   1073x1398 146498 bytes 2010.05.31

Murzikz with background

I managed to get a decent-sized version of the full picture after all! The compression still doesn't thrill me, but... Oh, well. I guess traditional media always looks best in person. :S\r\n\r\nInk. (Dip pen.) Character belongs to Hamsy; image belongs to Furiana.

Image: murzikz_for-hamsy.png   867x1288 172025 bytes 2010.05.31

Murzikz, for Hamsy

My half of an art trade with Hamsy Furaffinity.\r\n\r\nThis is a cropped version of a larger picture because it just didn't compress well. The background that I cut out showed the rest of the wall, some sand, and some palm trees: a lovely Caribbean setting. It looks like someone interrupted Murzikz's enjoyment, though!\r\n\r\nInk on paper, done with a dip pen. Character belongs to Hamsy. Image (c) Furiana 2010.

Image: sabertooth-for-zseliq.jpg   937x1000 520782 bytes 2010.05.31


Zselig the sabertooth tiger for Zselig of Furaffinity. Done for the "Draw the poster above you" thread on FurAffinity's boards.\r\n\r\nColored pencil and acrylic. (c) Furiana 2010

Image: werewolf-with-atlatl.jpg   716x1019 197559 bytes 2010.05.30

Curly-Coated Werewolf

A curly-coated werewolf loads an atlatl dart into his thrower.\r\n\r\nHis shoulders came out looking like a teddy bear's! :P Oh, well, I think I know what to do differently next time. Conte pencil and charcoal on handmade paper. (c) Furiana 2010.

Tags: wolf, werewolf, charcoal, conte crayon, conte pencil, atlatl, anthro, curly  
Image: furipastels.JPG   450x600 70043 bytes 2001.05.21

I had extra time, so I got out a small box of chalk pastels and saw what happened. Furiana (the character) is copyright Furiana (me).

Image: furibanner.JPG   600x274 48929 bytes 2001.04.08

The base for my (temporary) banner. For such a quick job, I really like this. Furiana is (C) Furiana. (Easy enough.)

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